Angelic Coaching in Abundance & Prosperity, distance mode - March 2018

  • 2018

Coaching Ang lico
in Abundance & Prosperity

- 6 Months of Work -


Individual a Distance


March 1, 2018

The Objective of this Program

is that the Participants Establish
a Direct Connection with
the Angelic Kingdom of Light
to be guided through one
Healing Integral and Multidimensional
of Body / Mind / Emotions / Spirit
To Experiment
Abundance and Prosperity
in your Daily Life.

IMPORTANT: This No Way Program intends to train Coaches, Facilitators, Teachers or Therapists in this System.


The Angelic Coaching has been a very deep and healing experience, where after each session of therapy with Nora I have felt more connection with myself. The wonderful Angelic Energy has focused on what really matters, which is to listen and feel my soul. This therapy has helped me to make important and very deep changes in a short time. After starting therapy with Nora, I have strengthened my connection with my Higher Self and with the Beings of Light. Thanks to Nora because at every step she has guided me in an impeccable and attentive way. Thank you Nora !! ... Thank you, Anglic Kingdom! If you are ready / ready for those changes and that important leap ... the Angelic Coaching is for you! ALEIA, Asuncion-Paraguay

For me it was a very pleasant surprise, I could not imagine how it was or what was the Angelic Coaching . Each therapy is incredible ... a healing so personal and profound that it comforts you, gives you peace and much understanding of your own life. Nora is excellent, I love that in each section of the program she guides you and takes you by the hand. I am very grateful and thank God for putting her in my way. LOURDES, Mexico City, Note: Due to the Positive Results Obtained during Angelic Coaching, Lourdes is resorting to this Program for the second time.

Angelic Coaching has been an amazing experience and fast transformation in a short time. The contact with the Angels of the Angelic Reiki and with my own Angels and Spiritual Masters has intensified a lot and I have been able to perceive them more and more in my day to day. Nora's guide is impeccable and the level of energy is handled in daily sessions and meditations as well. I feel a reconnection with myself and a lot of love energy in all aspects of my life. Even in my family environment, relationships have been harmonized. I highly recommend this work for anyone who is willing and willing to transform and move great distances at the soul level. Thank you Nora for this opportunity and for your support and guidance. SAMANTHA, State of Mexico

Angelic Coaching has been an amazing experience and fast transformation

Yes, in this moment of your life
It's Clearly Vibrating ...
Resonating ... in Your Heart
and also in your mind calling
The Restlessness of Change,

This may be the opportunity
What have you been waiting for
That you are in this HERE
and in This NOW Looking.

The Angelic Kingdom Merges His Light
With Those Who Are Already Desiring
Move towards Peace
Move towards the path of fullness
That For YOU, To Experiment, Feel, Laugh and Live Is Already Waiting.

Taught and Channeled by

The Angelic Kingdom of Light

Nora Hernández Portillo
Angelic Reiki Teacher / Therapist
& Channel of the Angelic Kingdom of Light

If You Are Already Ready / Ready

To commit you With Yourself / With Yourself To Invest in Your Personal Development and Spiritual Advancement

I invite you to Request Reports in:

Local telephone
Mexico City

1 52 55 53601429


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