Being a light worker in the new era: Children in the new era

Dear friends,

I give you a warm welcome. My energy flows between you and is perceived as the energy of the home, a Home to which you are going and a Source from which you are coming. My energy is not only the energy of a man who lived on Earth two thousand years ago. I represent the energy of the Source of which you are all part and in which your Higher Beings are present as one, as an energy group.

On this level of unity there is a supra-soul that could be called the Christ energy and which encompasses all of us as an umbrella, me, Jeshua, included. It is from this energy that we bring messages for you on Earth and that we hold a mirror for you when you are temporarily lost and cannot find your way. It is the energy of your own Higher Self, of your soul family, of your super-soul, that we want to show you. We remind you of the Source from which you descend and from which your deepest inspiration comes.

The inspiration that unites them has to do with bringing Light to Earth. It has to do with the arrival of the New Age. Your incarnation here and now on Earth is extremely connected with the transition times you are living. Now, what I want to talk about today is about the arrival of a new generation of children on Earth. These children show other qualities different from what you are used to from the past. How does this happen? Where does this phenomenon come from? For this, I have to take you back in time and show you how you have been the pioneers of the new wave of energy that these children are introducing.

There have been times on Earth when energy was heavy and dense. Everything was ordered by rules and regulations, with little room for imagination and intuitive powers, which bring with them a loving and playful energy. For ages, this heavy energy took possession of the Earth. I was a pioneer in breaking the bulwark of this stifling energy, in bringing Light to a dark reality in which power and oppression prevailed.

In the course of this story, World War II meant a point of change. Immediately after this period of war was born a new era and time of the spirit, which you know as the revolution of the sixties. It also meant a spiritual revolution. The energy of the heart was reborn at that time and although the energy of the sixties at some point was naive and did not have a definite purpose or direction, it still opened a gap. He proclaimed in a new and vibrant energy.

All of you who were born approximately during this period and after the Second World War have been pioneers of the new era. It is from a spiritual layer created by you that a new generation of children has appeared now, who recognize the song of their heart and take it further. I would like to talk about these children now.

These children arrive with an energy that is purer and higher than ever. By 'higher' I mean that they are able to keep their soul energy more intact when they reach Earth. Another way of expressing this is by saying that the veil between your material reality and the spiritual realm has become thinner due to the pioneering work that you and many others have done during the decades after World War II.

In those days, many things were exposed: the traditional authorities were questioned, new concepts surfaced and influenced the collective consciousness of humanity worldwide. At first glance, this brought confusion and chaos, but the energy of the heart always brings confusion and chaos in the eyes of those who love norms and structures and who expect to hear the truth of a determined authority. Those days have passed. You are all yearning to feel and build on the energy of truth within yourself. This interior work paves the way for a new era on Earth. You all have one foot in the old era and another foot in the new. The transition to the new is a long-term, gradual transformation. The children who are being born now are already in the new era more than you have ever been. Anyway, there is an important connection and recognition between you and you.

To clarify this, let me tell you something else about the different groups of children that are entering Earth now. All of you who are present here, and all who are particularly attracted to this message, are light-working souls. In previous channels I have talked about the characteristics of light-working souls and their history throughout the ages (see the Light Workers Series). You are old and introduce the wisdom and experience of many, many lives. Because of all that you have gone through, you have developed a sensitivity in your soul, which makes you wise and compassionate, but also vulnerable. Many times you felt that you were `` different '' and that you did not fit very well in your social environment. Especially in times where order, discipline and repression of feelings were normal, this caused deep suffering and hurt their sensitive centers. But the sensibility that is characteristic of you, now you can see it clearly reflected in the eyes of the light-working children who are being born on Earth.

This is the first group of children of the new era that I want to distinguish. They are light-working souls, who are basically the same as you, but they enter through a different door or veil on Earth. They are less charged with the energy of the old age, than you were. You had to deal with old educational methods, well-intentioned but often suffocating methods of educating children, who often repressed the ability to marvel, imagination and original self-esteem in The children. All that has been changing over the past decades. There is more freedom, more space for feelings, more understanding of the importance of emotions, more respect for the individual nature of each person.

The light-working souls that are now entering are thus received differently, in a new energy, and this allows them to bring more of their soul energy and their Cosmic light through the veil. Its sensitivity is therefore clearly visible and can also cause imbalances, but it will come into this later.

I would like to distinguish a second group of children from the new era . They are the earthly souls. They do not belong historically to the family of the light-working souls that we have been talking about before (see the Lightworkers series for a distinction between light-working souls and earthly souls). Its development is deeply intertwined with the development of life on Earth. They now as a group are going through the early stages of releasing an ego-based consciousness and moving towards a heart-based consciousness. Earth souls that have entered recent times show greater sensitivity. This is due to its own inner development but also because the veil is thinner and there is more room for emotional expression itself. They are also part of the new wave of energy that is now entering through the children.

Then there is a third group that I would like to distinguish. They are commonly called (by their spiritual literature) crystal children. These children are relatively new on Earth; they have not spent many lives here, although they have rich experience in other dimensions or planes of existence. They have incarnated there in other ways than the human body. You could also call them the children of the stars. Their energy is often dreamy and they are also characterized by having great sensitivity. In these children there may also be physical symptoms such as allergies (to food) or skin problems, which have to do with having difficulty getting used to the energy of the Earth, the density and rawness of material reality. These newcomers to Earth carry with them a very ethereal, refined energy, and need ample protection and security to be able to take root completely.

We have now named three groups of children who are the children of the new era. In this way, we could say that all children who are currently incarnating are part of the New Age, according to their own nature.

You who are listening and reading this are especially familiar with the light-working souls, because you yourselves are one of them. All of you are deeply inspired to bring Light into the Earth, and at the same time carry old wounds of rejection and loneliness. Because of this, it is not always easy for you to feel a safe and loving connection with the Earth. But it is precisely this point that is most important in helping new children to root their energy and lead satisfying lives. Experiencing yourself a loving connection with the earthly reality is a precondition for being able to prepare and support them and offer them the emotional security they need.

Now I will mention some of the problems that these children might encounter and what you can do about this, at any time you are in contact with them, as parents, as teachers or as therapists. Some of you feel called to work with them, and this is very appropriate, since you are especially experts in recognizing your implicit motives and inspirations. You recognize aspects of them that were repressed and suffocated in you, during your childhood or later. This is why meeting these kids can affect you on a deep emotional level, because you see in them a reflection of yourself, your own love, your originality, and also your pain. In truth, these children may also experience the pain of not feeling welcome on Earth. Even if times have changed, it is not established that they will find forms of manifestation that match their vibration and level of consciousness. This has several reasons.

The first is that its energy or vibration (still) does not match the energy of the Earth and that of the collective human consciousness. They are ahead of their time. This lack of understanding between the old and the new is familiar to you from your own experience. There is a cunning and profound and genuine wisdom in you, the old generation that has not been fitting very well into social reality. This goes against some deeply entrenched traditional values ​​and concepts, and has clashed with skepticism and distrust. Children also have to deal with this resistance, because it is not yet gone. Moreover (second reason), material reality on Earth has a slowness in it, due to its density. Dreams and desires do not manifest quickly or easily. To truly realize your deepest inspiration, you have to be able to connect with the Earth at all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Only then can your energy find fertile soil and the seeds of your soul can sprout and bloom.

For the children of the new era, it will be very important that they be able to take root, that is to say that they know how to connect their cosmic energy, which can be overwhelming, passionate and inspired, with earthly reality. It is important that they cultivate patience to channel their soul energy to the energy reality of this planet. It is also vital that they have patience with those parts of humanity and society that walk behind and are not yet able to understand the wisdom they offer, even interpret their behavior as stubbornness and rebellion.

There is a collision between the old and the new that can cause problems. The energy of new children will often be misunderstood by people who are part of the old mentality, which says that discipline, order and obedience are the prerequisites for the total development of skills and personality of the kids. Now, in reality you are those who stand here between the old and the new, and who are able to build a bridge. You have suffered because you had to control and maintain much of your true spiritual energy. You know what it is like to feel blocked in your expression. Therefore you understand the new children very well, you understand their need to disregard the rules based on authority and oppression of feelings.

These children need to have space for self-exploration and for individuality, and at the same time they need to understand the value of loving discipline (as opposed to authoritarian discipline). They have to learn how to channel and manage their energy without repressing. This is the point that you are treating yourself in your own inner way. For all of you it is vitally important that you be able to channel your cosmic energy, your inner spark of light, through your body into the earthly reality. This means, especially, that you have to deal with the emotions that block you from being able to truly be present in the here and now and express yourself in material reality.

It is almost the same problem of light-working souls, their 'complex' to put it that way, that they carry a lot of spiritual energy at the top of their energy field (shoulders and head) which stagnates and cannot find their I walk down. Energy cannot properly bind to Earth, which is the same as saying that you keep your energy inside and feel unable to express yourself satisfactorily. This may be the case both in your private relationships and in your work environment, where you may feel less satisfied and creative than you could. All this has to do with not being completely rooted. And the reason why energy cannot descend and fully incarnate is that there are emotional traumas located in the abdomen area, which block or interrupt the flow. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to focus your attention and awareness on these parts of you that are in need of emotional healing.

It is vital that you acquire a fully embodied, entrenched spirituality and that you do not keep this energy retained at the top of your auric field. In this way, this energy can cause a naive and unbalanced spirituality, which from time to time can give them ecstatic feelings and great enthusiasm, but which lacks 'body' to really unite with the Earth and manifest itself outwardly (as a work satisfactory, a stable, loving relationship and / or material abundance). Spiritual energy must join the emotional body, and from there to physical reality. What blocks the flow are the old wounds: emotions such as fear and anger, feelings of inferiority, disappointment and bitterness about life. These are the obstacles that you collide with, and I tell you that dealing with these basic emotional issues is the key to finding ways to support new children. Your emotional healing will provide you with the means to help children take root in a loving, yet disciplined way. Because by dealing firmly with these issues, you will draw an energy footprint for them.

What does emotional healing mean? I would like to talk about this again, although it has been treated in more detail in previous channels (see especially “Dealing with emotions”). You have all known times when emotions were repressed and considered more or less taboo. Especially the older ones among you, grew up in a generation for whom this was standard. In the sixties, a chain reaction followed and emotions were released, sometimes to the other end of the exaltation. Emotions were put on reason. Rationality had to be set aside for a while, to freely investigate and transgress the boundaries of tradition. And for a while it was fruitful to do so, but the free exploration of suppressed emotional energies also carries certain dangers. One does not transform and heal emotions by giving them a free reign and allowing them to have control over you.

The essence of spiritual freedom is that one recognizes all emotions, and allows them to be, while at the same time remaining fully aware, that is, embracing them with their own angelic consciousness. The unresolved emotional energies within you are like little children, confused, sad or scared, coming to you to receive comfort, you: the angel in you, your Higher Self. In this way, his angelic, superior being descends into his own emotional body to do the healing work that is his mission. And when you do this, your Light flows down, through the lower energy centers (chakras), through your arms and legs and out into the world. This is what it means to root your angelic energy or soul.

It is a process that requires discipline. I use the word discipline to emphasize that this does not happen automatically. The process of self-healing requires a firm and integral focus on your inner life and goodwill to face all the emotions inside. It is about recognizing them as their own, taking responsibility for them and not feeling like a victim of the past, of other people or of society. No, you are the angel who has absorbed these emotions and who has the power to transform them. This is the reason why you came to Earth: to transform your fear, anger and sadness into love, forgiveness and understanding. By doing this, you will create for yourself a life of joy and satisfaction, and you will be at peace with the reality of the Earth. And so you set an energy footprint for the new children that are (and will continue) to arrive. They enter with high energy, thanks to their pioneering work, but without the assurance that this energy will find firm ground to step on.

To prepare this ground, all of you, society in general, will have to open up to the new and different aspects of these children. We need to welcome them and allow them to express their energy freely, and at the same time teach them to develop the focus and patience to channel their energy to the terrestrial reality. They need to express their soul energy, their cosmic inspiration, in material forms that belong to the Earth. Then they must feel capable of expressing themselves emotionally, mentally, creatively and spiritually in language, in communication and in organization. It is important that they feel invited to bring their energy into this reality, even if this implies that they have to go through resistance (internal or external) and difficulties.

The message of the new children, their clear energy, crystal, can only fall on fertile ground when we help them establish a loving connection with the Earth. In relation to this, you yourselves are going through a process of fundamental transformation, in which the emotional body is the key. You are all in the process of taking responsibility for your deepest emotions and gradually releasing them in the light of your own angelic consciousness. Your angel being has compassion for the deep fear and sadness that you may experience in this earthly kingdom. It belongs to the essence of the Critical energy that descends to the lowest point, where darkness seems to be everywhere, and makes known the presence of Light. It is not a great feat to spread light in a cosmic realm of love and security.

The true power of Christ energy is that it makes its way through the darkest cells, which brings love where hopelessness abounds. On Earth, a planet so charming and rich and still so separated from unity and love, Christ energy prepares a bed of seeds and reveals new perspectives. All of you are the sprouts of these seeds and the pioneers of the new era. Even if your path seems difficult and heavy, all of you have done a lot and by your own internal changes have helped open a door for the new wave of light energy that is now pouring on Earth.

Even now, it won't be easy. Even now, much darkness comes to the surface: abuse of power, fear, old energy. Therefore, I ask you to keep faith in your mission: to bring the light of your Christic energy back to its own inner darkness. The children of the new era will be grateful to you. They need you, but they also give you something in return. They carry happiness in their hearts, a charming freshness and a living memory of Home. They shine with joy and love like a flower that opens, full of promise. This energy can make your heart accessible and stir a sense of mischief and unconcern in you. All of you who feel old and tired, who have gone through many things: extend your hands to newcomers! They need your support and experience and they will bring love and joy to their lives. This is a process that touches all of you, whether or not you are dealing with these children directly. It is up to all of you.

I would like to conclude with a moment of silence in which I ask you to connect with the Earth. The Earth itself is an intelligence, a being with a soul who is waiting for the arrival of new children. She smiles when she looks at you, because when you arrived here, once upon a time, you were also these same beautiful children. You were the pioneers and the mediators. Feel the gratitude of the Earth to you. They are so related to this huge process. Then feel the arrival of new children, full of hope and inspiration. They are also here to help you. Their vivacity and wisdom will revive them and remind them that the new era is really sketching out, that the longest mile is really the last mile home and that the flowers of love and peace will truly sprout.

This channel was presented before a live audience on May 21, 2006, in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. The spoken word has been slightly edited to make it more readable.

English to Spanish translation by Sandra Gusella

© Pamela Kribbe 2006
Translation: Sandra Gusella

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