Celiac Decoding: Roots, emotional conflicts and the difficulty of dealing with gluten allergy

  • 2019

Currently, there has been an advance in the pathologies that are suffered. The percentage of people dealing with different conditions in their lives is increasing. One of the diseases that is reaching popularity is Celiac Decoding, do you know what it is? Know it in this text prepared for you!

Celiac Decoding: Roots, emotional conflicts and the difficulty of dealing with gluten allergy

... the symptoms of Celiac Decoding can be varied ...

It is estimated that in Spain, four thousand new decoding celiac cells are diagnosed . In addition, it is estimated that for each new person diagnosed with this disease, there are eight other celiac disease unaware of their condition.

It is undoubtedly one of the pathologies that is found most in people's mouths. And the decoding of the celiac is quite concrete in terms of the conflicts that can lead to this problem.

Stay with us as we introduce ourselves to the information that biodecoding has to tell us about celiac disease, and how we can do to cope with this condition in the best way.

What is Celiaquia?

Before going specifically to the considerations that biodecoding can make in this regard, we are going to describe the disease itself and the most common symptoms.

Celiac disease is a condition caused by gluten intolerance permanently .

Gluten is a set of proteins that are present in wheat, oats, barley and rye, and all products derived from them.

This disease is autoimmune, that is, it is a reaction in which the body detects an external agent where there is none, and immediately sends antibodies, which concludes in an attack itself.

Although at first it was believed that it was a purely digestive disease, today we know that this disorder can affect different organs and systems of the human body.

Therefore, the symptoms of Celiac Decoding can be very varied, as they do not occur in a specific pattern.

A celiac may have digestive problems, such as diarrhea or atrophy in the villi inside the intestine, as well as growth retardation, weight loss, bloating, anemia, hair loss or malnutrition.

In fact, many people who have this disease have no symptoms at the digestive level .

The most classic cases of chronic diarrhea and signs of malnutrition are currently very rare.

All these faces that celiac disease can present makes it a complicated diagnosis, especially in children under two years of age and adults.

Therefore, the time between the development of this condition and its diagnosis can be very long.

The complications and discomforts that gluten allergy can cause in everyday life are many, so adopting a gluten-free diet is always a good idea.

Celiac Decoding: emotional conflict

... the decoding of celiacs is quite concrete in terms of the conflicts that can lead ...

Now, biodecoding tells us about the emotional conflicts that are related to the different diseases we are suffering.

And, although the emotional conflicts of celiac disease are transgenerational, biodecoding tells us that wheat refers to the father.

In addition, as we know, the disorders that occur in the intestine have to do with the feeling of not being able to assimilate, or not being able to digest.

Therefore, the Celiac Disease Decoding tells us that this inability to assimilate gluten tells us of an inability to assimilate something related to the father's figure.

This figure does not necessarily have to be our biological father, but can be a " symbolic " father. This is any father figure, it can be a boss, a friend, a husband, etc.

Being transgenerational, if you are celiac, you must know the lives of all those people who are your doubles, looking into their stories to be free.

You can start by researching your mother's story, how her relationship with her father was, with her father-in-law and your father's story with her. This will help you to be more aware of the situation and the real reason behind your illness.

In general, if the celiac is under thirteen, the conflict is related to the mother. They can be her conflicts with her own father or with something in the transgenerational paternal line .

On the other hand, if the disease appears as adults, the conflicts will be others.

In a man, he can relate to his own father role. In a woman, you can relate to your partner, the choice of the father of your children.

Celiac spiritual decoding

Spiritually, the Celiac Decoding tells us about the symbology of bread . And it is that this represents the nourishment of our body, but also the nourishment of our spirit .

This is a symbology that appears very recurrently, for example, in the Bible . The division of the loaves to feed the people, the conversion of bread into the body of Christ . This spiritual reference is significant and obvious.

In addition, in many figures of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the resurrection, with a spike of wheat representing the rebirth.

Thus, wheat is a symbol of our own eternal life, our own spiritual essence that we often forget. The spiritual decoding of celiac disease tells us of a difficulty in connecting with our own essence.

We must clean our channels of communication with the Divine . We must find our own way to reach our Highest Consciousness.

Coping with celiac disease

When one is diagnosed as celiac, a very big challenge is presented to adapt to new care.

In general, you must make drastic changes in the way you eat and the products you use in your day to day. And this affects not only your routine, but also your economy and your social life.

Naturally, any change in these magnitudes can cause feelings of great frustration . However, changes in habit must be.

This will not be possible if one does not begin to have compassion for oneself . That is, to be comprehensive with what this new condition means to you. It is normal that it costs, it is normal that sometimes it is not understood by the others.

This ability to treat oneself comprehensively helps us cope with any impact that this new life has on us. And ultimately, it leads us to improve our quality of life.

You should not demoralize, with patience and perseverance you can adapt to your new condition. And it may even end up discovering that it is not so bad after all. And with the improvements in your well-being, you will surely feel more at ease in your day.

Every emotional conflict we live is part of a history that affects us and the people who come after us. And looking for answers in this regard is also a search to know ourselves, our history and our identity.

If you want, you can assume the responsibility of healing those cycles that have been open, for our good and our family.

We can get to the root of our problems, and along the way meet people from our family tree who suffered from our same conditions. But that implies work.

Are you willing to search your story for the root of your discomforts? Remember that one of the diseases that is reaching popularity is Celiac Decoding, and you and I must act.

(The percentage of people dealing with different conditions in their lives is growing. One of the diseases that is reaching popularity is Celiac Decoding, do you know what it is ?, know it in this text prepared for you!)

Author : Lucas, Editor and Translator of the great family of hermandadblanca.org

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