Jupiter and Saturn in our lives

  • 2014

In these days a dance has just begun between the two largest planets in our solar system, J piter and Saturn. Two powerful archetypes that are somehow opposite, although not exactly.

A complete cycle between these two planets begins every 20 years. This cycle we are in now began on May 28, 2000 with the conjunction in Taurus . The first square occurred with Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo (unlike now), on December 17, 2005. The opposition was on May 23, 2010 with J iter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo and the square that begins now, will be exact on August 3, 2015 with J piter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio, about 28 of each sign. Although in March and May 2016 he will meet again but this time with J piter already in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. Therefore, in each cycle, the first quadrature occurs at the fifth year, after the conjunction, the opposition at the tenth year and at 15 years the Last waning square, like the one we are living now.

Before anticipating that this aspect brings us into our lives, it is important to keep in mind that this is often an internal process, due to the quality of J piter being a practically personal planet, not like the current square between Uranus and Pluto, which also mobilizes us since 2010, when everything seems to happen as a result of events outside of us.

Jupiter invites us to expand, to risk leaving the neighborhood, crossing the puddle, in search of other mentalities, other philosophies of life, other ideals. It opens doors to new plans, and different perspectives for the future. It drives us to expand into other areas of experience, different from which we were born. It gives us more confidence (sometimes too much) and optimism to launch ourselves in search of what will give our lives meaning and find what we have always wanted to do, consciously or unconsciously. Break our inhibitions and suddenly, we think: "Why not?" Normally the internal urgency is to look beyond the known limits. In this way we dare to take a look at the possibilities of our life, beyond the cultural boundaries, the neighborhood, the town, the environment in which we were born and raised. Jupiter fills us with anticipation and enthusiasm when thinking about the possibilities of the future.

Learning other languages, traveling, connecting with foreign people, working for an NGO that allows us to visit distant lands, are all Jupiterian impulses in our life, as it is also, to encourage us to jump to the bridge, without knowing what we will meet at the end of the.

Saturn, on the other hand, does not confront our responsibilities, with our duties, with what most of us call the absolute reality of our present. Saturn tells us about our mortality, about the time we have on this Earth and our possibilities according to the social class from which we come. Saturn is our ambition to amass a respectable social position and this usually means adjusting to the cultural rules of where we live. Saturn says: "Bird is better in hand than 100 flying", "It is very nice to dream, but reality is woven hard working" "The more you work, the higher you will get."

In Saturnian discourse, there is no expansion by expanding, or just by going to see what happens beyond. "With everything that still needs to be done here, " says Saturn. "If you want to jump to a bridge you must ensure that its foundations are strong and stable, " he adds.

It is in this dilemma, that we are now, from this moment, in some aspect of our lives. Something is telling us: "Well, finally this is the time to leave, to mobilize, to expand." Something offers us this opportunity. But on the other hand, something equally powerful, he tells us. “Not yet, you must be careful. And if it is not given as you want and if you risk and then it does not work? ”

Many aspects of our lives can play the Saturnian role at this time in our lives: the Chief, the Fathers, the Bank, the Government, the Treasury, the Family, the Husband, the Wife, the Children. All of them will be the containers of our projected Saturn.

Although this quadrature will not be exact until August 3, 2015, at the moment, these two planets are less than 4º of orb. Therefore we can say that the seemingly opposite voices of these two powerful gods can be clearly heard.

Where Saturn and Jupiter are located by transit in your astral chart, it will be the area of ​​your life where this dispute of "expansion" and "being careful and responsible" is taking place.

During these meetings, progress in our projects can be more difficult than normal, with unforeseen complications that call us to plan better. Difficulties with official entities, for issues that we have normally ignored for a while and now seem to appear at the same time.

Issues of renewal of documents, payments to official entities, projects that are stopped due to the indecision of others, trips that are delayed for different reasons, etc., etc.

The periods of more tension are now until the end of November, and then again from July and August of 2015. Especially for those with fixed signs in their astral chart (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio and Aquarius). In 2016, from March to the end of May and then during June, but this time already in mutable signs, therefore it will affect those with Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius and Pisces in their astral theme.

It is important to take things very calmly and understand that there are certain issues that must be resolved and certain responsibilities that one must take. Separating emotions from these issues is vital and current as an adult, taking care of what comes up, without trying to escape from it, because in any equation where Saturn is involved, getting rid of responsibility without consequences is virtually impossible. Therefore it is important to plan ahead and make sure that our desire for rapid expansion does not blind us to follow the corresponding steps.

It doesn't have to be a negative influence if we do our homework and do what we have to do. On the contrary, it can be a great opportunity to do things right and not have to pay the consequences later.

Another point to keep in mind is that Jupiter represents our beliefs and sometimes our fanaticism, let's not forget that in 2001, when the Twin Towers fell, they were still together in that conjunction that began in 2000, so when these planets are found also help us to bring to consciousness the consequences of our actions guided by beliefs imposed by others. See the restriction in the "other" is typical of these moments. Therefore a little self-analysis is important, to stop projecting our shadow and limitations on others and thus stop being victims of something or someone. If we do not progress, normally the reason is within us and not in others. It is so much easier to say: "But they don't let me progress, express myself, be." "That" or "that" that does not allow me is normally the recipient of our projections, where we deposit all our impossibilities and our limitations (Saturn). Think again and ask yourself, what is the reason why you do not progress.

During this square, the issues of independence, religion, philosophy, (as ISIS), will be the bearers of our internal struggle. It is through these issues that we will express our internal struggles to expand and grow without fear. Remember that Saturn lives within our psyche and that of others, just like Jupiter.

Depending on the culture you come from, and how the group in which you were born and raised, has managed these two archetypes, it will be how you will live this time. If your culture has glorified expanding at any cost, you will do that, if on the contrary, you come from cultures where expanding has always been truncated by a government, too authoritarian or ambitious parents, a dictatorial system, an empire, etc., then Then it is in that way that you will live this transit.

Look closely at that game inside yourself and decide which path you should follow. The more conscious this process is lived, the more positive it is and the more growth it will bring us.

Source : http://astrologiaarquetipica.wordpress.com

Jupiter and Saturn in our lives

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