The Awareness of the Disciple. Channeled message from Koot Hoomi.

  • 2018

Channeled Message from the Masters of Light.

In Portuguese the Original.

The act of awakening the Divine Light and expanding it is a process that merges simultaneously with the entire movement of Cosmic life in the universe and with the Creator.

The Seeds of Light brought to the world of physical manifestation, through the higher consciousness, separate the Light into the micro-universe that is the physical bodies, bringing the acceleration The energies of all cells, molecules and atoms.

If the will that comes from the soul and the spirit is firm and passes to the personality, the higher energies begin to travel throughout the physical body, gradually tuning the vibrational frequency into a single rhythm, the rhythm of the divine spark .

Thus, the so-called necessary purification to each disciple of the Greater Light depends very much on the awareness of what he considers evolution for himself, for his mind and for his bodies.

Without the true awareness of his place in the physical world, of his role in the "Path of Universal Light, " a disciple fails to transform himself and achieve his Freedom, nor his Unity with the Creator.

The true disciple walks with complete lucidity and awareness of the direction where the Light points and does not look back, because he knows that evolution includes every day a rebirth for different worlds and universes of understanding, where his soul and spirit travel in name of the Universal Greater Love in the primordial rhythm and in the speed of the Light.


Spiritual Channel: Lourdes Rosa.

¹ Koot-Hoomi (sig. 19 AD): he was pharaoh Amenophis III, (sig. XIV BC), father of Akhenaten; He was Pythagoras in the Grécia Antiga (sig. V-VI BC), S. Juan and S. Francisco d'Assis (1182-1226 AD).

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of

SOURCE: "Mensagens Dos Beres de Luz" book. Second edition. Authors Henrique Rosa and Lourdes Rosa.

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