The energy system that delivers strength to your body is in full development

  • 2017

Hello everyone, I'm Saint Germain .

At present, the flow of energy on Earth is so full of such potential, that even I am surprised at what you brothers really are. My conscience is surprised and I let myself be amazed by the knowledge so deep that I have to know that I can see human beings, you brothers, wake up for yourself, to the point where you can have a greater awareness and confidence about your own creation and all this is due to the intense energy that presence has in each of you.

They are full of energy, take advantage of it

They will even have the opportunity to perceive and understand how their energy centers, that is, the chakras are changing and moving towards their evolution. The energy system in each one of you, that energy system that gives all the strength to your body is developing.

It is interesting to appreciate how a new species appears and evolves, since in this way they are allowed to reach their liberation within this world. We are referring to the liberation of their ancient karmic energies, in other words, in this world human beings have the opportunity to access the energy of previous lives . We are also talking about that when the memory of your body reaches this liberation, even during this life, if you work together with us, you can develop in yourself the consciousness of Christ, through which you will be able to have a new vision about Your own light energy.

Obviously, all those human beings who wish to be aware of divine beings or rather divinized, should know that they are not in this world with the purpose of performing any mental or emotional act, but are here for a spiritual act that evokes the Virgin Mary, since it must be an act of union. Through this, what you know as the " ascension " will be generated, which refers to the ability of Earth beings to connect with this energy that is inside each one. But in both cases, these are two energy spaces, two territories that will allow them to carry out the reform of their own Merkaba spacecraft, so that they can resume space travel both inside and outside this world and this This way, through this new energy, they will be able to have greater access to new memories about past lives.

Then, we could say that by itself, your body will again be something divine, because the information found in body memory is actually the answers to all those questions that have always been asked. Now that you know that you have many within you, if not all the answers you need for your questions, you need only know How to get to them? The main thing for this, it is not really about peace, instead, as we have already been saying in our previous messages through San Miguel, San Gabriel, Master Sri Ban Dayan and in many other voices: it is the Silence the way . That space that is generated between words is usually much more revealing than the words spoken.

The archangels constantly remind us that silence is the way

That is why it is essential that you begin to know and understand silence, to understand that such silence is not about the hope that finally your mind, which has been in constant chatter lately, will remain calm. Instead it is about understanding that it is really the approach that you should give your mind, so that you can end the intense external noise and take a slow and deep breath of completely free air, which will allow you to leave a side all those problems that previously plagued his mind.

So, you brothers should stop clinging to old stories and stop wanting to always return to your old perspective of life, in reality, you have to stop trying to hear some noise, a breath, the sound of the wind, etc., that gives them the possibility of returning to what they believed and / or knew, since now their consciousness is open to another sense, which could be defined as the seventh sense, which they can access only when they allow the energy of Your body evolves. You must open your mind to a new energetic world, in which your body has much more space to reach the highest level of liberation of consciousness.

A building is currently underway, which could lead to several people feeling disturbed, mixed or away from those around them, but they should not fear since there is nothing for which you have to worry, this is a stage that will soon end and will make everything stabilize. This is because you, dear brothers, are going through a period that we will call A space for loneliness, through which you are given the opportunity to have access to all the information n which is stored in the energies of the lives before his own, which says: I am no more than a complement to a much larger purpose than the one that does not I have knowledge . Nothing they experience or learn is simply temporary information, so they should take the time to meditate and think about it.

I am no more than a complement to a much larger purpose than I am unaware of

A large part of you, my dear brothers, are living inside and by yourself, which is a bit interesting since it is also a type of connection with your inner energy. Actually, you are made to live on your own; which clearly is about the meaning that experience has for you that " space of solitude ", where you must be somewhat separated from others to be able to express outward all the love you have inside.

Allow the information inside to be released and you will be able to understand, as Maria always told those who presented her and told her what she should know when she needed it: What is that information I should know ? It is that in each of the worlds that are in this immense universe, in each of the other planets, the beings that live there are aware that they are connected to each other, these beings know that they are able to connect with any other, at any time regardless of where they are in the universe and transmit information to them, but many once they do feel imitated.

I try to say that I clearly appreciate in you the desire for a change, to help those who need it; but they must know what are the reasons that drive them to be able to illuminate with their light and energy those who are in the dark and even if it is a complicated task little by little they can carry it out.

Thank you for serving us brothers and sisters, see you soon.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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