Message from Sant Germain: Are you ready for the love revolution that is coming?

  • 2018

Love has become one of the most powerful forces that the entire world contemplates . This entity is responsible for the movement of all the elements that make up our reality. Since time immemorial, the light has witnessed it, which is why love is one of the main requirements to elevate every being to the divinity of his new eternal life.

Only this is able to take our souls to the top of the sky itself, to the true instances of nature and towards the infinite. The beginning of the new life is offered from love. Love comprises the first sample of evolution of each and every one of the states of our development as supreme beings. And only for that reason it is necessary to understand that we cannot deny ourselves before the possibility of making this process so wonderful that it has managed to knock on the door of many to turn them into eternal divinity.

It is a transfer, a transition process in which there is no turning back, because once love manages to enter us, there is no way to expel this energy from the body. By loving we can attract others, we will have the possibility of being surrounded by unimaginable forces that will allow us to always have the support of brothers willing to help us in any kind of situation.

Love is the portal to divinity in eternity, however, its presence on earth also has its benefits. Much of the elements given by love is happiness. Then it's security and finally it's acceptance. This is one of the most important, as it will allow all practitioners of love to understand themselves from love and thus overcome any barrier in their path.

The world can change from one moment to another

Your world and that of those around you can move from one state to another in a matter of seconds. That is why it is important to be prepared to be able to assume all the reins of a sudden change that will take us by surprise. If love is in your life, you will have nothing to fear from this possible reality . If you are full of happiness, you will have nothing to regret and finally, if you are full of acceptance, there will be no process that makes you feel bad.

Love will allow you to have all the power you need for those difficult situations to face in each of the problems that may arise in earthly life. It will offer you all the wisdom you need . You can access it from the love that the wise elders decide to grant you with their words, their gestures and all their powers that they will have acquired throughout their extensive and complex life. Love will give you back the resources you may need at a certain moment of lack or lack of tools.

The love revolution is an imminent fact

Its revolution translates into its total domination of the energies that still prevail in our world. It will be a change that few expect, but that at the same time will be possible to understand as the arrival of the much-desired divine justice. Whoever wishes may surrender to this fact from his will. Whoever does not wish to do so, will not be judged, since free will is known as one of the most important forms of love that exist, such as the freedom that is part of life in which love and the querencia are part of the first principles of existence.

The spirit needs love, therefore, to open the doors to this instance will be part of the main objectives that, as beings of light, we will have to understand and accept progressively. Anyone who decides not to do so will be doomed to life, a life of joy, to pleasant but ephemeral moments. Without love, life will be reduced and cannot rise to the most divine limits that can become a life full of joys and the best feelings. Love is the pass to the divine and pleasant life.

We must be brave. Love can intimidate many, and how can it not? If it is the most powerful force we can find in the world . This has left many paralyzed before their arrival, however, it is the meeting that has achieved formalize the relationship between living beings and this feeling. Love will be able to enter those who want it to eternal life since its revolution, love will be the move towards wise life, towards the quality of life that the earth is not able to share with its inhabitants since Its main tools and resources.

While some fear, others rather wait and get impatient at the arrival of this revolution. Only in this way have they managed to visualize their life and it is that love has proven to be able to change the most complex life of anyone who can come to give the benefit of the doubt to this force. That is why many of the patients decide to dedicate their entire lives to waiting for the arrival of the most powerful force from around the world. We must be patient in this process, because love, as the support of the wise, will know how to arrive at the most appropriate time possible.

Love can fill the lives of those who are only willing to accept you as a necessary type of energy.

Those who intend to take advantage of their values ​​will only succeed in eradicating the divine life, since acceptance will not be possible if love is received or perceived as a resource to be seized. It is a profitable situation only for those who are willing to understand love as a stage of change, as a process of growth in which humans can reach the highest elevation points they would have ever imagined.

Brothers, let's keep in mind one thing and that is that love is the most beautiful and divine thing that exists. Love will change life forever . We must be prepared to accept all the resources that love is willing to offer us. It is a force willing to offer us a new life, a new feeling and a new way of making existence. Little by little we will enter its forces. Little by little we will be able to find the best results whenever we are able to accept, love and understand this new force in our now life full of divinity.

The process will not be simple. Revolutions are not easy. We must be prepared for anything . If love decides that it will be the hard way, we will have to redeem ourselves to this. If, on the contrary, love projects us from the simple, we will be calm because we will be able to reach the best stage of all our personal growth.

Love is near, love will be the change we have been waiting for so much throughout our lives . The love revolution is imminent, it is a fact that, without knowing it, we will be waiting to grow as the most capable and divine beings that have ever existed.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Blossom Goodchild

Original URL: https: //www.messagescelestes- jeunes-aliens /

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