Message from Sananda for Lightworkers

  • 2010

Message October 30, 2010

The processes that all light workers are going through right now, the whole family of light are necessary for the adjustments that are being made, this does not end, we are very close. But, there is still much to do and you know it. Each of you has pending issues, things to work on, some can be very subtle, others are very obvious. Interiorize and realize what they have to deal with, what they still feel like a burden, like a stone in the shoe, that something they still have trouble accepting and working on.

Call us to get inside that information they need to achieve that release and to help them realize what they still have to work on, there are still many things inside, do not be disappointed, or impatient, everything is happening to achieve that cleaning, that purification. These are times of much inner activity and that is why the ego is coming out as bright as its spiritual advance. Do not fear, because this confrontation is necessary. Look face to face to the ego, without fear, without fear, you have the keys to transcend it, just realize it. The more they work on themselves, the more those dark parts that they must release find themselves. These days the whole family is growing, moving towards ascension. One grows and pulls the others, all are united, all humanity, all existence. Steps are progressing rapidly and with this the ego manifests itself right now in doubts, distrust, feeling less, things that must be healed.

They need only to realize and refocus on their interior, on how divine they are, on their light, and on which they are enlightened. Focus on this fact, do not see any distinction between you, all are divine, all are important in this way, in this change, support each other, each is the pillar of the other. Do not stop, or remain in the messages of the ego, do not pay attention, just observe, as you already begin to practice. In these times there may be many temptations, they can be pushed back, do not allow it, return to its center. And call us, call your entire heavenly court, the entire hierarchy, all your guides, there are no limits. They can have as many at their side supporting them as they wish. Remember that appearances are deceiving, do not get caught up in the illusion. Just see the light.

Sometimes there will be times when they think or feel that they have not worked, do not see results, or do not feel any sensation, nor do they stay in it, if there is intention to work, then there is, because what you focus on becomes, focus on in your work of light and so it will be, focus on love and so it will be, focus on your growth, on your inner work.

We are many around you, many with you supporting and guiding you in change. Do not fear.

In unity, all beings of the kingdoms of light.

Thank you.





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