Message from the Master Jesus: Connecting with the Light of the soul

  • 2019

Dear friends of mine, I am Jesus, an old friend of yours. I greet you all, and I am grateful and glad to be here in your midst. They feel my energy, my presence. I am an equal, a soulmate . I want to hug you as comrades, and not be above you, but touch you from heart to heart.

They feel my appreciation for you. They have been brave, searching every day for the essentials of themselves, of their "I" and of what they are.

You are looking for the anchor within yourself.

You know deep down that you cannot truly live on Earth until you have found that core of yourselves, and the peace that is there to silently find your way in life.

Finding and experiencing this anchor in yourself is perhaps the most important step forward that you can take in life as a soul on Earth.

If you can find your "I" here, in the midst of the moved and confused energies of the earth, and taste the silence in your hearts and hear your souls speak, then you are here from your inner strength, you live from within yourself.

The Light of their souls then resides in their earthly bodies and they are literally animated by it.

Instead of living from the outside in, always reacting to external stimuli, they begin to live from the inside out, from their truth that is found again and again in silence.

How to connect with that truth in itself is what I want to talk about today.

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Internal and External Stimuli (Alma)

I just talked about external stimuli that take them away from their truth, from their anchor, from their resting point in itself.

These stimuli come not only from the world and from people who are outside of you, but also from parts of you that have internalized those stimuli, which are now within you: in their heads, in their thoughts, in their patterns of behavior

They have compulsive ideas about themselves. For example, you believe that you must behave in a certain way to be a good person, or a good type . They have ideals that they believe they must fulfill, but doing so pressures them.

Almost everyone does that continuously as a result of impulses that do not come from their soul, nor come entirely from outside.

These impulses are deep in their energy fields . They are the most difficult impulses to get rid of them on the inner path to tranquility and peace within oneself.

It is these internal stimuli, these requirements and ideals that you have taken on yourself, and that you really believe apply to you, that keep you away from yourself and the voice of your souls .

I want to ask you to now create space in your energy field, which is made up of these thought patterns, habits, behaviors and automatic reactive patterns.

I ask you not to do this from your mind thinking about it, but by initially connecting with the ground under your feet and with the heartbeat of Mother Earth . Consciously, become aware of your feet and the force field that lives in and around your feet.

Earth energy

They feel that no matter what they think or do, or whatever worries them, they are being supported by the energy of Mother Earth . Feel how this happens by yourselves, and allow yourself to be supported by that.

Feel how the flow of the Earth connects with you, slowly enters through your feet and flows upward through your legs and knees, your thighs, your hips, your pelvis. Feel the silent and stable power of this energy.

This Earth energy is silent and yet it is very specific, because it flows exactly to those parts of you that can use extra stability and security.

Can you let yourself be embraced by the Earth, by its strength and its wisdom? They feel how that power relieves busy thoughts in their heads, the desire to direct and control life .

When they are connected with the flow of the Earth, they let go of that desire and begin to think with their heart and not with their head.

Try it Feel carried by a calm steady stream of the earth that surrounds your legs and your hips, until you reach your abdomen. Feel how you can let everything else go and that you are being sustained by that current.

See what happens with the energy in their heads and how much quieter it becomes. Imagine that all that thought, reflection and approach escapes you .

The head becomes less active and quieter. They can experience, in the center of their heads, a point they observe without thinking.

It is simply a presence, a consciousness, that does not reason, but observes . Feel how nice it is to just be there, and you don't have to do anything : be alert and present.

Past experiences

Now direct your attention from that quiet point in the center of your heads to the area of ​​your hearts, of feeling.

With the "eye" in their heads, carefully look for the area of ​​their hearts, the subtle and refined energies that inhabit there .

Have no expectations or judgments about what they see.

Some of you may experience a feeling of warmth in your heart, while others may experience a feeling of something closed.

Maybe your hearts are afraid to open and that is very understandable, because in each of you live old fears and convictions that make it hard to keep your hearts open.

Now, as they feel supported by Mother Earth, and a quiet place is created in their heads, let's see those old fears or negative thoughts that keep them from reopening their hearts.

The most important thing is that you observe from within yourself, and not through external influences, or ways of thinking, or judging something as "should be", but with a pure and open look .

Feel that space in your hearts for a moment, a space that is full of eternal beauty that belongs to your souls.

See there the Light that you are and that you have developed through the many lives that you have already led on Earth and elsewhere.

You don't have to know exactly where and how, to realize that you are a developed being through your many experiences and lives where you have discovered and explored many aspects of yourself and made you aware .

Opening doors

Feel for a moment the richness of your hearts, feel the refinement and nuances with which you can think and feel.

There you can see colors and images of nature, like flowers, among others, although it doesn't matter what you see.

Just know that wealth is there, although there are parts of you that are still locked up, because you are afraid to let that wealth be seen by yourself and the world.

It's there - I see it - and that's why I love them so much and I appreciate them so deeply. I also see the pain you experience when you seal parts of yourself : your own wealth and abundance, your own love and Light . It is painful to live like this!

Although sometimes it seems safer to close parts of yourself, feel for a moment what this does to you.

Feel the light, the joy, the enthusiasm that naturally wants to flow, and wants to be seen and connect with the world. Feel the inspiration that lives inside .

Now we are going to open a door through which something is released in you for which the time has come.

Now it can flow and manifest in you in a good way in your lives.

Imagine for a moment that you see in the area of ​​your hearts an old rusty door that opens with much difficulty.

Feel the energy of that door, which you yourself have put there to survive emotionally, or even physically.

There are all kinds of reasons in his past, in his childhoods, or even in previous lives, why they put that door there, and why they felt safe doing so.

But now it hurts more than it helps - it's time to open that door.

Imagine for a moment that you are now heading towards that door. Feel the tranquility in their heads, and know that they will simply be there and observe what has been kept hidden for so long .

You open the door slowly, while still feeling the power and firmness in your feet that the earth gives you, so you know that you are being supported.

Enter the unknown

Now is the time to open up to a larger part of their souls, to what they are. What do you want to go out through that door?

You may first see some disorder, old energies that have been bothering you and want to be seen: fears, doubts, something dark perhaps? Look at them easily and welcome them.

Behind those fears and disorder lies something infinitely beautiful that wants to be included again in their open hearts. Ask him if he wants to show himself, since he has a message for you .

It is a part of his higher self, his angelic self that wants to leave and wants to be received in their lives.

Send Light, love and understanding towards the door and towards the opening, so that you can create a bridge through which what is hidden can leave, and then dare to see it.

... connect again with your heart, that very sensitive organ in the center of your being that is the channel for your soul and carries the pain of the past ...

Dare to see how great and beautiful it is.

They are often afraid of their own strength, wisdom and beauty. They get small in their minds and really don't want to see what's there, but let it appear, and don't be too modest or doubt their potential, because this is the energy they've been waiting for in their lives.

It helps to imagine that energy in the form of a person, so look if a male or female figure appears. That can tell you something about what kind of energy you want to flow to you now and can help you open your hearts.

Look and listen to what that figure wants to tell you. Let that figure speak and then anchor in your hearts the energy of that person, who is part of you. Imagine that you completely allow that person to enter your heart space.

Aligning body, mind and heart

Allow a renewal to take place in your lives. You cannot predict exactly what will happen then, but trust and surrender to that process .

Once they connect with their hearts, and the doors that have been closed are open, they will make the connection with their soul and feel their inner guidance . Then you will find that anchor, that core within yourself, that you need to feel where you are now and to feel where you are going.

Now connect the head, heart and abdomen to each other. Feel the transmitted power of the earth again and connect with it.

They will be surrounded by helping energies in their lives and the earth is one of them. Trust her! She wants to create a path for you, she wants to receive you. You are welcome here, and you are not alone!

Please connect again with that calm and quiet center in your head, where you do not think, but simply perceive, are alert and present.

And finally, connect again with your heart, that very sensitive organ in the center of your being that is the channel for your soul and carries the pain of the past.

Have compassion for your hearts, for what you have suffered, but also have appreciation for the enormous potential in it : the accumulated wealth of many lives, the depth of your emotional life, of your soul. Value your own heart.

Then feel how these three centers work together and line up - head, heart and abdomen - and just let it happen ; You don't have to think about it. Feel how the top-down flow takes you back to your center.

But if they feel there is still some resistance or discord, that's fine, because that's why they are doing this.

That inner look helps you to be aware of the closed parts of yourself and to open doors . Let everything be as it is naturally.

Thanks for coming here today. I share my energy with you, Message from the Master Jesus: Connecting with the Light of the soul

(Channeled by Pamela Kribbe).

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Author: Andrea Mora, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

Source: " Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Anchor "

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