Message to humanity of Archangel Michael



Blessings of Archangel Michael

Blessings to all workers of love and light,

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you a message that will assist your new dreams about Mother Earth, humanity and all the kingdoms of the Earth. My message is simple, and it involves understanding three primary points concerning the energy body of Mother Earth, the energy body of humanity, and your personal energy body. I ask each of you to reflect what I offer you and, through this reflection, illuminate your energy body and the energy body of the group consciousness of humanity. You must know, Dear Ones, that each of you keeps an important piece of the puzzle of the elevation of the vibration of the force of life and love, and of the proportion of light in many places on Earth. You must know, Dear Ones, that your energetic body is directly connected to the energetic body of Mother Earth and, through specific areas of the Earth, or of what is known as specific portals or sacred sites of the Earth, your body Energetic self-aligns with the crossing of Mother Earth. You must know that each one of you is ascending, in the same way that Mother Earth does and, for this, many changes are taking place in you. These changes manifest themselves, first of all, within your being, and are deeply perceived through your mind and your emotions. This leads them to learn to embrace the dark nature of your being (the shadow) and to learn to love what they have not loved in the past. Gaia Each one of you, Dear Ones, is incarnated on a learning planet that is a school of sacred mysteries for universal beings of light. Know that each one of you has incarnated within the physical body through the Earth plane to balance your masculine and feminine energies. You should know that Mother Earth, or Gaia, is known as a cosmic mother that contains sacred medicine that balances the feminine and masculine energies in each one's being. You should know that this sacred planet you live on is home to all beings in the universe that are needing to go through this process. They must know that they have come to Earth to find in your life the lessons related to your feminine and masculine energies and to complete them by balancing your external and internal nature, your dark and luminous nature, your conscious and unconscious nature. For you, as souls, this is possible here, on Earth.

So, I ask everyone to embrace this adventure with love, to know that they are empowered by the spirit (the Presence of God), to manifest a complete balance at the soul level. They should know that your lessons come to you in life through your interrelationships, and that, each day they wake up, they create lessons for you and opportunities to choose a new creative path. It was the Christ, when he came to Earth 2, 000 years ago, who brought the ascension codes and who opened the consciousness of humanity to the threshold of a path to forgiveness and unconditional love. They should know that that nature of Christ lives within you, and that only by choosing the path of forgiveness and unconditional love will you experience the balance of your inner being with your outer being, your feminine and masculine energies, and your conscious and unconscious nature. . They should know that if they enter into denial of any aspect of your being that lives within you, that aspect will be augmented and represented by the beings that surround you, in order to show you the unconsciousness, the shadow and the repressed nature of your being. You should know that, before your incarnation, you all chose to incarnate on Earth for three specific reasons.

The first reason is related to what you must heal at the soul level, and many of you are already on your way to healing the memories of your soul and embracing the lessons of your soul to achieve it. They must know that they have to embrace your own karma so that they can know the second reason for your incarnation on Earth. This second reason is related to the purpose of your soul and the gifts they bring to create service and self-mastery. As you heal yourself and resolve all karma on the Earth's plane, these gifts awaken and a new vibration begins to flood you through your energy body, and you experience a feeling of great change. Dear ones, a sense of fullness enters your life through this process, as well as a feeling of knowing that being manifests itself when you choose to live your life using these gifts for the benefit of all beings in divine service. You should know that many of you are in this phase of serving Mother Earth and all beings. My message to you is to let you know that there is a third reason, third for your incarnation, and this is related to your ascension, and how it will be perceived through all the other lives you experience.

You should know that each of you is here to claim parts of yourself that live in other realms, parts of your consciousness that live in flowers and within crystals, and parts of your consciousness that live in the inner Earth. You should know that each of you has previously incarnated in the kingdom of the Earth, both in physical body or in a body of light. You should know that none of you would have chosen to incarnate on the Earth plane if all this were not true for you. The teaching that I offer you, Dear Ones, is that if you heal yourselves and offer the divine service of your soul, you will be endowed with power throughout this process, tuning in to the sacred places on Earth to help bring your spirit inside your body. To give you a better understanding of this, I will simply share with you that Mother Earth is a gigantic cosmic force that attracts many rays of light and love to the core of her heart, and that this powerful and motherly being expands these rays of love and light outside, towards the stars, suns and moons that are in the heavens. I ask you to visualize Mother Earth in this way, as a being of light, and I ask you to become aware of your own energy body in relation to this. Explain that your energy body extends, in principle, up to about 2 mt. around your physical body in all directions. This is your Earth energy, or the energy you have access to on Earth. It is true that they are multidimensional, and that they expand beyond that, but, on the Earth plane, your consciences settle in this field.

This field is a uric egg of approximately 2 mt radius. It is a sphere of light that moves and is anchored through your physical body, and is the sphere of consciousness through which you experience life. I ask that you become aware of your energy sphere
and of your connection with the sphere of Mother Earth, which extends through the heavens and holds in its outer fields stellar energies such as those of the Pleiades and Sirius. I ask that you become aware of a new image of Mother Earth, so that you will see her as a sentient being, breathing light and love with you. I ask you to consider its trees as the hair follicles of your skin, and its waters as the skin of your body. I ask that you visualize the Earth and your relationship with the Earth by imagining yourselves as a gem or a crystal that sparkles and anchors light and love in the body of Mother Earth.

We ask that you realize that your being is transforming through your ascension process, and that your energy is transforming to activate your crystalline nature. Your cells are beginning to open and create themselves to live as chakras, receiving masters and light from the heavens; each of their cells are learning to breathe that light, and to radiate that light and that love back to the universe. This process is taking place naturally and, for some of you, it is causing great difficulties, because your cells are not opening completely to the light, and some of your cells They are rejecting the light. They are experiencing this, they feel pain in their physical body. Your body is asking you to allow movement, light and love to flow through those areas. This pain, no matter how subtle or profound, is the same energy for all beings. They are the cells of the physical body closing slightly, by rejection of the light or the love of your soul. We ask everyone to realize that they can be endowed with the necessary power to transform and change this in your lives. I offer the following simple process to help them transform those parts of your consciousness contained in your cells that could be rejecting the light and love of your soul. This process involves connecting your energetic body to the energetic body of Mother Earth, through specific sacred places that sustain specific energies of the heavens, to incorporate them into your body. You must know, Dear Ones, that there are places on Earth that contain a specific vibration that other places on Earth lack. In the same way, there are souls on Earth that contain a specific vibration that other souls do not have. This is the medicine, or the exclusive puzzle piece, of every being or every place on Earth. I am asking you to be aware that the body of Mother Earth contains specific frequencies of power in different areas of the world. The process involves connecting them with 7 sacred places on Mother Earth and restoring balance in your physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, chakra and cell system, through your streams of light and love. I offer this as my gift to you, Dear Ones. May it help you find more joy and well-being in your lives, embracing your life lessons and your ascension to the light.

In divine service to all of you,

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael's Process

When you pronounce the following decree, I will address all of you and your ascension council of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, to accompany me. At this time, we will anchor the Temple of Transformation and Liberation around you, and place your energy body in a unified field of love that will help them to merge into one with your soul. Many other Angels will enter this chamber with you and begin to clear and align your fields with a violet flame and a silvery white light. They will begin to wrap your body in a spiral with those energies until your energy body is able to receive the vibration that the Temple can offer you. This temple is made of a white and golden crystalline light, and has 12 glass pillars in the 12 directions around you. It is an etheric temple that provides a bridge through which the energies will lead from your energy body, so that it receives the healing energies and frequencies contained in the kingdoms of Shambala, the twelfth dimension of the Earth. You should know that all of you are beginning to be activated with specific ascension waves that reach Earth to help Mother Earth in her ascension process. When you pronounce this decree, the twelfth wave of ascension will begin to flow through you. I ask you to pronounce it slowly 33 times from the heart.

I am the soul.

I am Divine Light.

I am love.

I am Will.

I am the Accurate Plan.

Breathe into the core of your heart and imagine both yourself and your Mother Earth ... receiving in your heart wonderful currents of light and love, and with each heart-breathing, radiate these currents of light and love towards all beings. Through your intention, your own
energy will begin to travel following those tracks, because all your light follows the trail of your intention. I ask that you breathe 33 cycles of light and love towards your heart and emanate them in all directions. When you breathe those 33 cycles, you will begin to receive the eleventh wave of ascension flowing through you. I ask everyone, when they have completed those breaths, to visualize a golden sphere around your physical body, and to ask the Christ Consciousness of your soul to seal your energy body. When you do, I will place my sword around you, and I will begin to change and clarify all the energies that no longer serve you in the present, neither you, nor the divine plan for your being. I ask you to breathe normally three times and, in the meantime, imagine that your heart is a beautiful flower that is opening. This flower is a symbol of your heart chakra and, as you open it, I ask you to inspire towards it a great volume of light and love from all that surrounds you; Illuminate that flower and contemplate it, expanding and opening its petals more deeply than ever. Now they begin to receive the tenth wave of ascension, and the light rays of this wave begin to connect with the tips of the petals of your cardiac chakra. These points are known as the nadis and, while your nadis are lit, a sacred fire begins to burn, shining more than ever in your heart. This fire is known as the eternal flame of your spirit, because when your heart begins to open, your soul is able to merge with you, and your spirit can be ignited.

I ask that, at this moment, limit yourself to receiving, and go inside your heart, visualizing yourself in a beautiful temple with 12 glass pillars around you, roofed with a golden dome. Your family of light is now surrounding you and sending you your love. I ask that you simply receive that love and allow yourself to be supported by your universal family of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Other beings also come to be with you; some of them come from the kingdom of fairies and elves, others come from the sidereal realms to sit by your side. They bring some packages
gold that they place in your energy body to help them open more deeply. Ask them to call your guides and teachers to come to be with you in a circle in a stegiza temple. You ask that you receive again, while the ninth wave of ascension begins to flow through you; now they are asked to become aware of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and to claim the vibration of the Source sustained by the Great Pyramid, so that it connects with your crown chakra to your root chakra. They ask you to breathe while the Great Pyramid activates your column of farms and begins to balance your connection of light with the Earth and with the heavens. I ask that you sing 33 times the next mantra of light.

RAKUNA (light of the Great Central Sun)

SOLUNA (light of the Great Central Moon)

KE-UA (light of all suns and moons)

JUEAH (Light of the Inner Earth)

MUEAH (light of Mother Earth)

U-AYHA (light of the heart of the soul)

EU-AYHA (light of Mother / Father God)

When you chant this mantra 33 times, your column of light will expand and your whole family of light will settle it in the Earth's core for you. They will begin to receive the eighth wave of ascension and will be asked this time to sit quietly in Chakras for a few minutes to complete this process. Mother Gaia now arrives in the form of a beautiful goddess or Angel, and places in your farms an energy body code to help your physical body and your cells to open in the light of your soul. She asks permission to take out the old codes of your body that could create rejection of the light and love of your soul in your cells. Give permission if they resonate with this, and say a prayer for this to take place.

Breathe and relax now that you receive the seventh wave of ascenuluru-1sion flowing through you. They are asked to become aware of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia, and to claim the vibration of the Source held in that sacred place. Ask that Uluru's energy travel through your root farm and rise to your crown. I ask you to breathe while Uluru activates your root chakra and begins to balance your love connection with the Earth and the heavens. I ask you to sing the next mantra of love 33 times to cement this.

LAKURA (love of the Great Central Moon)

KATIRA (masters of the Great Central Sun)

AY-RUAH (love of all suns and moons)

AY-RU-ALIA (love of the Inner Earth)

AY-U-ALA (love of Mother Earth)

E-AY-U-LIA (love of the heart of the soul)

U-AY-ALIA (love of Mother / Father God)

As you chant this mantra 33 times, your love column will expand and all of your family of light will settle this in the core of the Earth for you. You will begin to receive the sixth wave of ascension flowing through you. While this takes place, Mother Gaia blesses you again and begins to focus a five-pointed star on each of your fields; He asks permission to connect your farms and cells to 5 places on Earth that sustain a great frequency of love and light, to balance all your bodies. Ask that you connect your spiritual meridians and your spiritual body with Mount Shasta in California.


Let your mental meridians and your mental body connect with Mount Kailash, in Tibet.


He asks you to connect your emotional meridians and your emotional body with Lake Titikaka, in Peru.


Ask them to connect your etheric meridians and your etheric body with Mount Fuji, in Japan;

Mount Fuji

that connect the meridians that nourish your physical body, and your own physical body, with the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.


She explains that these parts of her energetic body hold the power to create a great balance of these bodies for your ascension and healing process. Ask them to claim this if it resonates with your heart. As you do, you will receive the fifth wave of ascension, and Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael will address you and begin offering you gifts in the form of energy packages. These can come in the form of a scepter, or a sword, or a chalice or a disc. These energies sustain specific frequencies that balance the elements of earth, air, fire and water in your body.

Just as the scepter balances the fire, the sword balances the air, the chalice to the water and the disk to the earth element. They ask you to receive these gifts while spinning the scepter, sword, disk or chalice through your farms and in your cells. They explain that pain is created through elemental beings trapped in your body: unexpressed or repressed emotions (water), thoughts (air), actions (earth) and spirit (fire). They ask you to be aware that this is the fourth wave of ascension that brings the complete balance of the elements in your body. As you breathe, you begin to receive this fourth wave flowing through you. They are asked to move your body a little to allow the change to be released. They say ask your Divine Presence to merge with you, and ask you to aspire again to receive the third wave of ascension that assists in the anchoring of the Divine Presence or spirit in your body. They explain that, unless the elements in the person's body have been balanced, the entrance of the spirit into the body can create difficulties or discomforts, because it amplifies everything that is inside the body. The elementary balance is a priority for all beings, and the first key to this is not to repress energy. Meanwhile, they offer you a tool with which to work on the harmonization of your emotions, thoughts, actions and spirit. It is a cane with the vibration of your soul, a specific light that, as a soul, only you can carry.

This cane is full of the core energy of your soul's heart, and will lead you all towards unity. They are asked to take this cane now that they put in your hands, so that they can send it through your fields and into each of your cells. Know that this cane always returns to your heart after using it, and they can always carry it with you and receive it whenever they need to tune your energy with a unified frequency. Unified frequency is what gives peace to being. When you complete this, the second wave of ascension will be activated in you, and all the sacred places will begin to be activated through all your bodies, generating their alignment and balancing. We ask you to release all forms of thought based on the fear you have been maintaining about your life, telling them to the Goddess / God or writing them down, and asking to be released from them with grace and ease, and in divine order with your being. When they complete this, the first wave of ascension will begin to strengthen this liberation and they will be asked to remain in bed for 25 minutes while the Angels and the Archangels work with your energy body to help you complete this healing process. When you complete your rest, we ask you to sing the following mantra to bring a deeper balance to your being.


(It translates as: "I invoke that my Divine Presence merge with me").

Channeling: Through Qala

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