What you need to know for your health. Channeling of the Uriel Spiritual Guide

  • 2019

I am Cristina Acebrón channeling and Transpersonal Coach, and I am dedicated to helping people develop their intuition and connect with their Spiritual Guide.

A channeled message is a message that comes from a Spiritual Guide and in which channeling simply limits itself to transmitting the essence of the message through words.

This message also contains the energy of the 3rd Language which is the energy of the Guides that will help you integrate the information you receive in words, so that you can make the necessary changes for your evolution. I hope you enjoy it, find a comfortable place, close your eyes and hit the Play to listen to it (or read on)

What you need to know for your health. Channeling of the Uriel Spiritual Guide

Greetings my dear ones, Uriel speaks to you. And today I come here with a hopeful message for humanity. Your health is not something that depends on outside (outside), your health is something you can create inside. The health of the human being is created by his energy every day and that is why we tell you

Every day at the beginning of the morning, start sowing thoughts of Love. Start sowing illusion, because your mind is the one that generates a large part of your energy. And that is why, as you wash yourself every morning, you will need to eliminate those weeds that you could accumulate the day before. Those fears you may have felt in your heart.

We know that it seems difficult because it is something that nobody taught you to do and yet as you repeat it you will be able to see the beauty of that process. And every day you will be eager to start doing it.

The body you see is only a three-dimensional part of the body that you contain . The body that contains you is that which is the Body of Light, the body of energy. One who is connected by beautiful filaments of light that absorb energy, the prana around you .

That energy is particles of light that spin constantly emitting small sparks of light, small sparks of love. Your Light body is created in such a way that you can absorb that energy by automatically directing it through the conduits of your Light body. And fill every moment the cells of your body with that multidimensional light that is the true energy that moves you, and that is the true energy that creates you.

What you must know to have your health is that beyond what you ingest you will be able to create a new health through generating thoughts of love, thoughts of hope, thoughts of hope in your heart.

It is necessary that you create a connection of your mind and your heart so that those waves of influence of unconditional love that you have in your heart chakra, are welcome with the doors open in your brain.

We know you have doubts . How can I do that Uriel? How can i My dear Human Being, you were born doing that, just in a moment of your evolution you decided that it was better to simply feel through reason, choose through the mind, discern using logic. You decided at a time in your evolution that love was not so important.

At that moment my dear human being, the demand, the criticism, the unreasonable entered into your life. You began to enter into conflict each of your organs struggled to understand the meaningless orders that came from within. When you don't love yourself, when you get angry, when you feel you're not worth enough, you are sending waves of hate of reproach, of deep despair and disconnection to your body.

My dear human being, isn't it time to start sending what feeds you, what makes you feel good? It's as simple as starting to create that habit, in the morning clean your mind. Eliminate those harmful thoughts that do not help you, allow the waves of unconditional love from your heart chakra to reach you directly in an easy, healthy way.

My dear human being, each day visualize yourself with a beautiful body of light around you. That body of light is bigger, it's stronger, it's more beautiful. If you could see you as we see you we could love you immediately, you could fall in love the moment you saw yourself.

My dear human being, isn't it time to start loving and respecting you?

Our message today is simple:

What you need to know for your health is to sow feelings of love every day. Allowing them to be the captains of your trip

We are sending you particles of light that remind your mind that you are capable of doing it, that you were born doing it and that it is time to wake up the beautiful being that you are.

With love and devotion your friend Uriel says goodbye for now

Channeled by Cristina Acebr n Guirau


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