Sheldan Nidle channeling. May 16, 2017

  • 2017

In English in the original.

Selamat Jalwa! Despite the various concerns, the progress of the distribution continues. Several new criteria are being added that could create a slight delay. We have been told by the Elders and their numerous associates that we are approaching a departure point again. Those in charge of this complex process know that the first distributions are approaching their point of release. Due to this procedure, it is believed that those selected to be the first are anxiously awaiting this decision. So we have been informed that we must be prepared for some really exciting news!

As you can see, there are many things that are close to happening, for example, the real start of the official circulation of US banknotes based on the Treasury. These are backed by gold and can easily destroy the Federal Reserve Bank. This new reality is also designed to lead to the rapid collapse of the illegal and de facto USA sa This will be effectively replaced by the new NESARA Republic. The cornerstone in the construction of this new kingdom is your new government and its financial system.

Meanwhile we are focusing on our goals. The main one is, of course, to ensure that these revalued currencies are successfully given to the people of this surface reality. We realize what all this represents. It is the means by which the dark cabal can be defeated and can finally begin a new free and prosperous time for you. It is this newly formed reality that will finally allow our great mission to truly begin. We understand some of the past delays, but nevertheless we deeply feel how important it is to end your need to worry about the continuing horror of this old reality that fades away.

It is the continuing complications of this old reality that require a timely defeat of the dark ones by us and our allies. The Elders and other similar groups have to make these immense funds spread securely throughout your surface realm. In our opinion, it has taken too long to end what is a simple process for us. Along with this is the really massive arrest and isolation of the ruling cabal and its associates. When this happens successfully, NESARA and everything that implies can be quickly executed. Finally, the rest of our mutual agenda can be achieved. Hosanna! Hosanna!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today knowing that the defeat of the dark cabal of this kingdom is near. Currently, the Light forces that are going to publicly proclaim the new NESARA Republic are finally preparing to do so. Heaven is telling us divinely that the great preparation of that glorious event is already done. All that is needed is an official announcement. This is expected to be soon. When this finally happens, it will show everyone that the required final elements have been completed. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

At that time you can be officially released from debt, because a special jubilee is going to be declared. With this applied you can start those tasks that are at the heart of your true passions. We know that great energy will fill you when you finally begin your various assigned tasks. We feel that a great growth of your diverse businesses can begin a really massive transformation of this realm of the surface. That activity will bring us all great joy! Humanity will finally be free to do what it divinely desires!

That transformation will bring great cures and great ways to creatively solve the problems of this surface reality. These tasks will transform the war into peace and proclaim the sovereignty of all of you. We the Masters can then set a time for those necessary lessons that we are required to provide. We are going to do it with joy and with the full knowledge that you will know how you were so cruelly placed in limited consciousness! That new understanding of your story is meant to serve you very well. May the Light embrace you in all ways.

Today we reviewed what is unfolding around this beautiful blue and green Orb. There are things going on today that are going to alter this kingdom. Be prepared for those events and know that a wealth of wonderful events will manifest soon. Know, my Dear Ones, that the countless Supply and the endless Prosperity of Heaven are really Yours! So Be That!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (In Siriano: Be One! Be in Joy!).

ENGLISH-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Eva Villa, editor in the big family


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