Bach flowers: Chestnut Bud state

  • 2018

The chestnut bud or Chestnut Bud is used in Bach Flower therapy to help people who make the same mistakes over and over again, and who find it hard to learn from life's lessons. If you consider yourself that you are, this text interests you and a lot.

For some people, one experience is enough to learn, while others need more experiences, including several, to learn a lesson.

People in Chestnut Bud state " never learn from their own mistakes ." According to Dr. Bach, it is good to leave the past behind and move on, but this type of personality forgets the past completely. Because of this, he cannot learn from the mistakes he has made.

Casta oo State Chestnut Bud

The Casta o outbreak is a type of personality unable to learn from life's lessons . However, these types of people may notice the mistakes and consequences of other people's actions.

This can be caused because of the stress of everyday life and haste. If a person falls down quickly and continues on his way without stopping to think about what has happened to him, he can hardly avoid stumbling again with the same obstacle.

The Chestnut Bud state indicates the need to stop to reflect on falls and relapses . Learning from mistakes is essential for human development.

The pattern is manifested in careless, naive and clumsy people, who don't skimp, who are unable to assimilate experiences. In children, it usually manifests itself in a lack of attention, they are little ones who do not usually listen, who are constantly distracted.

Effects of the chestnut bud

The negative aspect of the Chestnut Bud state is the lack of attention and the inability to learn from the mistakes themselves . Treatment with this flower corrects this problem, as it helps to coordinate mental activities with material reality, facilitating learning.

In this way, a person can learn little by little and become aware of their evolution . This treatment is ideal for students with lack of attention and learning problems.

How to combine the chestnut bud flower

Chestnut Bud belongs to group 3 of the Bach flowers, a group that encompasses the patterns of "disinterest."

For an effective treatment, this flower can be combined with:

  • Clematis : they are people who make the same mistakes because they do not pay attention to the present.
  • Cerato : this pattern is manifested in asking for constant advice, as they are people who do not learn from their experiences and do not know how to function.
  • Honeysuckle : this behavior does not learn from mistakes because it lives thinking about the past.
  • Wild Rose : the lack of interest in everything makes Wild Rose unable to learn from lived experiences.
  • White Chestnut : they are unable to focus on learning because they are obsessed with an idea.
  • Scleranthus : they are people who are easily distracted and cannot pay attention to the experiences.

The Castaño outbreak is the natural remedy of Flores de Bach for those who cannot take advantage of their experiences or who take too much time to assimilate the lessons of daily life.

It is useful for those people whom observing their experiences (or the experiences of others) can improve their lives, as it will help them avoid making the same mistakes or repeating negative behavior patterns.

People who feel that their life is a constant ferris wheel of mistakes that are repeated again and again find their solution here. This is the Bach flower they need to improve their attention .

Seen in Flores de Bach, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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