Kirael's Message: What does consciousness really mean?

  • 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Already many times I have contacted you to give you different messages, however, today I will talk to you about a message you have, I must say, a slightly more expressive expression. relative that the previous ones and that they will be able to fully understand through their Consciousness, since at this point, they have reached a level at which they can understand things that they did not understand before, at the same time that access new information .

However, many still wonder: What does consciousness really mean?

Well, consciousness turns out to be an impulse that is emitted within you, as well as a thought, since both are emitted within you through the Love that you have not only towards yourself, but towards everything that surrounds you and towards the Great Creative Source ; when we understand Consciousness in this way, there is nothing that can calm down or stop this impulse, and it gradually becomes stronger.

Then, we must also add that there is a parameter that a large number of people have not yet managed to understand or interpret, we are talking about that to what you usually call “the Field”, which in fact, is about each of the Energies Fractals that correspond to everything that exists in the world, according to the importance it has in their hearts.

It is you who have the ability to bring these energies to your reality

However, to achieve this it is necessary that they are aware of their reality and accept it and based on it, know what they came to do on Earth, and then go and see far beyond the false reality that keeps them confined and does not allow them to make a true judgment about what happens.

At this moment, what they must understand is nothing more than the fact that reality manifests itself in different ways, in some cases wonderful, even if it is surrounded by a lower energy that is not emitted by the Source and that keeps them stuck inside of the same approach. And it is precisely there, where many things are mixed, because the true manifestation of your Divine Consciousness, is at higher levels and not within the focus generated by that focus.

Then, my dear brothers, you will say that it is not easy to appreciate and even reach that level of Consciousness and it is exactly at that moment that we say to you: “ Only you have the ability to choose if you want to find yourself again or if you prefer to walk through a preconceived path that blinds them from reality and higher perceptions ”, since in this way, they can put into practice their free will and express themselves as they wish and consequently lose the path that leads them full awareness of what they really are at higher levels, in which we always find ourselves.

I tell you these things, because they are at your fingertips, which means that you must go a long spiritual path in your interior to be able to leave totally the focus and / or veil generated by the false reality and finally, to be in perfect harmony with the energy level that Love of the Source supposes and as a result, have the opportunity to use the Power of Light in order to interact not only with you as brothers, but also with beings from other Free Worlds and with the Masters of Light found in higher planes.

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