Is there a perfect plan?

  • 2017
Everything you propose you achieve

Today I'm going to talk about it, is there the perfect plan? What I mean by this, when you have a plan, put it into practice and do not succeed, or think you do not succeed, but if you get results.

Surely many times they proposed something in their lives and for this they created The Perfect Plan . Something they thought was necessary to move forward, that without it they could not continue and that with it they would get excellent changes in their lives.

A Perfect Plan will be asked, in what scope?

Well, in their homes, in their jobs, with the family, with friends, in all areas they want and can imagine. I tell you that yes, in each of those places and moments you are thinking .

We reached the point of putting into practice the perfect plan we had. And we began to implement everything that in theory was going to give us the expected result, or maybe even better than expected, and what happens? It does not work out as we had thought, it is not as we assumed it would be, nor does it turn out as we wanted.

What do we do when The Perfect Plan does not come out?

Maybe we should first think of the term "perfect . " What Perfect means: "That it has all the required or desirable qualities"; "That is very suitable for a certain purpose"

So, to elaborate our plan, we think about our goal, what we want to achieve with it, the desired results. But we begin to implement our perfect plan and see that it does not turn out as we thought, and in the first place we feel disappointed with ourselves.

Our perfect plan was not. Or at least , it is what we weigh at first . We are covered in a black mantle of negative thoughts and all the positivism with which we begin, when implementing our plan, fades away.

What do we have to do? Never, ever, think it went wrong. We know that being negative is harmful to our lives, so never lose sight of the positive.

Different or different does not mean bad. We evaluate the real differences with respect to the projected ones, to which we had planned, we see how we use those differences as advantages and we continue with our new action plan.

Always positive, maybe we get different results than expected or maybe the same results but in a different way.

Faced with this situation, we find a new plan, from it we take everything positive it has and everything that will help us to continue with our main purpose .

We keep going.

We want to achieve something and we have proposed it. And everything that one wants achieves .

We must never forget that to achieve what is desired we must strive, fight for it, not give up, not let a change to the expected cause us to lower our arms. Always continue, no plan is bad, everything we think to be able to improve, change, help, guide, implement new challenges, etc., everything they think and plan makes them strong, wise, great in body, soul and spirit.

Do you know why?

Why, The Body : is our natural person. In it are the five senses, to relate to the world around us. The Soul: It is composed of the mind, the will and the emotions, and The Spirit: It is the part of the human being designed to establish a relationship with God, it is the ability to hear that God encourages us to do good, or warns us that Let's not rush to make a decision that can be fatal.

What do I mean by this, that if we pay attention to our senses, emotions and continue to focus on doing good and achieving what we set out to do, we will do it, in the same or different way than what was initially thought, but we will achieve what we want.

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