Inviting them to Silence by Archangel Jophiel

  • 2014

Channeled by Sijah Sirius of the Collective of One

Dear Children of One, I am the AA. JOPHI L, Arc ngel of the Golden Light and Arc ngel of Knowledge. Today I come to accompany you in this invitation to Silence. Silence from outside, from the projection, making the true knowledge appear, the knowledge of the Heart.

Let's communicate together in the Golden Light

For millennia, humanity on this Earth, because of the confinement forces, has lived an externalized experience, has lived an experience through the senses. The physical senses they know have been the only possibility of perception, because of the experience of the deviation of the Light in this solar system.

This experience perpetuated through the cycles, has made the projection become a new projection, within the framework of this final era, of this technological stage, where it has been externalized everything that man has not been able to find inside.

At the time of the Return of the Light, of the True Light of the Heart, projection after projection is collected, internalized, in a trip that no longer goes to exteriorization, but that Go back to the depth, through veil after veil. This is the step, in this transition. Eternal Life is inside. Wherever there seemed to be nothing, there is all Life, there is Everything and Nothing.

All appropriation of external knowledge, be it a thought, spiritual teachings or whatever type, all external knowledge of which they appropriate, wanting to cling to an external truth, moves them away from true knowledge, takes them away from the Heart n Vibral.

It is the same with the appropriation of your experience in the awakening of the Light. When they appropriate a certain experience, be it the vibration of a certain door, the activation of a certain channel, or the experience of sharing the Light outside, any attempt of appropriation, of control from an external truth, I will permanently take you away from inner knowledge, from the knowledge of the Heart.

Everything we can say with your words comes to dismantle the mental structure, and the illusion of separation. Because through our presence in vibration, and the deconstruction of this outer knowledge, it shows the evidence that it is an illusion, then leads them to enter through the Abandonment in the Heart of the Heart. Where the birth of true knowledge occurs, where THE SOURCE sprouts by itself, allowing each drop to travel its path.

At this moment Silence is installed, Peace is installed, Ecstasy is installed. Moment where everything is evidence, and the Truth is Alive, like a Fire that burns in the Heart. They may not be able to put words through their vocabulary, and better that way. For the knowledge of the Heart brings Eternity, the capitulation of all appropriation of the external knowledge of the Light, and the experience of the Light, leaves them space instantly to be able to Unify, to be able to reveal what has always been behind the projection. Behind all the screens and veils that have been built in duality.

Thus they arrive naked, like a Child who gives himself to the depths of the arms of Life, where Truth is your Presence.

Thank you brothers for sharing the Silence and opening the Heart, internalizing your Center. I also appreciate the Presence of the AA. Uriel, in this Silence where the True Knowledge of the Heart unfolds. Knowledge that is Evidence, which is Fire and Peace.

I continue with you whenever you want. When your Heart yields weapons, and allows through the interiorization and awakening of the spark of Fire, open your eyes to the Living Truth, to the Abode of Supreme Peace.

Thank you dear children.

Transmitted by Sijah Sirius of the Collective of One.

Translation: HN


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