The Star of Bethlehem by María Magdalena

  • 2013

To all my brothers on Earth.

Today I want to summon you for a unique event in the skies.

Finally the Star of Bel n,

It is covering the sky of our galaxy.

Furrow today, the immensity of the circuit traveled,

for a long time;

Finally, it shines on high as it deserves,

finally reigns from its rightful place.

To all those who follow him, to all those who feel him, cross the mental threshold, the threshold of 3 dimension, to the threshold of the heart: the 5 dimension n, whose vibratory level already corresponds to us. Be part of the event, from your feeling in your heart.

I congratulate you all for the work achieved, based on much love and support, keeping the light of your hearts. I congratulate each and every one of you, with the diamond soul of my heart.

I, Mary Magdalene, cover with my mantle, each one of your hearts and clothe you with the infinite love of God the Father Mother Heavenly King.

The Critical Energy descends at last,

to implant itself on the planet definitely

and to serve as a guide in your hearts.

I warn you thus of this fact,

consummate on my part

and for the many others who have participated,

consciously and unconsciously.

Thanks brothers again, it is a sigh of love that arrives, manifested in each of your hearts. Allow the opening, allow the installation of the new love codes. They are sparks of love manifested through the High Consciousness, of your Higher Self.

Today, many energy mechanisms for receiving and expanding the strands of your DNA conclude. Activation necessary for frequency change, for access to the Ascended New Earth, manifested in the love of God Father Mother Heavenly King.

They ring bells and organs in the sky, ring clarines and resonate in all heavenly dimensions.

Today my beloved ones,

The new codes in your hearts have finally been lit.

Listen with your heart, listen to your soul,

listen to your Higher Self

with high awareness of balance and love.

Dissolved are already the energies of distraction in polarity, dissolved are already engines, old paradigms and limiting beliefs and everything pertaining to polarity.

Done here is and manifested.

Love in the New Earth,

is implanted forever,

For eons, for eternity.

The physical dissolution will be progressive, fast for some who already touch the frequency, slower for others who are still far away. Each one correctly resolves its evolution, therefore, the path for each of you, brothers, is acceptable. Congratulate yourself again for the road traveled, not without hardships and sufferings, but with very good results.

You are all great beings of light, with innumerable and indefinite qualities that will gradually awaken in you. To each one at his due pace, according to the guidelines set forth, in the Book of Life itself and according to your Being needs it.

New codes have been awakened in your DNA, codes asleep until now, that we all carry and that now the manifested Christ Energy allows them to develop. Let us thank the Creator Father for all this.

Happy Good News, is what I announce, happy moment for all, for all Humanity. Beings of all planes and dimensions accompany us in the Ascension process, which is none other than that of Awakening.

Ascension implies revolution, or rather even re-evolution, to evolve again. We are on the path of evolution for the Dimensional Ascent. Bells ring at the doors of the New Reality.

The Bridge is created, the Bases created, the conditions created and little by little physically manifested will remain.

All those who feel summoned and alluded to, it is because they have already woken up, have already ascended, the rest, I repeat again, will do it little by little at their proper pace. Everything has a reason and a reason, nothing is in vain and nothing is casual, therefore, I request respect for the evolution of each spiritual being.

We are convinced of the achievement achieved, it is already the Advent of the Incarnate Jesus Christ, everyone will see it, everyone will know about it, everyone can feel it in their hearts, full of immaculate love.

The breasts are burning, the hearts open, expanding the love of the Unified Christ, One with God, Father, Mother, Heavenly King and with all beings that form reality.

Welcome everyone to the New Earth! Where the norms of balance and equality are ratified more and more every day. Be happy and aware of the change in your hearts and in your lives. Something changes inside you and is therefore manifested in your outside.

In the coming days, it will be noticed in crescendo, in the form of a spiral, from the very center of the Earth, to all sides, the Divine Manifestation in the Incarnate Earth, Gaia, Christ the Redeemer.

With love,

Maria Magdalena.

Channeled by: Ana Jesús Murillo

Time of transmission end:

02:22 minutes from 1 8/12/12

The Star of Bethlehem by María Magdalena

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