Message Archangel Michael: The mission of the ego leads us to the mission of the soul

  • 2019

Dear brothers and sisters, we come to answer several questions, starting with the “ mission. ” In all of you there are two different levels of mission, the first is called the

" Mission of the ego "; The idea of ​​a mission that arises directly from the ego has the purpose of generating a feeling of being really alive and having a good reason to live, since the ego requires having a mission, so usually many human beings feel that They have the mission of being the ones to save others.

Which gives account of the savior / executor / victim that forms the triangle of the ego, which is essential that, at this point, they can eliminate from their lives.

That's what the first mission is about!

Then there is what is known as the "Mission of the Soul" which of course does not have the same vibrational energy that the ego has . In this case, the mission is simply to live fully each experience that is presented to you, just that! Since each experience turns out to be unique, regardless of whether it is an experience with cold, fire, ice or any other type of experience that may arise along the path that your soul travels; That's what this mission is about: only from experience.

What role do teachers have in the mission?

Beloved brothers, our role within the mission as your teachers is to accompany each of the beings of humanity in the same way that incarnate teachers do and as each of the beings who are not only within the earthly plane must do., but also in other plans, since the purpose of all is to guide humanity towards its liberation . We, the teachers, are tools whose purpose is to help you free yourself from the false illusion generated by your old beliefs and your attachment to duality.

Each being regardless of their teachings or their position, turns out to be a tool that has the purpose of helping them in every step they take until they reach their Ascension . We are here as beings outside your world, with the purpose of letting you know that you are not alone within the vast Universe, and that we have come to you to testify about our experience and help you understand your mission on Earth.

We also live in a way quite similar to yours, that is, through teachings that have come to us as a testimony that echoes through the experiences of other beings. But that does not mean that we are here to tell them to do the same as we do, but to let them know that they have the ability to do so, since being beings of light, inside there is an immense superior energy to achieve personal Ascension and collective of humanity together with the world in which they live.

What should they know about joy?

You should know that joy is not an emotion, and although it is possible to consider it as such, the truth is that joy is an essential part of each of you . Joy consists in the identity of humanity! And although it was a hidden identity, it is now a guarded identity, which should not allow your emotions to exceed. In addition, joy also consists of a state of Being, that is, they experience joy because they are really Joy.

We are very happy to be able to share our experiences with you and help you move forward more and more within your earthly experience.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Isabelle Daré

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