Message from the Divine Mother: Let the new man be reborn in you

  • 2019

Now the Fire is revealed, the great fire of your Divine Presence, purifying, ordering, submitting the wandering thoughts of your mind to allow the light of your Divine Being to fill and decorate the future of your lives.

Yes, this may seem difficult because of your inferior nature, the unbridled and tumultuous desire to get away from what is most sacred in you, from this center where your superior, attentive, eternal reality must be deeply anchored. immutable; It has all these powers making you unlimited, powerful and eternal creator.

All the Power of Light in you transcends, transforms, elevates your being and turns it into the bright sun of victory over the lower human in you

You have needed many lives of nomadic creations, fears, rejections of others, the suffering that led you to death so that at the end of time your humanity evolves. You have the courage to fight to thwart all the traps set by yourself, before discovering the sesame that opens the secret door of this unlimited, eternal kingdom that vibrates at the higher frequencies granted to the light of life. Freedom is discovered and reborn in you.

This magnificent and powerful divine presence, take more body in you, your heart and each of your cells transforming them into poles of Light . It is necessary that you become aware of this figure and invest it frequently in every moment of your life and event that comes your way. May the divine presence with its eternal wisdom act by reacting in daily life through the limitations of being awake.

Your inner vision is expanding every day. Your experiences are not the result of chance, but of what you thought and created when you were not aware of the wonderful power of love and the redemption of the light awake in your inner center.

Consciously maintaining this state of openness in the axis of your heart, connecting firmly with your luminous presence, you become a sensible and responsible creator of the imagined . You go beyond the stage of the carefree child, of the sleeping human being to become that adult who projects or creates with his thoughts and acts of love in this world, a new reality granted to the higher frequencies.

The purpose of your divine presence is to grow in wisdom, love and Light. These are the superior keys and energies of the awake beings that populate the eternal worlds that surround you and usually perceive your blind reality. The race to achieve them, with this ethereal fire cemented in you for the eternity of time, opens the doors to the achievements and subtle environments to which you now belong.

Let your presence act, that the sublime reality of love and light act on you and around you. These strange and creative energies bless your inner temple, your environment and become the sieve through which all your thoughts and actions flow. This way you will realize how radical the change in your life will be.

What is not encouraged by the impact of your presence, connected to this source blessed or blessed by it, will seem useless and illusory. Acting consciously will make every thought or word pronounced and every act performed in the present world positive and bright.

You will grow faster in the great awareness of the reality of your luminous presence, connected with the sun of the universal center . The same source of energy of all creations, and your world will become a powerful pole of love that we expect and welcome.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Dominique Fihey

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