Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll: Adventure in South Lemuria - 04 Conceptual Psychology

  • 2017

Dear Greetings, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We are on the grass of a beautiful place, watching a lake; again Gaia is calm; and there is a lot to tell you right now. Dear ones, sometimes the channeling is smooth, it is quiet, it is compassionate, without as much information as that given on other occasions; is different. My partner wants to ask me what to expect and I tell him not to expect anything; This is how the information is clearer. Today we want to discuss something that is one of the oldest issues we have; but it is renewed when placed next to another issue that is the linearity of Humans. One of the aspects of this new energy is what we call Compassionate Action, of the new Human Being. And for years we have channeled about what that could mean ... What is in your way of feeling or thinking differently from the previous one? ... This is beginning to happen to many; and with that there is often an inconvenience, sometimes confusion; Old Souls are feeling it before.

Again the definition of the Old Soul: It is a Human Being who has had many lives on this Planet; and is uncomfortable with himself and with the Planet. Those who have traveled and are in front of me, sitting on the grass or standing, are Old Souls, each and every one. And even while listening to this you could ask: "How do I know? ... How do I really know that I am an Old Soul ?" And the answer is that it is an internal guidance system that says: "You are not new here, you have been here and you have done that ”; and when you contemplate things like Gaia and nature, you feel something. Are you aware that a rookie who has just arrived on the Planet and is looking around in frustration, is measuring the reactions to everything he does because he has never seen them before in Humans or energy? ... Is someone that he does not necessarily want to go to the forest because he has nothing to feel there; He is someone who is confused most of the time ... It is difficult to be a rookie on the planet! ... You are not newbies, none of you. Some have been here longer than others, but an Old Soul is someone who has had a number of experiences here.

And the Old Lady is the one who will first feel this change; so let's talk specifically about one of the changes; and also of a concept for you that I hope my partner can develop. Where does it start? ... For psychology. Those who study the psychology of the Human brain, of the Human Being, of the Human heart, all who are trying to decipher how Human Beings think and function, are all healers, each one of them. They study the Human mind in many ways; and much remains to be known because the mind is complex; but what makes it even more interesting is that the Human is not functioning at one hundred percent. Then the mind is often separated because there are walls between the kinds of thinking; additionally there is the Akasha that presses the limits of the real, of the dreamed, of who you are.

A Human Being who is not operating fully, with a DNA that is giving something more than 30%, is often struggling with reality. Psychologists will tell you that you have to handle many things that have many names; and that is also controversial because there are many kinds of psychology; There are systems that have apparently identified you: Who are you, what could you do, the tendencies that you might have; even what you could do right away. There is the conscious, the subconscious, the superconscious; there is the I and there is the non-I (Kryon's smile); and among all these there are some kinds of barriers. Psychologists try to examine the barriers to guide the Human Being through them so that he has an "eureka" and can help himself; But there is so much more.

Now, if you talk to a psychologist or any scientist, including a biologist; and you tell him that your DNA is the source of your thinking, I will tell you that it is not so. I will recognize that DNA makes all the genes in the body and that it is the design of everything that you are, but I will say that it is not involved in your daily thinking. Now let's pause a moment: This is extremely linear! And it is understandable because it is the way everything has worked for eons; you are a product of linearity, because that is what you have experienced all your life; It is no reprimand for your linearity, only the understanding that you have it.

For example: If you are going to build a car, you have the car manual; That is the DNA. Then the car is built, that is what happens in the uterus; the instruction sets of the manual are born with you and you carry them; but basically, the work has been done only by a small part of the DNA, which continues to do it because it produces Human genes. Linearity consists of this: You go around driving the car, but its construction manual is not in the factory. You have a linear sensation of time: The manual is studied, the workers arrive, the car is built, the manuals are saved; and you drive the car That is very linear! And if I ask you: What would happen if you had a multidimensional manual of your car that you would carry all the time; and that it was dynamic and interconnected?

For example, let's say there was a superior force that really improved the manual, that redirected certain things from the manual; and these will be reflected in your car while you drive it; so that when you had been driving your car and the next day you would get into it, things would work better; perhaps instruments would have been added or removed, or the accuracy would have improved . So that the car will improve on its own, because there would be a non-linear system That is what is happening! It will be a long time before the science even begins to think about recognizing the fact that your current DNA is changing in a multidimensional way and affecting the functioning of your brain synapses; and that that begins to change the very psychology of the Human Being, which with Free Will begins to improve the way you interact.

I will tell you something:

We have talked about compassionate action; the Human Being is invited to begin to be more compassionate; That starts with yourself. Can you internalize Compassion and forgive yourself for anything you have believed you have done? ... Not for what God thinks you have done ... That is compassionate action; Goes further: Can you have enough compassion for your surroundings so that you see God everywhere and not only in the church? ... And you could say, "This is a great idea! ... How do I do it? ?… And where will that come from?… And what will I do next? ”… And I would like to give you a concept today: Your Old Soul DNA, is interdimensionally capturing the power of the intention you are giving it and is beginning to change by itself; When your body's cells reproduce with the intervention of your DNA molecules, that is a manual that changes in real time; and begin to change the way you feel about everything: Your way of thinking, your maturity, the elegance of who you are.

So far, the linear approach has made you get stuck in problems that have to be solved ; and then you use a linear pattern to solve the problems because there are barriers between the subconscious and the conscious ... What if I tell you that the improved DNA begins to destroy the barriers? ... The conscious person will begin to see the subconscious, the non-I ; You will begin to understand the importance of the different things that will sort by themselves. As my partner says: "Put things in the back seat, they may still be irritating, but they will not manage your life" ... What if this starts happening by itself? ... So think the manual itself It is interactive and it starts changing in real time! ... This is not going to be considered valid because it is too esoteric, it is channeling.

So let's move on to the following, since it is incredible anyway: Why not go beyond the limits? We have already talked about the 3 parts of consciousness; not from the subconscious or the non-I, but from the Heart, the Pineal and the Brain. We remind you again that it is being discovered that the heart is not only a pumping mechanism, that perhaps it even has neuronal action inside, that the heart is literally a part of the thinking Human. You touch your heart because you love someone, you touch your heart because you love the Spirit; It is involved in your thought processes, even the natives touch their hearts. Those who have studied the heart have realized that the magnetism of the heart is 10 times greater than that of the brain, or more; Some even say 100 times. They are beginning to make discoveries of what the heart can do, of its real role, in addition to pumping blood.

The Pineal is involved, we have given you the idea of ​​the Triad that works together ... Ahh! ... What if they were layers of the triad? ... You have heard that your Higher Self is a higher level of your Self ... And if there were a Superior Heart?… Well, the Superior Heart really has a name, you can find it in ancient spirituality because those who came before with a superior DNA that worked better, knew it and named it; It is the Compassionate Heart and it is the one that is beginning to activate and grow and integrate more with you. While you observe the lake, while you observe each other, while you observe nature, you begin to understand it better. Now listen: Among you the Lightworkers who are listening; and even among those who are here, some of you have worked on the Planet with those who are suffering in societies that are not as altruistic as yours, that are almost in survival mode, so there is much sadness and much death; And you go there.

Let me tell you what happens without having activated the Upper Heart : You fall into empathy; And that is not compassion. Empathy destroys a Lightworker, because their feelings get out of control, overflow; and assume what they are suffering; And he cries every day. Some are even so involved with the Planet that when they see what Humans are doing to them, they cry every day because their empathy factor is out of control. Then the Higher Heart is the compassion factor that overcomes empathy; and then there is an appropriate understanding ... How good would a doctor be that by operating a person he would be involved in his illness and he could not continue? ... There must be something that tempers empathy by making it appropriate, so that you can continue with your Compassion .

The Masters who toured this Earth saw everything; and they were compassionate to the fullest, but their empathy was also there; you saw her in the attention they lavished on each person they met. The Upper Heart is beginning to be activated; and then you will not have to ask for compassionate action: "What is it? ... How would you define it?" ... But you will simply do it. You will divert your path to see something or to see someone because you feel something compassionate towards them; and there will be empathy but it will be moderate, controlled and governed. These are the psychological balances in which you are beginning to enter; They really begin to create a balanced Human Being, with whom it is nice to be.

Even while I am concluding this there are those who are not willing to become anything that is not linear; I want to give you an example: You are still trying to overcome one level to enter the next one; some will ask again: “ When will my heart graduate to be a Higher Heart? ... Or is it that there are 2 parts? ... Are there more layers? ... How many layers do you have? ... How many times do you have to go through this layer to go up to the next one? ... Can one lower some layers? "... That's it linear!… It's almost as if someone gave you a great piano that has many notes, maybe even 88; and you will play only one note, only one ; if you wanted to reach the highest note your finger would have to play note by note until reaching the highest note; 35 notes later, some octaves later, you would reach the note you want ... Is that how you play a piano? ... I want to tell you that all the notes are there and you have many fingers; You can play the music you have in mind, everything comes together.

If you decide to feel it

Right now your DNA is beginning to advance in an orderly manner, daily, in the reproduction of the cells to give you a better thought process. Some scientists will say: "Yes, but neither synapses nor neurons rejuvenate" ... Yes, they do, only in a different way; Not only that, but not only the brain intervenes in thought. All this is beginning with the improvement of genes, with all those things in your body that are beginning to improve, while all your actions as a Human Being begin to make sense; Your Akasha is cleaning up what you can throw away. You don't have to go to a seer if you can solve it yourself. The Akasha begins to beautify you more and give you the things you need instead of those that irritate or corner you ... Do you realize that an improved DNA begins to break down the barriers daily, monthly, to resolve issues, problems, problems? nightmares, fear?

The invitation is that you feel at the piano and play it all together to see in your mind the many opportunities of this metaphor, that you grow one or 2 additional hands to play it even bigger. Interpret a symphony for yourself; if you want, with all the notes simultaneously. You get the idea: All things are happening together, not one at a time! ... This is going to change the concepts, the paradigms, including what is going to be called Quantum Psychology ; the understanding that the Human is dynamic, changing; and that the paths themselves to the detonators that you try to find, to the subconscious that you are trying to reveal, will not be linear again; everything can happen simultaneously; and maybe the detonators really are somewhere else.

This is not so new, you can find it precisely in the ancient spiritual systems; but for today, for now, in this place, while Gaia looks smiling, I will tell you that this is where the new Human is going . You are in a great place to hear this, really without distractions, because right now Gaia is pumping you energy. You hear that the birds, that even other Human Beings that are not part of this group, are having a wonderful time , enjoying what is here to enjoy. See that all these things are appropriate, beautiful and compassionate.

And so it is.


AUTHOR: Lee Carroll

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodr guez R. Energy and Spiritual Consultancy


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