Message from Mother Mileila: Seeds of intention. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

The determination to change our day-to-day life is not that the events accommodate; in which things arise; in which the weather is favorable. If we expect something or someone to execute an intention, to really be able to say that things can be different, they will never be transformed.

Remember that we live in a dynamic world, in a world of endless thoughts, with endless beings that have endless intentions. We enter into that classification but when our intentions are aimed at stability we must project them as they are, with all the deficiencies, with all the obstacles that we find at that moment; This is when our intention is strengthened, when situations are not expected to be perfect, when we do not wait for the time to be indicated; simply when he dares to fly even in that complex terrain but from which he can get ahead and then make those seeds of our intention flourish.

Suddenly our seeds of intention seem to reach a swampy ground but that does not mean that beautiful flowers cannot arise, there are cases of those flowers that arise from the swamp, such are true intentions.

I am working with all of you… intent on balancing the vague comments of the leaders of nations that suddenly generate conflict and that also generate much echo in humanity; especially talking about powers. They intend for them to be in balance, so that they are not misunderstood, so that they are actually taken to specific points.

When suddenly they generate crisis on a social level, because you understand it, restructure the idea, change the intention, project the healthy, project peace and balance for the world, not happiness, just balance. If there is balance, both parties will have a little of everything, a little happiness, a little calm.

Balance for the world because there are different interests and remember that to the extent that you intend, it doesn't matter what everyone thinks when the fatalistic idea arrives, with which one thinks differently, it is no longer the whole world .

Remember that we are the creators of everything that surrounds us, in the way we want to define and observe it. This great play that we generate means that there is an opportunity to be the most skilled writer who has written a better story to tell; that we are the best protagonist who will perform the necessary functions so that this work is the best that could ever be observed.

And that we will also be fair to understand that we gave all the papers the title. We made them part of our work as well as the characters that were villains we gave them the role and they also leave the scene at the moment we decide. Those scenes where the main character is in an unpleasant and complex situation are also going to decide the time because the work is ours and those situations that have great outcomes also depend on us.

What story do you want to tell? the one that tells the world what you should live or the one that you know you deserve to write, act and tell.

I will be working with all of you ...

Until another moment and remember that the moment cannot be quantified therefore without observing at what moment of reality forever there enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. June 1, 2017)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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