How to Reveal Your Wealth Code

  • 2019

Learn how to increase your income, establish a harmonious relationship with money, open once and for all to the sacred flow of abundance in your life.

Creating the state of economic prosperity that we yearn for can become a frustrated project if we don't know what to do or how. The objective of this program, conceived from the experience and knowledge of Money Coach, Alex Semernin, is to offer you in 30 days a personalized response that directs your route to money.

The initial attitude of all participants in this financial training should be directed towards self-confidence and overcoming mental barriers, the liberation of those experiences that are already part of the past and that cloud the vision towards new opportunities. Certainly, they are understandable. When money becomes a problem, defeat is experienced.

You feel dragged by financial responsibilities and get stuck in a poorly paid job, in a business that hangs in the balance or in inaction. Money becomes the reminder of all your unmet needs, the frustration of all your desires.

It's more, you don't want to talk about money! It has become an awkward topic because you abandoned the project of becoming someone successful and economically free.

Perhaps it is uncomfortable to recognize that today:

You do not have a plan to exceed your income level.

You devalue the price of your services and charge your customers less.

Yes you spend all the money you earn.

You were convinced that you should work harder to earn more.

You do experience stress, disputes, guilt and you experience awkward situations because of your financial situation.

YES you avoid thinking about money.

The above are attitudes adopted to protect you from the emotional and physical stress of your current economic state. I assure you that you are spiritually motivated by the possibility of a change, a future filled with fulfilled objectives and financial tranquility. You should follow that impulse, continue towards the total change of your reality. To trust your positive motivation is to act in line with your desires.

Alex Semernin, your Money Coach

Alex Semernin is an expert in abundance coaching, business mentoring, growth and personal development. In addition, he is an expert in business systematization and strategic advisor. It is he who has devised this financial training and who will help you establish the strategies that will increase your income in 90 days, from 50% to 300%.

We offer you an exciting and rich educational experience in the company of your expertise and with a 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If this training does not meet your expectations, this guarantee ensures that your money will be returned to you without further questions.

How to Reveal Your Wealth Code is not a video course, it is a six-phase training, divided into three weeks of training and a bonus week for questions and answers.

The whole experience is completely live. Therefore, it is unique in the Hispanic market, an online educational experience, completely in Spanish and without analogues that can match your offer.

Every Tuesday and Friday, starting February 5, 2019, participants will meet to work in theory and practice, solving all their questions live. In total, you will get three weeks of training plus a week of bonus with question and answer sessions through a closed group on Facebook.


The bonuses included in this course will help you focus on the practice of your new financial habits and beliefs. To complete your experience, you will receive:

• Cards with detailed descriptions of all the money archetypes.

• Proof of Money Code.

• Checklist: 4 of the most dangerous thoughts that interfere with money.

• Report in .PDF format: 8 monetary archetypes and your talents in the business team.

• Debt Solvent Algorithm.

• Only for participants in Premium Pack: Participation in the VIP online session, Gourmet Money: How to prepare your financial freedom.

Learn your Money Code

The main objective of this training is that you learn your unique Money Code. This knowledge will organize the pieces of your life and you will begin to have a harmonious relationship with money, opening at once the sacred flow of abundance in your life.

We invite you to a training plan that implements the sciences of psychology, physical discipline and intellectual exercise that will help you achieve your economic desires.

If you identify yourself with any of these profiles, it is time that you know your Wealth Code. Next, we describe what lessons you will get in each of the online meetings.


If you are interested in joining this financial training and raising your income, purchase the popular Basic Training Standard Pack for a cost of € 197 (VAT included), which you can pay in two installments.

All payments will be processed on the Hotmart payment platform, which accepts the VISA, Masterd Card, American Express, PayPal and Samsung Pay methods.

Standard Training Pack

Investment: 197

(VAT included. We accept payment in 2 installments)

Includes: 6 modules of the Basic Course + Bonuses.

Premium Training Pack

Investment: 297

(VAT included. We accept payment in 2 installments)

It includes: 6 Basic Course Modules + Bonuses. Advanced Training Alta Cocina del Dinero, 2 extra weeks. Participation in VIP session, Gourmet Money: How to prepare your financial freedom.


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