Message for Lightworkers: Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

  • 2019

This message from our Dear Caroline Oceana Ryan is amazing! I invite you to read it carefully, talk in a special way about the fires in the Amazon Rainforest . Welcome to)!

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Message for Lightworkers, Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

... that we address the fires in the Amazon Rainforest: what it could mean and how the average person can help preserve human, plant and animal life in that region.

This week's Guide to the Ascended, Galactic, Earth Elemental Masters, Fairy Elders, Angelic Legions and Archangels known as The Collective :

Greetings friends!

We are very happy to have this time to talk with you today.

Our writer (channeler) has asked us to address the fires in the Amazon Rainforest: what it could mean and how the average person can help preserve human, plant and animal life in that region.

And we would say that it is shocking to see so many acres of beautiful green on fire, so if you feel a variety of emotions (anger, sadness or feelings of helplessness), that is understandable and an indication of His empathy for both people and animals that the air and soil of that region live there, like green plants and trees.

We would say, go beyond those emotions when you can, to a place of clarity and peace, so that the recipient of your thoughts and feelings about that part of the world, the forest itself and all its beings, receives the tranquility of its vibration, more than the density of it.

This is similar to what we have been saying for the past month or more, in the sense that numerous plans are being carried out (many crushed before they can occur) that mean the loss of physical lives for people, animals and / or trees and plants, as well as contamination of soil, air and water.

And this sometimes seems to be completely accidental, or completely planned by those who prefer to see the Earth and its destroyed beings before they are free.

And yet, there is much more than that.

... go beyond those emotions when you can, to a place of clarity and peace ...

Something that is happening is a purification and a rebirth of the old energies of the Earth, so that as the New Earth emerges, yes, there will be a difference in terms of where the coasts end and begin, and in terms of what forests are planted and that are felled and the ways of life that certain tribes and nations have maintained for thousands of years.

None of this will make sense sometimes. None of this will seem preferable to you, because you have been carefully trained to expect life to continue as usual.

So even changes, such as children who go to college or to live alone, or for an elderly parent to be transferred to a care center for the elderly, or certain political or social regimes that change over time, will feel unnatural and an opportunity to feel agitated, sad, or displaced in some way.

We would say that this is understandable given the ancient position of the Earth that things must always continue as they have done in the past.

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But that old perspective will no longer work now.

It cannot flow easily and happily with life, as it is becoming an increasingly fifth-dimensional planet .

Now, we don't say that burning trees so that region can be used for mining or any other destructive activity is a good or pleasant thing.

What we do say is that those who plan destruction for their own benefit, or to maintain psychological control over a population, are planning their own disappearance, on one level or another .

In these times of increasingly rapid manifestations in higher Light forms that the Earth has not seen for millennia, there is no planning of the old density with guaranteed success.

... is becoming an increasingly fifth dimensional planet.

Even what happened in September 2001 was not completely as planned by those who created the events of that day.

Instead of reducing the vibration of the planet, the entire world came together to express love and support for those who made the transition and for the families of those whose loved ones had moved.

At that time, the entire planet changed to a higher vibration, in which Love expressed itself more easily and valued it more than it had been for millennia, and that vibration of interconnection and compassion continues to this day.

Then, we observe the fires in the Amazon Rainforest, a region of green and bright life on which at least part of the planet's welfare has depended, and we see human beings more aware than ever of the precious and invaluable presence of that green, luminescence that is also your own spiritual life infused into the living beings that surround you.

We see you coming from a spirit and soul level to comfort the indigenous peoples, animals, plants and trees of that region, as well as their soil, air and waterways .

And we see him determined to bring the rains through his own visualizations, etheric commands and all other forms of intervention that his own Divinity is capable of representing.

There are ways to regenerate forests much faster than what you saw on the three-dimensional Earth, since there are ways to purify water, air and soil that you have not yet taken advantage of in a mass movement.

However, that does not mean that you cannot reach or will not reach those solutions and ways of healing for you and your Earth.

We ask that, while praying at Angelical and other superior forms of healing and assistance, not only to stop fires and preserve life in the region, but to protect it from further dense interference, visit the region etherically and move calm energies, peace and healing to that place where outwardly you can only see aggression .

Enter the flames, in this situation, and reassure them as if you were raining on them.

We assure you that there is nothing out of control on your planet that you cannot solve in a way that takes the current forms to a higher level than before the emergency.

There are numerous ways to cure the ravages of diseases, floods, pollution or fires.

One way would be to first anchor within your own energies the Love and calm of the higher realms, calling your higher self to enter your being as much as possible, so that there is as little space as possible between you vibratingly.

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Then enter into the vibration of disturbances, whatever and wherever you are, and raise the vibration of that situation that you are leading from your higher self and / or the higher realms.

Enter the flames, in this situation, and reassure them as if you were raining on them, or simply as the flames are muffled by the vibration of silence and liberation .

We would say that as the Earth releases much that has plagued it for many, many centuries, in fact it will seem that sometimes it is unleashing agonizing pain or a self-destructive expression that does not seem to be positive or useful for its general transformation. .

And yet, has your own Ascension journey been so simple, so free from the pain and pain of rebirth, that this would surprise you?

You are aware of the shock of the energy upheavals that occur all at once, and the uncomfortable releases that result .

These may feel like a tear of what you have known for so long and that they seem to be completely illogical, unhealthy, strange and unplanned.

We would say that it releases the need to “do business as usual” in the life of the Earth and in your own life, and with each shocking event or situation in progress, say: “I am here to help in this” .

... visit the region etherically and move energies of calm, peace and healing to that place where outside you can only see aggression.

We do not mean by this that you and your fellow Light Bearers have planned violent events or situations simply to grow from them.

Rather, you have now entered a planet in crisis, precisely because, on the one hand, you knew that she needed your help and answered that call, and on the other, because you wanted to remember your domain and your Divinity: the Unity of all life, in the context of human passivity and victim awareness .

Is it a challenge too big for most? For some, maybe, but not for you.

You would not be unhappy with the development of one situation or another if you were not here to address it with your fellow Beings of Light in a way that transforms it from the inside out.

And, therefore, we encourage you to take a moment at this time, to call your higher self completely and feel your presence fully with you.

You may not feel very different physically or emotionally, and that's fine.

Call them and demand that their presence, their dominance and their vibrational abilities come to you so that your physical and mental / emotional aspects can be easily but completely integrated.

Then, travel internally to those situations of restlessness, suffering or shock that many feel on Earth now, and change the resonance of those situations to a much higher level: one of peaceful outcome, resolution and the superior good of the Earth and the humanity

Be willing to release everything to your superior good, without demanding that everything flow as only you would prefer.

Simply move the atmosphere of peace and well-being in each situation, and require that your superior being and your divine being revisit that area periodically, to instill those higher vibrations again until they resonate naturally in that frequency for themselves.

You may wonder if this is the type of intervention allowed and if it interferes with another person's choice of free will.

Ask yourself, is this my planet? Did I come here for any reason?

Did I simply come to observe, how many are doing now in their ships that surround the Earth?

Or am I here to participate fully and claim the sovereignty and Divinity that are naturally mine, that have been denied me for so long?

That is your own question to answer, dear ones: we leave that trip to you now.

Namaste, friends!

We are with you always.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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