Message from Maitreya: Look for me and you'll find me waiting

  • 2017

Hello dear brothers and sisters, Maitreya speaks to you and today I am here to increase your popular debate about my eventual coming . In order for you to see that in fact I am already on Earth, incarnated among you all, I will only give you one conclusive answer this time: "Yes, I will return to your incarnate planet in myself."

Does this answer allow them to be a little more relieved or not?

Why are they not more relieved? Is it why I haven't given you all the details about my coming ? Don't worry about that, my dear brothers, since I will do it right now, my brave friends.
What do you expect from me? Do you want me to show you the way to the truth or do you want me to work miracles? That brings together each of the peoples that inhabit this planet and end the war, social inequality, hunger and all suffering?

You should know that I listen perfectly to you thanks to my position, however, what you are asking me to do is act for you and that is not possible, since you have the free will that would allow you to change everything that happens if you wish. You must understand that I cannot do it because I would be interfering and that is not my mission, but to emerge as a Being that makes known to you the great power that you have inside to change everything that happens and affects you in your world since each one of you have in your hearts the spiritual strength to mark a change and live in harmony with all your brothers regardless of which of the peoples of the earth they belong to, you should only recognize that power and be assured that he will guide you, always and when they hear it

You may now be disappointed by my words, however, you do not have to feel that way, I already told you, it is true that I will not do the work for you, but that is great news, since you chose to incarnate exactly in this world, in time just to carry out such work. But that does not mean that I will not be with you all the way while doing this.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, I am here to clarify my coming, in order to extend your perception and the way you think, so that you can understand things and everything that happens.

I know exactly what many of you think about the appearance that I will have the moment I arrive in your world, perhaps a man, surely with a beard, who is between 35 and 40 years old, which is nothing more than a stereotype But in reality, a big surprise awaits them, since it is quite feasible that in that sense, each one their beliefs are shaken and is that…

What would stop me from appearing before you with the appearance of a woman?

I think that I am quite balanced with my masculine polarities and also with the feminine ones, because clearly, human beings have experienced both of them, however, now we are at the beginning of my Feminine reincarnation, which would be the most logical according to their traditions, it's not like that? Likewise, according to his pleas, it would be “ the mandate ” to come into his world with the appearance of a woman with the aim of ending injustices, making Peace and Truth triumph, freeing those who are oppressed, even if they exist. more than those who deserve a place within the pantheon of humanity . According to you, this part is represented by the feminine, since women despise suffering, abuse and injustice . So why not appear with the appearance of a them, in honor of women? You are in a period where you must live with true equality, because none is more or less important than the others.

Brothers and sisters, everyone must live in true equality

On whether I have incarnated now or not, that does not matter, because I could easily reach his world in the body that has been kindly and lovingly prepared for me or could do it differently, considering the another possibility of existing incarnation, which is what many of you surely would not consider, although it is the most likely and is the multiple incarnation .

Possibly, now they wonder if several Maitreya will come, why not? Either way, I am already more or less incarnated in each one of you, so you must be aware that there are no limits to everything I can do and if I am talking now in this place with you, I can also do it at the same time in another part of the world. So, why don't they implant me, energetically speaking, like a germ in each of their hearts and only ask me to fill them with light and love ? If you do this, there will be a progressive increase in each of you that will allow you to perceive the beings of light to guide you through your path to the truth so that you discover what you really are and can be it

What I am trying to say is that the advent of some higher Being will not be appreciated, but that humanity will be able to know me and celebrate, through their souls and hearts, which they must open to ask that they be filled at the appropriate time with light and love

There are no beings that are totally free, only they need to cross a certain “ umbra l” so that the vibrational increase in their energies is positively affected by the love and the light that I offer them. And this, clearly, is something to be done exponentially, so do not fear my dear brothers, since this is only a harmonization with the energy inside, which will allow you to remember who you really are and consequently It will allow them to wake up and know the truth. It is only an impulse that we give you, it does not mean that some foreign body will take control over you or any of those around you.

Do you understand what I have told you? There will be no incarnation of Maitreya, I will not physically come to earth, but there will be a moment of clarity that will allow you to awaken the inner Christ of humanity, in each of the human beings that is worthy of me and not in those who claim to be the only beings that can perceive me, since I do not belong to anyone and I will reach EVERYONE.

Surely, my coming is really something different from what you have been waiting for, however, it is enough, since each of you, my dear and brave brothers, carry within you a part of me because you are incarnations that agreed to come to this world during a time so developed and difficult at the same time. I say goodbye and ask you to look and open your hearts to listen to your inner being, because this allows you to understand the words of love that I whisper to guide you.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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