Message from Maestro Hilarion, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff on February 1, 2017 (Spanish Translation)

  • 2017

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff, February 1st 2017

(In English in the original)

My beloved.
I come on the wings of love!

Great radical changes are taking place on your planet, and many find those changes challenging and unacceptable because they suppress people's rights. We tell you that any sudden change will always have behind an element of shock, so we ask the light workers, remember that all of you have been visualizing and requesting assistance to create positive changes. For these positive changes to occur, many things that prohibit the freedom of individuals on the planet need to be dismantled.

It is something that is happening right now through the actions of a specific individual and his team.

This individual is sincere in his desire to create a positive change on the planet. He is fully aware of what he has to do to make this happen. It is not easy to be in this person's skin. It is not easy to make changes that others initially perceive as a threat.

We ask you to reflect on whether these changes could be made differently.

Who would be able to change things, if not a person who is incarnated on your planet?

There are universal laws. The first is that for any planet that is in the process of ascension, there can be no interference that comes from other planets or other worlds. Everything must be done through an individual soul embodied on that planet, since it is a place of free will. Free will means that every person on the planet has the great power to make their own choice. This implies the responsibility and willingness to be responsible for the decisions themselves.

So you should know that the changes taking place now will finally settle in balance in a better way, a way that is more truthful and more conducive to people from all countries on the planet. But this is only the beginning . There will be major changes within the systems - government systems, education systems, banking systems - of each estate of the old paradigm. Many things have to change, and that is in the process that is happening right now.

We tell you, dear ones, have faith! Have faith that what you have been visualizing is about to happen. It is already in its initial stages. It is about the change that has been imagined and expected for many decades. It has to start somewhere. You cannot expect something new to happen if you keep doing the same things; one has to disassemble the old system so that the new one begins to bloom successively. To have this faith, to have this knowledge, to remain in your light. Continue on your way. Keep the love inside your hearts. Do not fall into the extreme polarities that are occurring at this time.

We understand that this is very difficult when they are in front of you, so to speak, but that is when it is most important to remember what you have fought for a lifetime. Know that changes are occurring through a person who has trained all his life to be in this position, because someone of great strength is needed to draw the line on the sand, stop what is not working, disassemble it and lift a new shape. Here, dear ones, this is happening. Have a little compassion for this individual.

Once again we advise you. This is the moment in which each one of you must give yourself the nutrition, compassion and care that you deserve. Do the things that make you feel good, that make you feel happy, because it is the frequency of joy that elevates this planet, and we tell you that very soon there will be many reasons to feel joyful. Maintain the balance within you to continue your path. It is really very simple, dear ones, when you feel inner peace, it reflects outwardly in the world.

There are many lessons for each soul on the planet that are surfacing so that everyone looks, reflects, contemplates and resolves within their own soul. There is no place for complacency for a longer time - the entire planet is immersed in the process and the agony of exceptional change, and you are also part of it. Accept your paper; you do not remain sunk in the polarity energies that are being produced. You are the ones who created this change that is now happening.

Help, assist those energies. And the best way to do this, as we have said, is to create a peaceful change within yourself, to keep the vision of the new world you want to see manifested on your planet. And it is happening now!

This is also a time when souls are being challenged to look inward and discern what comes from the ego, to face it, to balance it and integrate this aspect of their being, realizing that there are things that are outside their control, because the ego rebels.

The ego knows that its function, as it was in ancient times, has changed, and that is why there is a feeling that if one neglects that aspect of oneself, everything will fall apart. However, such a change is necessary, so that the world can advance to the next evolutionary phase. And what I say, my dear ones, is that you have faith, keep your vision, do not fail in your path. Do not lose faith within your own being, because this is its true foundation.

Dig deeply before reacting to the energies of these times.

Hold firm , look with amazement after appearances, at the opportunities that are presented to you , that open up for you , for everyone on the planet. Move forward with the waves that are leading humanity to the new Age of O ro. Know that we, from the higher realms, remain separate from the things that happen on the planet, but we love you deeply and are always by your side.

You just have to call us, any of us from the ascended kingdoms of the Light, and we will be with you.

I AM Hilarion ”

ENGLISH TRANSLATION-SPANISH: Eva Villa, editor in the big family


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