Saul's Message: Love Was Unknown Among Humans.

  • 2018

Channeled by John Smallman, February 5, 2018

Here in the spiritual realms we are taking care of them with joy as the process of awakening humanity continues to develop, as it was divinely planned. Remember, we are all One . Therefore, whatever we think, say or do affects everyone else, and here in the spiritual realms we are offering you constant encouragement and love to help your awakening process, while all of you cling to the intention of waking up., and of being loving in every moment no matter what arises.

Together we are waking humanity up, there is absolutely no chance that the human collective will turn around and go back to sleep because

The collective decision to wake up is irreversible.

So when you read, hear or see bad news, remember that, and continue to maintain loving thoughts and intentions for every sentient being, knowing that what they are doing is enormously powerful.

They can have a sign of their power when they go inside to their sacred inner sanctuary, where Love resides, and open their hearts completely to receive it. When you do, you will feel the loving embrace of God, it is extremely palpable, and you will experience the warmth of His Love for you, and His Peace will fill those open hearts, confirming the belief that His eternal benevolence is always with you.

During eons , love was virtually unknown among human beings because the game of separation in which they were engaged was a survival game - body survival - and to strengthen their chances of survival they denied love and embraced physical and intellectual strength . The result, as its history makes very clear, has been endless conflicts and betrayals.

Leaving love aside has led mankind to endless conflicts and betrayals.

A small number of people began to be aware of the madness of this way of life a few thousand years ago and thus began to teach the wisdom of loving cooperation. The lessons they taught, by living lovingly, were slow to make a real impact.

Then about five hundred years ago things began to change as an increasing number of kind souls began to reject hypocrisy and corruption in the Church of Rome. As a result, the Reformation occurred, and since then - although the belligerent factions continued to cause conflicts, and the Inquisition was established with its dogmatic agenda imposed by torture and execution - people everywhere began to become aware of Love.

People began to become aware of love.

Although the massive theft of land in the Americas, Africa and Australia, and the consequent dispossession of indigenous peoples can never be justified, those who fled Europe in search of a better life eventually developed a much more humane set of rules for living .

This led initially to laws that prohibit slavery, then to laws that govern workers' rights, women's rights, racial rights and many more . After that, in the last forty or fifty years millions of people have opened their hearts to Love and have allowed them to guide their lives and their actions.

Millions of people have opened their hearts to love.

Now the power of Love is sweeping the planet and leading to huge changes in attitudes and behaviors .

Of course, there is still a lot of conflict to resolve when people with fixed and inflexible beliefs judge and condemn each other in all parts of the world, but until very recently it was assumed that this was quite a behavior. normal, since different groups or nations judged themselves as correct and all others as wrong and needed a strong correction.

Now, however, all this violence and hate are being exposed as never before, and many are doing a great job to put an end to all this.

Do not be discouraged by the news from the mainstream media that present a totally distorted image of what is really happening on Earth. Yes, there is bad news, but it is only a small part of what is really happening as the Tsunami of Love flows and fills every heart that chooses to open to it. .

As noted above, when you open your hearts to Love you feel His Presence, and that Presence is comforting, reassuring, full of peace and warmly welcoming. Therefore, it is really worth taking a few minutes from time to time throughout the day to disconnect from your mundane activities as you go inside and revitalize yourself by participating in your unwavering divine connection.

Connect with the divinity within you.

Truly, it is unwavering ! You are eternally one with the Source, the vital force that flows through you at every moment of your existence energizing your consciousness, and it is impossible for you to disconnect from it, never ever. You can refuse to recognize it, you can deny its existence, you can ignore it, yet it is still your Source of life.

Life, consciousness, is not something that your physical bodies provide, it is the cause of your physical bodies, and when you leave them they die and decompose - dust to dust and ashes to ash. You do not die, you are immortal, as you will notice when you "die."

Death is nothing more than a transition from the physical form back to the spiritual realms, and when it happens you will be affectionately received and welcomed by many loved ones who have made the transition before you, and by your guide or personal mentor. It will be a very joyful occasion. There is absolutely no need to fear you, because it is only an indication that your trip has been completed, and your arrival home will be cause for celebration.

They will review their earthly life and most likely be surprised at the good things they did for others while not fully aware of it. No human life is a waste or is not wasted, good always comes from it. What you remember as bad or unacceptable will be seen in the context in which it occurred, you will realize that you made some mistakes and forgive yourself by releasing your sense of guilt or shame.

Living a human life is difficult. But love is your nature.

Living a human life is difficult, and during it you find a lot to distract yourself from your previously planned path, and those distractions can be very appealing, and lead you to error and get away from your intended love path. Because you were created from Love, it is impossible for you to lead your human life without ever engaging in some thoughts, words or loving activities that brought help, compassion or love to others.

Love is your nature, and as much as you think you have behaved completely without love during your earthly life, this is never the case, all who have led a human life have positively expressed love to others at some time during it. Being created from Love there is no way that you can leave it out of your lives completely because the veil or mantle that seems to separate you from the Source is very thin, very porous.

God loves all his children.

God loves all his children, and they will all return home and to a magnificent and celebratory welcome. Without one of them it would be incomplete, and it is impossible for God to be incomplete. So let go of any fear or doubt about your worth to return home, because God awaits your arrival with anxious anticipation .

It was your choice to participate in the game of separation and in the subsequent struggle for survival, and now you have decided to return, and you will do so.

With so much love, Saul.

TRANSLATOR: From English to Spanish, Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood.

SOURCE: John Smallman (2018) For eons Love was practically unknown among humans. 02/02 / 2018.Sananda Website.

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