Teachers in training - Master Kuthumi

I am Kuthumi and I present myself in the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time, and to give you a blessing, beloved, of the most glorious year, the Christ Year of your own mastery for the first time around this time. In this way, during the course of 2009, let the light of Christ shine upon you, this day, that year, and so on again for the rest of your entire existence.


A. Greetings

MK It is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we meet with you on this day, while we firmly hold each of you in the heart of Christ and secure in the hands of God.

Beloved Masters in formation, for that is really what they are ... Masters in formation ... in fact, we would say, you have really been trained as Masters for some time,

Yes, you have the limitations of the terrestrial life and you have the limitations of the time zones within which you find yourself, in this terrestrial plane, but for us, for the beings of light and the Masters and the beings of the spirit of other dimensions and galaxies, on the contrary, there is no need for us to consider time, space and distance as you know it.

In truth they have been prepared for many years, in this life to be able to reach this time of their lives to be here and understand what they are going through. It is rather an occasion of great importance for you, since you have chosen to be here now, and with that, to have an understanding of the course of life that you have come to play, from which we understand the complexities, very loved. We have been there; we have walked your world, we have taken care of you in many ways in and behind what you call "the curtain" of separation that of course you naturally know is in the consciousness of your own minds.

In fact this is the time, during this particular life, where they are now reaching a different level of their own consciousness and as what is taking place here with this conduit through which I, Kuthumi, speak at this moment, all in the life is changing (changing from trans-channeling to conscious channeling). It is changing wonderfully fast. In fact, the truth is told, in the time to come and especially in the first celebration of the 2009 Master year, which leads to an absolutely pure, immaculate year of energy 11 representing the Master, it is the first time in many, many eons, that as beings you will be able to address yourself in total understanding and awareness of who you really are. This in itself is a celebration.

Beloved Masters in formation ... it has taken you eons to reach this particular stage of understanding. It has taken them more than one life to be able to reach the fullness of this vital period to reach a pure essence of knowing the truth of who they really are, and of course we do, we really do.

As I shared many times, there is absolutely no need for any of us to be convinced of what they believe, of what they understand or what they prefer to work or what they work for, no, it is rather you ... you who need persuade yourself Convince yourself and, beloved teachers in formation, this is exactly what you are doing now. It's what they face right now. They are probably facing one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced when it comes to denying and doubting something about a life they have never lived. They are facing a culmination of the greatest challenge they could ever dream of, putting themselves together in a wonderful package called ascension.

As we mentioned, this is surely not for the shy at heart, definitely not. And you, each of you here in this circle at this time, and many, many thousands and maybe millions of those who can hear or read these words, whether through this particular channel or a thousand others, all of you are only ones who are moving forward to become masters of their own lives.

What a great time to see ... what a great moment it is for creation. How absolutely incredible it is for the One who created all this, to have the only ones who have departed to live in the sphere of the unforgettable, to wake up to the fact and reality of what they came to do ... and who they are. How wonderful is that?

Beloved, it is very important for you, in this particular moment to take the step towards your own power in a masterly way, to know that you need to work with yourselves now at a different level. As I mentioned on more than one occasion, it is time for you to depart from your proverbial naps, isn't it?

A. Mumbling okay.

MK Now I will make it very clear, that in fact, beloved ones, the nap factory is closed.

A. Great laughs.

MK And they will have no choice but to start wearing different clothes and with that they need to be able to reach this wonderful stage of their lives so far where they are finally able, after many, many years of practice, training, after many, many lives of learning and evolving through lessons in those lives, and especially with a lot of teaching that they have been presented to you, some through our beloved Goddess Ishtar la remember her, right?

A. Yes.

MK Yes, now he comes to this wonderful moment in their lives, where they are at the threshold of the master's, and where they are able to see themselves in their notorious mirrors, and touch each other gently in the nose, as it is (indicates) the audience laughs and look at their own reflection telling themselves how beautiful they are! No?

A. Yes.

MK S yes . And for the kind of awe that has been prepared, each and every one of you, naps are not going to do it.

A. Mumbling.

MK Definitely not.

We are not saying that in times to come, you might not want to take a nap, but again that is growth and evolution, is that not so? Yes It all depends, of course, with who they are (it makes you laugh here).

Beloved, 2009 is a time zone where not only you as light or other light workers, will face various issues and challenges that will have to do with your own teacher In an essence of your own understanding, but each individual being, each individual aspect of living light breathing on this plane, will face a kind of mastery stage of some aspects of itself. themselves in this masterly vibration. And the reason for being is because you are now in preparation, preparing yourself to shed your skin, preparing yourself to change your clothes, as already I made mention, and with it embrace a new total perception, a new total image of how they see themselves, and how they will not have been able to come to this part in their lives where they are able to understand and integrate all these greatnesses, if they had not faced some of the challenges, right?

A. Mumbling

MK Yes. For the challenges, the disorder, the instability, and every now and again, as I have asked this channel to describe the topic for the first meeting next year, there are a couple of cobblestones giving turns, and some of them are very slippery, right? Yes. And some, although small, are definitely not good at walking on them, right?

A. Mumbling

MK Yes. And then of course it depends if they are wearing stiletto shoes or boots, doesn't it?

A. Laughter and murmuring.

MK Yes. We give warnings, love warnings. Beloved, the truth of 2009, is a truth that will be revealed and unraveled from day one in a way that with each and every day, or change of day, a complete and new truth of planetary and galactic consciousness will be revealed. Many changes that were implemented in 2007 will now finally come into effect in 2009. Many changes that were implemented last year in 2007, and that were brought to a different level of understanding here in 2008, some that were not really possible, of true of putting the pieces of this puzzle together, but all this will come together in 2009. As we have mentioned many times, it will take a while even before all beings on your plane are able to leave their ammunition unsafe and embrace a new understanding of light where there is no control, where there is no pollution, a place in the heart of one who is sincere and pure without any hidden matter or motives with second intentions.

Know that the preparation of the energy of ascension, the preparation of what awaits you in the Christ year 2010 and beyond, when things really begin to move faster ... this is the stimulating part where each and every one of you, they will be challenged again to anchor their belief systems, and to sustain those ideas and thoughts of their understanding and your innate beliefs firmly in every part of your existence. Beloved, your scientists know that there is a lot more on the planet than they can currently explain. Their medical profession knows that there is much more to the human body than they are able to perceive at times, and those are the energies that really and truly begin to stand out in the coming year. It is where you and those like you, who understand these new concepts of energy and how they affect you and your matter, as I shared with you during our last light meeting, will now come to a totally different point of knowledge, understanding and trust. .

What is a teacher? Any ideas? Any?

A. A totally balanced soul.

MK A totally balanced soul ... yes.

A. Self done.

MK Self realization ... yes.

Beloved, a Master is in fact a being who has experienced life on each level without life experiencing him or her. What it means is that a lot of challenges that you, as teachers in formation, face during this time are due to your inner confusion to live in supreme perfection. Life is for the one who is alive, isn't it?


MK Yes ... in fact ... so why don't they live it? Hmmm?

One thing you have to understand about mastery is that being in your own steps and pretending to be yourself a teacher or a training teacher, you must be prepared to live fully. I want them to become aware of each thought, especially as time unfolds during the next calendar year, and every time when they choose not to be on this planet. Make a list ... they need a big notebook.

A. Laughter

MK Point it out ... you might have to get some new software for yourself, right? They will fill their hard drives, as they say.

Beloved, being a Teacher is being in your steps. We have shared many messages, not only me, Kuthumi, through this or other conduits, but many of the Ascended Master Energies have shared the importance of fingerprints, the importance of fingerprints. We have shared with you the importance of having your limbs in contact with the earth and at the same time being in contact with yourselves. In fact, we have emphasized and underlined it, and now I will say it again. Be comfortable in your shoes. That doesn't mean that maybe it's time for you to go out and buy a brand new pair ... nooo ... what it means to you is to claim your own authenticity and live it ... living it is the key word here ... living it.

Living their authenticity means that they are now able, or at least finally able, to look at the experience of their lives as experiences ... instead of judging them, instead of blaming, instead of blockages, instead of cobblestones and obstacles, instead of pain and grief and depression and crying, instead of complaining, instead of waiting for the right time, or for the right thing to appear, and believe me I speak to each and every one of you. The waiting game is over.


MK The Master lives in the now and in that now, nothing, nothing can find its way that belongs either to what it was, or perhaps fight for the future. Even if you are sitting here, right now, and you cannot take your mind off the fact that you are going to have coffee right now, is it not? That is in the future. Beloved, it is a prediction that may not happen. Everyone is thinking the worst ... there may not be electricity within an hour from now.

A. Laughter out loud

MK See where your minds are. Know where your minds are ... Masters. The Master is the one who lives and walks in a world of modesty, of humility ... not doormat syndrome ... humility, there is a big difference between them. The doormat syndrome is a syndrome that comes from things that go horribly wrong in the eighth chakra and the energy of that doormat was impossible to transcend victoriously from side to side in all the centers being born the magic of you, and then what happens is that the energy is stuck in the basic center and from there it is very, very difficult ... not impossible ... but difficult to be able to raise the vibrations that keep them completely within your place of victim.

Modesty or humility is an energy of self-love and for all that it is, beloved ones, that is so good and so incredibly beautiful. It is an energy that brings with it such immense love, unconditional love. It is an energy that says "I know you are God." Beloved, when she comes to Creation and what is formed on this planet, what is created on this planet, the One who created us all, although not capable of discriminating between anything, knows that the creation of man himself is indeed an achievement, an achievement to express the modesty or humility of God, then He created them in His image. He created me in His image ... He created us all in His image, didn't he? If God can be so humble then so should the teacher be, so should the teacher be. It is the humility of God in you that knows God in any other, this realization provides the understanding that it is impossible to differentiate between one level of energy and another if it comes from the same source. Not so is all Energy.


MK Consequently the Master makes a journey where she or he humbly loves and takes care of all creation. The Master knows and understands all the energies that make the complexity of life, and therefore it is very important for you, as Masters in formation, to take the energy that is about to wrap you, we could say better in the second wave of ascension, which incidentally is an influx of energy from the power of unconditional love, because that's all it is, from taking that energy and riding that wave, in fact, we challenge you to ride the own crest of this wave without a surfboard . Do you think they can do it?

A. Yes and muttering.

MK Any Master can ... of course, any Master can, beloved, ride the crest of this wave in greatness and even the humility of your master essence, this is what energy is about for 2009 that will wake up within all and each of the people and in each and every one of the visions, in each organism living on this planet that has a brain and can think, that it is the time to truly, truly, truly grow from the most powerful inner part of being, which is the sacred root, and expand from there and flourish in this amazing and magnificent being called Master. Everyone on the planet will feel this energy, although not everyone will know what to do with it. Because it is when the challenging Master awakens and the ego thinks he is still the teacher, that these beings will experience tremendous confusion, they will know that something is different and certainly something is happening, but, they are not fully capable of understanding what their master essence.


Because it does not have the first and most important ingredient of humility.

MK Beloved, the golden age really brings the matrix of paradise. Truly the golden age, the time that is now in front of you, directly in front, as we have been sharing recently, is a time of understanding that as a Master you have a duty to everything around you. And that is what will separate them, to the being or masterworker of light, from those who are still third-grade teachers of their dimensional reality. And that is also good, and also good, because there is no need in any case to make a judgment against anyone, no matter who, where, when and how. Life is as it should be. It is up to you the Masters to decide where you would like to go, how you are going to travel and what you will try to create along the way.

Beloved, integrity, as we have mentioned before, is the number one ingredient for the humble Master. Integrity in their hearts, in their minds and in their souls. Integrity on this level brings an awakening to you, a master celebration of which you are a part. Provide a truth that will ring the most wonderful bells of celebration in the ears of your divinity, and what we have been working on for many years is for you to finally understand that they are manifested magic. It's not like that?

A. Whispering

MK Yes, they really are, they really are. Each of you is magically manifested and you have, each one, the ability to do that. Consequently, we have shared with you many teachings on this matter.

A Master is never short of anything, there is no lack, and there is no need. When luck and need, what humanity usually experiences in the low vibrations of its energy systems are usually worked by them, and they are truly capable of working through those energies, this is when the Master does not need more, since the insecure falls as the inner content replaces the need. Beloved, when you anchor the Present and the Light of Christ in every part of your existence, in every cell of your multi-dimensional body, it is when those needs and failures and those desires depart because that is when the insecure part of the Being is able to step aside, letting the Master follow. And the Master who will continue to see that in each celebration in which he participates, there is only one wonderful, wonderful becoming, no matter what. To reach this state or level of enlightenment where you are able to work through finally letting go of the low vibrations of the insecure, beloved ego, at first and onwards you will need to make peace with the fact. that they have come to live life. They have come to live this life as humans and as people.

They have to make peace with the fact that the teacher cannot, absolutely cannot, separate your earthly reality from their spiritual reality, it is not possible to do so.

What is possible, through masterful thoughts, is to balance these two worlds, joining them so beautifully together to allow them to live in much higher vibration, even if they spend moments fleeting in a low way of thinking that is what it is all about.

Beloved, we understand, and believe me that I eat, Kuthumi, I have lived many lives in your plane, many Masters have lived in your plane many hundreds of thousands of them, in fact and in Consequently we understand, like you, your trip. Very often we listen secretly, especially when they seem to think that we are not there, (audience laughter) when they sometimes think that we do not care or know life. We do well (more laughter from the audience). We understand the complexity of your lives because once we were there I can read their minds, be careful, the truth is that, the truth is, maybe we don't live in the new era like you with your technology and all its challenges, its academic and spiritual challenges, but we have done it to live! (audience laughter). And we continue to do so in a multi-dimensional spiritual state of experience.

We understand the tribulations, we understand the tests they undergo themselves, we understand the experiences they call challenges, we understand the deficiencies and the needs and requirements. But being a Master, now you have to come to a space in your lives, beloved ones, to know that you (as God) are always wonderfully cared for. That you as an aspect of God are always nourished, which certainly as stated in several biblical texts, if He can also take care of what is as small as a singing bird, would He not take care of you who are much more than a singing bird ? ... don't you think?


MK And therefore, beloved, the teacher lives without fear. Fear is a challenging aspect of the master essence, so you first need to confront and rest each of those fears that allowed you to control them, before being masterfully able to do so with the understanding that you are truly blessed.

Beloved, we, myself as Kuthumi, and many of the other Masters of your plane have fought diligently against you by giving up and renouncing your power to fear. We have asked again and again to accept what you still have a lot of control over you, with you, from you. And that is what the mastery process is about. I have asked very recently, not through this particular conduit, that humanity needs to deal with things that still float in the air. Well, if they float loose in the air they have the ability to create blockages in the flow of your manifestation ability. Beloved, there is absolutely no need, for me or any of the Ascended Beings and Beings of Light, to listen to your problems. Do not! They have their guides to do it. We have a lot of other work that we are doing, but we offer them this advice to help them get out of what limits them and get into what drives them so fantastically.

It is the God within you that will awaken you to the fact of your master essence.

MK What prevents them is the insecure aspect of your personality that refuses to believe in their magic, which is controlled by their own fears, the fearful power of the unknown, mornings, yesterday, but now there is none. Then with mastery I will ask you once again to give a very good look to who you are. Eliminate that which prevents you from becoming the Master you already are. And how do they do it?

Beloved, there are several tools that we have shared with you and others over time, but the simplest thing to do is to sit in your chair and think for yourself, what is there in my mind that repeats over and over time?. What what? That? Can you share it with me? That? Yes?

A. Mumbling

MK What are your fears? - give them to me.

A. Be alone

MK There we go ... now isn't that a brave soul?

A. Be deceived

MK Be deceived. Right.

A. Be poor.

MK Be poor. But sister, what is poor ... hmmm?

A. Not in spirit but in the material.

MK It's all the same. Your matter should reflect your spirit. This is all and one the same. When you see being poor as a fear, what happens is that, you give control of the humility of your trust to that which gives you things or creates things in your life. When you can understand that the only way for you to overcome that fear is to allow the golden aspect of the most sacred part that you are, to control and determine your life, which is the key, as I mentioned before, that you pass from your vehicle goodbye. In other words, give the will of your fears to the will of God. And when that happens you will never again consider any level of fear, fear of lack, fear of not having. From what I just said: if God can take care of something that is so small and not even at your level of vital consciousness, don't you think that He will take care of you, much, much more? Have you ever starved to death?


MK No. Did you miss where to sleep? ... no. So what is the problem?

A. Mumbling

MK Do you know what the problem is? Insecurity. Humans feel they have to walk the way others are going, well that's what you say. They say, we as humans need to be like other humans to be able to be deserving of what they are deserving, isn't it?

A. Muttering

MK NO! The most wonderful part of working on your plane through many lives, loved ones, is the fact that I don't have to do it again (here it made you laugh).

A. Strong laughs ..

MK The new era is certainly very challenging, isn't it?

A. General murmuring

MK Beloved sister, Master believes. And when the Master believes, the Master receives. And if you believe that in your heart of hearts you will be loved and cared for, and you believe that you will be blessed abundantly, then there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for it cannot be. Do you understand this? I give you my blessings and my love ... and each and every one of you ... don't feel excluded (audience laughs) we don't have enough Kleenex (Carilinas) to give you.

A. Great laughs

MK Beloved, the spirit of change, the change of life that you are experiencing at this exact minute, in front of your eyes and that is what the Master is about, of surrendering in the confidence of God's wisdom, and in that wisdom divine to understand that no matter how they feel their life should have been, that is perfect to give the Master the power of humility to become all that.

Many great Masters of their time have experienced more confusion before receiving the anointing of their coronation of master essence, yes? Yes ... and you are looking at them ... right? ... really. Yes. Not me. Your.

A. Laughter

MK I've had my time, beloved, I've had my time. This time it is you who will change the concept of life on this planet, that's what you came for. And therefore understand if there is any situation in your life that you feel you have to pay attention to, no matter how big, how wide or how absolutely trivial the situation is, and if you don't, I will make you a promise like Kuthumi, that the life will push them into the smallest corners they ever thought of the ones they could fit (the audience laughs), until they do.

In this way if something worries them, if there is something they feel they should do, if they have the need to save the river down the road and they don't have the courage, the gutspa (I think it is a Yiddish word and is "judgments", what it means boldness) to go and see the person in the office that controls the river, believe me that the river will flood their houses.

A. Great laughs

MK There is no subtle way to say this. So ... watch out for the rivers (more laughs) ... watch out for the rivers, unless of course they live in a boat ... don't they? (more laughter) ... but then, of course, there are floods in other ways.

What I am sharing with you today, beloved, beloved Masters, is that 2009 being the year of mastery, you will pull each of your feathers, plucking them one by one if you are not sure.

A. Much excitement.

MK And don't think we don't know where to find them!

A. Dead of laughter.

MK It is the Master who represents himself or herself through the humility of "knowing" All the Knowledge of God, and it is through the humility of embracing the Energy of all divine knowledge, claiming this Love of self, which go ahead and implement the change to take place. It is the Master in you who will persecute you. They will chase their own tail until they do, in other words, to make great changes, not only in their lives but in everyone's. You have come to be the catalysts and 2009 will be your time to prove it. Dear ones, the challenge here for you is to understand that you are still alive. The challenge here for you is to understand that you are still here on planet Earth (fun) and at the moment this still has a third-dimensional vibration, doesn't it?

A. Yes, correct.

MK Yes ... as you say, do you want to hear the good or bad news? ... Oops.

A. Murmur.

MK They will want to hear both.


MK Well the good news is that life is changing and there is an increase in fifth-dimensional energy on the way, and the bad news is the reason why they feel so unstable, and that they are already in it, and that they know How many of you stand with one foot in the fifth dimension and the other in the third ...


MK Beloved, the Earth and its changes that take you greatly with her, as she veers into a faster orbit, even as you as teachers in this chain of events called creation, will be part of it as everyone goes towards a complete new plane of vibration, preparing for one of the most important quantum changes of energy that your planet has reached in the last 26, 000 years at least, and this is only one aspect of change that 2009 will produce.

Beloved, the seriousness of this is the fact that the ascension that you are facing and that you will go through and that will be experienced intensely for the next couple of years or more, has never been a possibility on this plane as it is now and this It provides another aspect of the master essence for you to see. They need to see the truth that every other time when the magnetic on this planet changed, so did the vibratory energy of every thing on this planet. This time they were given the opportunity to stay alive through this change, to be anchored in their lives, which never happened in the history of this planet, ever. Amados, un Maestro vive con gran conciencia de todo lo que está en y más allá de él. La primera realización para el Maestro por supuesto es saber que no est solo. La segunda es saber, es comprender, que la veces necesita estar solo. Solo en su mente por un minuto, solo en su cuerpo por 3 no tiene importancia. Les hemos dado extensas ense anzas sobre punto el punto quieto dentro de la coronilla, como hemos hecho durante la ltima transmisi n, pero en la maestr a de estas energ as y sus centros de energ ay todo eso con lo que han sido abundantemente bendecidos este a o pasado, viene la verdad y el entendimiento ahora para integrar todo esto, y as necesitan comprender el silencio, porque la quietud interna entrega poder externo activo.

A. Murmurando

MK S, de verdad. Incluso si es solo un mero minuto a la vez, incluso si son cinco de sus minutos terrestres a la vez, no importa. Silencio en el centro de su punto calmo es lo que despierta la verdad y el poder detr s de su esencia maestra.

Los Maestros no controlan (risas)

A: Risas

MK Los Maestros comparten. Amados, una de las razones de por qu su globo est en semejante desastre econ mico es debido a la codicia, debido al control, si?

A. S .

MK Y con la realizaci n de poner aquellas energ as a descansar y despertando una nueva energ a totalmente nueva y un sistema econ mico que actualmente est en marcha, una de las mayores ym s importantes razones de cada uno de aquellos seres muy elevados en el orden de este mundo tienen que avenirse a comprender, y eso es tener una econom a pr spera, maravillosa, sin control de ninguna clase, hemos dicho con frecuencia que es por eso qu vuestra Internet es tan exitosa, y es debido a que no hay nadie control ndola completamente.

A. Mmmm

MK Pero en el momento que se controla lo que sucede es que debido a los dictados de la codicia que se meten y debido a ello, lo que sucede es que la mayor parte cae al costado del camino debido a razones que tienen que ver con la val a, ya que son incapaces de verse as mismos en la grandeza de qui ny qu son, o eso que representan, todo debido a que ellos no est n seguros si son dignos o no, y este es el nico, mayor problema que la humanidad en general tiene que trabajar y triunfar por medio de soy digno?, y el maestro sabe su valor m s all de cualquier cosa con la nica diferencia que siendo el maestro no hay necesidad en lo absoluto de compartir este valor de ninguna manera o forma, para que otro pueda usarlo en su reconocimiento para ser el maestro que son. Me siguen?

A. S .

Amados, el maestro vive amor incondicional.

Es una palabra con la que su nueva era ha jugado por un tiempo ahora, de hecho es una palabra que es bastante impresionante para vuestros seres de la nueva era, amor incondicional, pero en verdad muy pocos saben su significado. Durante mi ltima transmisi n con este grupo en particular, les dimos algunas ideas de terminolog a que deber an tomar nota y comprender, lo recuerdan?

A. Alg n cuchicheo no?

MK Y quieren ser maestros? (Algunas risas)

A. alguien le responde a Kuthumi no juzgues .

MK No somos capaces hermana (risas)

Amados, alguna vez, real y verdaderamente buscaron la comprensi n del significado detr s del amor incondicional? Verdaderamente comprenden qu quiere decir tener cero condiciones para vuestro amor? Lo hicieron?

A. No

MK As que aqu es donde su maestr a debe comenzar. El primero de enero de 2009 una energ a completamente nueva ser liberada sobre este plano, lo que significa liberar la posibilidad de una comprensión masiva de todo lo que les he compartido. Amados, como los hemos saludado por sus esfuerzos en el trabajo que han hecho, comprendan que en el dominio del ser y de la senda de la visión del ser, uno necesita comenzar por dominar vuestra comprensión y con eso el desafío se presenta a ustedes incluso para tomar un pequeño aspecto de una palabra como amor incondicional, jovencito (Kuthumi mirando a uno de los más jóvenes en el círculo), y para comprender de qué se trata todo esto. Para ubicarse ustedes mismos en la matriz sin condiciones y para saber que no importa cuánto transpira en sus vidas, esta vibración final llamada amor nunca les puede fallar y esto es maestría.

Amados, dominio y esencia maestra es ver al Dios dentro de todo y en cada uno, así que si pueden comenzar a ver en una manera pequeña todo eso de que son parte (y esto se extiende más allá de todo lo que puedan pensar como parte de un plan maestro) entonces solamente serán capaces de comenzar a percibir qué es no poner condiciones a su amor. Las condiciones son una adicción humana “te amo pero…” “te amaré, te dejaré de amar si esto o aquello…” sí. “Siempre estaré contigo pero…”

Sí, estas son las condiciones a vuestro amor, y como mencioné anteriormente en este año, de lo único de lo que deberían estar preocupados es de ustedes y debería ser firme (chillidos de risas muy divertidos) así que suelten el juicio, manténganse trabajando en esto como son trabajadores de la luz y de hecho como parte de su maestría, lo que incluye dejar ir los condicionamientos a vuestro amor, dejando ir el control, amados, dejando ir las pequeñas energías que están siendo emitidas por ustedes, que inevitablemente cambian el mundo de otros, mientras esto los mantiene confortablemente en las semillas de vuestra propia complacencia. Cuando sucede esto se familiarizan en su situación con gozar el resultado, estando “a salvo” en sus disfunciones llamadas confort así comprenden que con cada soplo que toman como un maestro, una nueva aventura les aguarda.

Cada día, amados, levántense sintiendo el Amor de Dios en sus corazones, al sentir el Amor de Cristo en sus seres, sintiendo la bendición interna de su alma con vida, sientan el entusiasmo de esta vida que vinieron a vivir, vean la belleza todo a su alrededor y reconozcan este asombro abrazándolo más allá de cualquier cosa, cualquier limitación que ustedes como maestros nunca pueden contemplar. Sean este asombro. Son las enseñanzas a las que se han expuesto y algunas las han estado siguiendo por vidas, sin embargo cada vez que alcanzan una cierta meseta donde el acto del miedo tuvo lugar, ustedes se estancan y con eso afrontan los reveces, así les digo esta vez, amados maestros, esta vez los urgimos a tomar sus bases y andar.

Les urgimos abrazar su divinidad, vuestros divinos. Les urgimos ser fuertes en su fe, para saber, para vivirlo practicando sus creencias y todo será vuestro. Es en este conocimiento divino que son ustedes finalmente empacados para trascender las energías de “no soy digno” y con eso ser capaces de abrazar la verdad del hecho que de verdad son seres mágicos, místicos divinos como es cuando ustedes como maestros toman control magistral, y la única manera de que esto pueda ser hecho es entregándolo.

Entregando el control y con eso ubicar vuestra voluntad en la divina Voluntad de Dios y entonces puedan andar orgullosamente como maestros en gran humildad, que de verdad es la única manera.

Amados, el maestro comprende la vida, el desafío de tercera dimensión de ser en este planeta, como el maestro sabe donde ella o él son requeridos para estar, debido a contratos pre-establecidos con el quinto sello dimensional de conciencia, porque es aquí donde el planeta tierra está ya en señas de moverse hacia lo que es otra razón por la cual las bajas energías los induce aa la incomodidad, si es que le dan el poder para eso. La razón por la que el maestro puede vérselas con todo esto es porque comprende la vida, y el vivirla desde un entendimiento brindado por medio de los séptimos planos dimensionales y más allá, lo cual es otra razón de por qué les damos las enseñanzas de abundancia y manifestación, ya que es su derecho, como de nadie se supone que tiene que vivir en mundos de carencia. El maestro sabe esto como el maestro lleva con él el conocimiento de esas enseñanzas sagradas.

Queridos, ahora es tiempo para que ustedes pongan en práctica todo lo que han aprendido y experimentado, de esta forma dejar de lado todo lo que los controla al haberlo permitido, por lo que es vuestro deber como trabajadores de la luz y maestros en formación, salirse de vuestras propias cajas legendarias y con eso tomar esas enseñanzas e información compartidas con ustedes y compartirlas de alguna manera, sin expectativa, con el mundo. Sin la necesidad de ser creídos, como llevan el conocimiento de su verdad, este es el maestro humilde. Es en este conocimiento silencioso que se darán cuenta que de veras son Dios, y con eso quiero que visualicen en el área de su coronilla 12 flamas doradas. Ahora abran sus ojos, miren a la persona opuesta a ustedes y vean las 12 flamas doradas encima de sus cabezas. ¿Pueden relacionarse con esto?

A. Sí

MK ¿Pueden visualizarlo?

A. Sí

MK ¿Alguien tiene un problema?… Tendremos que empujarlos fuera de la ventana, ¿no? (animados de risa)

A: Si

12 flamas doradas ardiendo brillantemente y una vez que estén seguros de verlas podrían cerrar sus ojos, enderezar su espalda, sentarse bien y relajarse y estar confortables y permitirnos, por última vez este año para este grupo especialmente, llevarlos a un viaje mental, su propia mente. Tal vez piensen que será un viaje a través de la mente de este conducto, no, tal vez piensen que será un viaje a través de mi mente como Kuthumi, no, es VUESTRA mente. Larga pausa…

Amados, cada pedacito de este trabajo compartido con ustedes en este nivel (activaciones) es compartido con ustedes para asistirlos a trascenderse a sí mismos de la limitación hacia la ilimitación, de lo finito a lo infinito, entonces con sus ojos cerrados, relajen las manos sobre vuestro regazo, abran los chacras de sus palmas en la posición supina (hacia arriba) y con eso presten atención otra vez a las 12 flamas doradas ardiendo en fuerza sobre sus cabezas. Pausa…

Ahora imaginen la más magnífica energía dorada lloviendo sobre ustedes. Pausa… Visualícense abrazando esa energía dorada como lluvia derramándose sobre ustedes. Ahora tomen conciencia cómo esta energía dorada es absorbida por los chakras de sus palmas, cómo esta energía viaja por sus brazos hacia arriba, al resto de vuestro cuerpo. Visualicen esta energía siendo absorbida en su corinilla por medio de las 12 flamas doradas y entonces visualicen cómo esta energía dorada llena plenamente todo su ser hasta que puedan realmente identificarse con cada célula de su cuerpo vibrando a una frecuencia dorada. Pausa larga…

Sean concientes de su respiración; de su posición estando relajados en la silla, con su espalda derecha y confortable. Ahora quiero preguntarles, a cada uno de ustedes queridos, ¿desean aventurarse más allá a lo largo del viaje de Ascensión? Respondan en sus mentes, no en voz alta.

¿Desean aventurarse creando una nueva tierra a medida que avanzan?

¿Desean continuar trayendo a sus vidas una conciencia de los más profundos cambios y energías en su planeta? ¿Toman responsabilidad de sus vidas sin importar cuán imperfecto pueda resultar ser para su juicio? ¿Se mantienen firmemente parados en sus zapatos? ¿Pueden sentir su relación con la tierra? ¿Pueden sentir su conexión al planeta desde un aspecto superior?

Ahora quiero que presten su atención a su plexo solar y con sus ojos cerrados imaginen el más exquisito cordón dorado conectando su plexo solar al corazón de la madre tierra. Pausa…

Ahora usando este vínculo quiero que compartan con la tierra aquello que intentan cuidar en el tiempo por venir, tanto sea un proyecto para el año venidero o el tiempo más allá de eso. De su plexo solar denle sus percepciones de tercera dimensión de sus deberes de quinta dimensión para la tierra. Pausa muy larga…

Otra vez traigan a la vista de la mente las 12 flamas doradas en la coronilla mientras se enfocan en el cordón dorado entre su plexo solar y el pulso de la tierra. Pausa… Ahora quiero que visualicen muy rápidamente las energías que hemos estado trabajando en el último rato, la flama blanca en la base, la violeta en el sacro, la dorada en el chakra del sol entre esos dos, ahora visualicen los chakras de apoyo, plateado y dorado, a ambos lados de la base, ahora la flama rojo-rubí en el plexo solar con las tres energías doradas anclando la punta del triángulo hacia abajo dentro del plexo solar con la parte de abajo encapsulada con una energía plateada, y en el corazón una flama rosada, en el alto corazón otra flama dorada, en la garganta una flama zafiro doble, cuyo interior es más pálido que el exterior, en el entrecejo visualicen la flama verde esmeralda, y finalmente en la corona tiene las 12 flamas doradas. ¿Me siguen?

A. Sí

MK Muy bien.

Amados, ahora deseo que visualicen adelante de ustedes en el centro de este cuarto se manifiesta uno de los maestros de maestros más poderoso con quien jamás han tenido el privilegio de trabajar, amados deseo que se conecten al campo de Energía del Señor Jesús, Joshua Ben Josef o Señor Sanada por como muchos Lo conocen. En esta energía sagrada todopoderosa que es la expresión de El Cristo junto con todas estas flamas activadas, y concientes sepan de las muchas oportunidades que les esperan, anclándolos por medio del cordón umbilical Dorado del ser, conectándolos al útero de la tierra -con las 12 flamas ardiendo brillantes en vuestra coronilla, quiero que visualicen al Maestro dándoles en sus manos un regalo. En sus mentes estiren ambas manos adelante, ábranlas mientras le permiten a este Ser Magnífico transferir a vuestras manos el más exquisito regalo. Amados reciban el diamante facetado más claro, impecable y brillante que jamás han visto. Los invitamos a sostener esta piedra preciosa, esta energía diamantina, en sus manos y con él conecten vuestro tercer ojo con el de este Ser Crístico Magnífico (pausa muy larga…) y en su mente vean la Energía del Cristo Joshua tomar de su manos este diamante de purísima belleza después de dejarlos sentir el cosquilleo de su energía y con eso moverlo hacia adelante ubicándolo en vuestro tercer ojo.

Amados para aquellos de ustedes que experimentaron la activación de la última grilla los bendecimos con el aspecto del diamante del cristal Amaru en el tercer ojo, el que abrió y activó de hecho un más alto nivel de la energía de la corona y este día les regalamos este estupendo regalo de conciencia diamantina implantada y activada en vuestro tercer ojo, la que les ayudará alcanzar sus vibraciones al estatus del diamante, así podrán aventurarse adelante como ser magistral en el tiempo por venir, y con eso vivir el ejemplo siendo el ejemplo. Dentro de esta piedra de extrema pureza y verdad, amados, viene el conocimiento para ustedes de vivir el ejemplo y con eso ser el ejemplo, la m s importante realizaci n es para ustedes ser siempre vuestro ser aut ntico.

Quiero que ahora imaginen en el rea del tercer ojo, en el mero centro del diamante una hermosa energ a citrina comenzando a tomar forma. Pausa Amados, en sus mentes den las gracias a este magn fico Ser Joshua Ben Josef, por salir al frente este d a activando energ ticamente vuestro diamante enfundado en el tercer ojo. Ahora dense cuenta que otro Ser tan Todopoderoso hace Su presencia bendici ndolos con Su Luz, lo conocen como El Buda, en la visi n en sus mentes, vean a Lord Buda delante de ustedes con la energ a diamante destellando en vuestro tercer ojo y en el centro de esta energ a naciendo una milagrosa vibraci n citrina.

Amados, en su mente vean a Lord Buda inclin ndose adelante y con eso l pone la punta del dedo de su mano derecha en su tercer ojo, l cierra sus ojos y energ ticamente transfiere inmenso conocimiento, sabidur ay comprensi n en este centro, mientras activa el centro citrino en la energ a diamante. Pausa Permitan que este citrino arda brillantemente de un amarillo brillante transfiri ndose a un color mbar profundo. Pausa Buda ahora libera Su campo de energ a del de ustedes y con ello denle las gracias por su contribuci n en el reconectado de su campo energ tico, para que abundantemente sepan todo eso que es necesario para su maestr a, todo eso que los mantendr cimentados y anclados a lo largo de vuestro viaje de maestr a. Pausa Ahora el ser m sm gico que tambi n conocen como Saint Germain se manifiesta delante de ustedes, y ubica su mano derecha en vuestro coraz n bendici ndolos instant neamente con la energ a de la Llama Violeta.

Todo vuestro cuerpo es envuelto con esta funda violeta. Ahora coloca su mano izquierda en la parte de atr s del centro card aco (su mano derecha activando la llama violeta permanece al frente), activando la llama plateada asimil ndola con la energ a violeta cre ndoles un escudo protector frontal adicional para ustedes, la llama plateada-violeta. Permitan que esta energ a envuelva vuestro campo de energ a como un capullo o una estrella de forma tetra drica, vean esta energ a como su divina protecci n en cada forma, cada manera, en cada situaci n no importa cu l sea, incluso hasta cuando puedan pensar de una situaci n que no sea la m s positiva, amados, sepan que en cada experiencia el crecimiento es el prop sito ulterior. La felicidad deber a ser el resultado final de cualquier situaci n que no fue para empezar, y con esto agradezcan a Saint Germain.

Ahora tienen al Arc ngel Miguel que aparece enfrente de ustedes y l les entrega un copia id ntica, vuestra propia r plica de Su espada Excalibur de la Verdad. Deseo que visualicen esta espada de la manera m sc moda y vean en su mente c mo est n atando con una correa esta espada de la verdad a vuestro lado, simplemente colgando et ricamente junto a ustedes y sepan que con esta bendici n, amados, se les da el poder de tomar vuestra espada de rectitud y usarla correctamente. Abrazando este regalo, ser moralista no es m s una parte de vuestra senda. Pausa Denle las gracias al Arc ngel Miguel por este regalo.

Amados, traigan a su mente al m gico Se or Merl n mientras aparece frente a ustedes de la manera o forma en que se relacionan con l, y como por arte de magia l agita una varita e instant neamente los envuelve completamente con una Energ a Amatrina, combinando as el escudo de quinta dimensi n con Amatista y Citrino. Pausa Permitan que esta energ a cree un escudo de luz m s vasto a n conectando vuestro campo inmediato de energ a con lo que est m s all . Pausa muy larga

Amados, con los ojos de la mente vean al Se or Merl n tomar vuestras manos en las suyas mientras los mira a trav s de la sabidur a de los eones que le llevaron a él llegar hasta aquí, mientras él también recuerda cuando estuvo, como ustedes hoy, de cara al portal de la esencia maestra. Él recuerda cuando estuvo también, como ustedes ahora, encarando el quebranto de vivir y ser, que lo puso en contacto con su propia esencia maestra. Él los mira en el ojo y sonríe la famosa sonrisa de Merlín y con eso les recuerda que a medida que ustedes se adentran en vuestra esencia maestra, en su propia manera, en su propia luz, entonces también son capaces de usar el poder de vuestra propia varita, transformando la vida en la manera que necesita serlo. Agradézcanle a Merlín mientras se separa de vuestro campo de energía. Ahora quiero que visualicen con sus ojos, todavía muy bien cerrados, a un magnífico ser, amados, ahora vean un aspecto más elevado de ustedes mismos parado frente a ustedes. Pausa…

Si de una u otra manera pudieran darle forma a su ser superior, ¿qué aspecto tendría? Así los invitamos a viajar dentro de vuestra propia mente de tal modo que no tengan que considerar más el lado limitado de vuestra imaginación, véanse por lo que realmente son, vean su divinidad, vean su magnificencia y entonces, visualícenla frente a ustedes alineando cada uno de sus centros de energía con los vuestros comenzando primero con los chakras de la tierra, 12 en vuestro campo áurico inmediato, 6 a cada lado, todos ubicados entre la tierra, y debajo del brazo está la zona donde estos chakras se localizan.

Así, primero vean una conexión entre sus primeros 12 chakras terrestres y los vuestros (hay 12 más que serán activados en un estado posterior, presumo -Canal) Vean una conexión entre vuestros chakras estrella formándose, aquí de la parte superior de vuestro campo de energía con sus brazos sostenidos horizontalmente con respecto al suelo, así en estos 180º arriba, de un lado al otro, tienen 48 chakras estrella sosteniéndose en vuestro campo energético, y es por medio de esta energía que todos los seres estelares se comunican, como los seres terrestres se comunican por medio de los chakras terrestres. Visualicen este ser magnífico encarándolos conectando sus chakras estrella y tierra a los vuestros con esos centros de energía volviéndose iluminados como resplandecientes ruedas de fuego-luz, destellando con luz. Pausa…

Ahora deseo que se visualicen tomando su mano en las suyas y con cada momento dando un paso más cerca uno del otro. Quiero que lo vean a los ojos, amados, y con eso afirmen que viven en un mundo de cambio y vibraciones cambiantes, y con toda esta energía surgiendo a la vida, les pido que sientan cómo su chakra base surge a la vida mientras se conecta plenamente con la energía base de este ser, y con eso se acercan un pasito más. Pausa… Les pido que comprendan que como maestro necesitan trabajar el equilibrar vuestras emociones de tal manera que anule cualquier inseguridad y juicio de los que puedan o no ser concientes, y mirando a este ser magnífico a los ojos reclaman su estado de ser multi-dimensional, como un ser que conoce solamente el amor y la gracia y entonces den un paso más cerca como una intrincada forma de conexión entre vuestros chakras sacro. Ahora, al nivel de vuestro plexo solar, sean concientes que vuestro plexo solar está todavía conectado a la tierra por medio (del cordón) de energía dorada, sean concientes de que el plexo solar de él está también conectado a la tierra ya vuestro plexo solar. Quiero que vean esta conexión dorada aumentando su poder a medida que se acercan más a este aspecto superior de ustedes mismos, y con eso háganse concientes de cuánto más brillantes son las 12 flamas ardientes en su coronilla. Pausa…



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Durban – Sudáfrica – 6 de diciembre de 2008

De: Fredaricka Yarom

27 de diciembre, 2008

Cell: 083 787 2893

Tel: 031 261 9370

Traducción : Sergio Hache

Edición : Anita Manasse –

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