Master Kuthumi - 1: 1 Channeling New Year 2009

Greetings loved ones

I am Kuthumi and I come in the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each one of you at this time to bring you blessings of delight, faith, joy and passion.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we meet with each one of you on this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and secure in the hands of God.

Precious lightworkers, the message for you at this time is one that expands energy. While we embrace each one in the divine light of your truth, they are guided to embrace the future and have faith that what will come not only brings gifts and blessings, experiences and knowledge but also the opportunity to use what they have managed to master relative to Create something new. It is important that one take the time to reflect on what they have lived in and each year they are presented with opportunities, themes and cycles and during that time, they are in a position to understand what these cycles are offering them, such as working with them., therefore work on them. I wish to present to each of you a process, one that empowers, one that provides you with the imprint of your future, assisting you to work with and through that which presents itself to you.

At this particular time this transmission is directed at the beginning of your year, specifically the first twelve days of January. The first days of January give suggestions of what lies in the twelve months ahead, and if for some reason someone could not work with this message from January 1 to January 12, I suggest you start the process on the first day of the following month and work it as a twelve month process from the moment they start it. This is an extraordinary way to gain deeper knowledge of the patterns they have created, perhaps patterns that they have not yet recognized, but it is certainly an opportunity to train with knowledge while having the vision.

Now, before they begin this process it is important that they take their time to reflect on what they have completed over the past twelve months and what have they learned from that process, in other words, what were the gifts? Was it wisdom? Was it an accomplishment? Knowledge? Was it deeply understood? Was it a process of recognizing patterns that no longer serve them? Moving away from people and places that no longer support them? Once you have done this, you are able to integrate the gifts that have come to you in the cycle you have just completed, and then you are ready to begin your preparation for the new cycle.

The first day of January represents the month of January and it is during this month that you will be presented with what directly impacts you, as a human being, a physical person and understanding that everything has to do with you, that you are able to use energy of their primary motivation in life and therefore begin to start new opportunities for themselves, and our suggestion is that on the first day of January they feel silent and ponder that which brings them joy by asking what is your primary motivation? What guides you? What pushes them? What weakens them? So what is behind the actions that drive them? It is also an opportunity for you to ask yourself what you want to manage, achieve, complete and start in the coming year, and once you have established it, then write it down.

You can take a large piece of cardboard and divide it into twelve, twelve months of the year, and in each segment place a month and in that segment write what your goal is, what your ideas are and what you would like to focus on considering January He is leading them like a person. If you have a variety of inspirational letters, take one at random asking what the message is for January and write it in the segment located in that month, and this is done on January 1st.

On January 11 we have our first activation key for 2009, it is also the day when Mercury becomes retrograde as a planet specifically for the year 2009, and January offers many opportunities to gain a great understanding of what is transpiring Within your inner world, you and everything about you. On this day 11 we begin to anchor the energies that Mary Magdalene and Mrs. Nada have been working in the last 2 years, my precious ones, is the first light activation that brings the Promise of a New Life, which is the theme of 2009. It is the day where the masculine and feminine energies are brought through the vibrations of the sacred Roses of Magdalena bringing the essence of unconditional love to the energy field of Mother Earth and for all human beings who have the will to receive it ...

It is the time to walk directly into the light of self-mastery. 2009 as a whole, sustains the teacher's vibrations much more than before and be prepared to understand that the teachers who work with you as well as your complete mastery and Christ Self of Light will push you in the direction to obtain that self-mastery.

On the second day of January they will be leading the February energies. This is a good time to look at everything that is material in your life, in other words, your material assets, your finances and anything else that belongs to you.

The energies of February bring an important vibration to Mother Earth because it is a vibration of love holding a very fine but strong thread of high knowledge, relative to understanding your creative potential and your ability to manifest balance by understanding how they handle the material aspects of your life. It is a time to ask yourself what it is like or what it does or doesn't do, think or don't think it impacts your material environment negatively.

The time has come to gain more understanding of your relationship with money, your relationship with your material possessions, whether it means simplifying it or allowing yourself to acquire that which represents your chance to move to a larger dimension. of abundance It is of vital importance that they use the energies of February to break every pattern embedded in the consciousness of poverty in relation to money and specifically in material possessions.

On February 2 and February 22 there will be two major activations, on Day 2 there is an opening of a portal which will suck, so to speak, many levels of poverty awareness to which tied status, belief systems, attitudes they have adopted and made part of their identity. If these are negative and debilitating, the impulse to let them go and begin to open your heart and mind and consider what it would be like to have a life flowing more freely specifically in the space of money and possessions. The reason we are focusing on this in February is because of the loving energy within this month and when they direct their possessions and money from a perspective of love rather than from fear and greed, it creates a foundation. that can feed for a long time what will come.

The energy of February 22 that let me tell you, is an energy of high frequency of abundance that comes to the Earth plane to the vibrational belt of consciousness. This will challenge people's attitudes and beliefs regarding money and an impartial exchange of energy, and those who believe that things have to be delivered for free because it is spiritual or religious in nature, so they will be physically in Debt to the person who is being offered or also feel obligated to give it for free, so be very careful. Do you really want this karmically in debt to other people because they are demanding something that is free?

Then February teaches the importance of an impartial change of energy. February comes to sustain the awareness of prosperity and remove the awareness of poverty. So, ask yourself if they are in the business of the consciousness of prosperity or if they are in the business of the consciousness of poverty? No matter what they are exchanging, it is still a creative energy and indeed everything on Earth that is purchased, comes directly from the creative energy of Father / Mother God, a piece of furniture is no less creatively inspired than a sacred text .

So the month of February outlines the same procedure that I suggested for the month of January in the cardboard they are creating.

March offers them the opportunity to embrace the aspects of themselves that are reflected through their siblings, through their neighbors and through their environment in which they work and where they live. This is when the Brotherhood and Fraternities of Divine Light and Love come to form a sacred union of divine triplicity; This divine triplicity is the energy of Father God, Mother Goddess and the Golden Child. It is the pyramid of prosperity that seeps into this particular realm of your life and offers the opportunity for a deep healing to take place.

By March 3 the activation key is held within the sacred pyramid of abundance and prosperity by Lord Metatron, Lord Hilarion, Lady Nada and Mary Magdalene. This is where communities are given the opportunity to resolve any conflict with their siblings, with their neighbors and with their surroundings. Open your heart to the infinite creativity of the source of our creators and use this time to complete the areas of your lives that are causing conflict and bring to you the space of peace and harmony.

March 13 is the activation of the Central Ray of Light that comes through this powerful pyramid of the Earth and is also in Sirius. This Golden Pyramid has been sustained by Sirius for a specific purpose, the vibrations that come from Sirius open the sacred chakra and the third eye chakra to receive the divine light of our Creators, and then this penetrates the solar plexus and chakra of the throat opening the creative channels to express and speak this creativity to bring peace. To bring harmony so that what is spoken is released and released, instead of bonds and abuse.

Once again follow the same procedure for the 1st and 2nd and do this in each segment that you have located for each month of the year.

In April they will not only be presented with the energy of "death" and rebirth for the celebration of "Easter" but also are enveloped by the energy of Father Sun and all male archetypes, the myth of the Gods brings you a new structure and how they have worked with the Earth, worked on the Earth and across the Earth. April 4 begins the process of removing the "dead skin", so to speak; While these layers are removed, they undergo death as the crucifixion and four days later, specifically in this case, they experience the rebirth of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This Easter asks you to look and see how you crucify yourself and others looking exclusively at the male part of your life, perhaps your relationship with your father, brothers, if you have them, husbands, lovers and everything that represents the father figure to you. It is very important because a new foundation is established for you.

April 14 brings them to be another layer of this new foundation and on April 24 the energy is sealed and they are ready to move to the fifth month. During the month of May specifically on the key of May 5, your inner child will come to the surface of your consciousness to reveal to you what needs to be addressed. Those of you who have their own children or who are child custodians, will be the receptacles through which your inner child will communicate with you. I suggest you use this particular month to focus on your inner child, if they have children, spend time with them than nurturing them, they nurture their own inner child. It is the time where they travel through space and time to the inner realms of being extracting the pearls of wisdom that your inner child has held within its shadow of high wisdom, as well as removing the luggage and the heavy issues that have been being carried, waiting patiently for you to be ready to address them.

By May 15 they reach the point where the inner child takes them deep, deep to the temple of your truth, which will show them important knowledge in relation to your original belief, your original truth that was put in place at the time of birth. This part of you will guide you through the process of recognizing when you adopted a false attitude or belief, when you surrendered your power and how to claim it. May 25 is the day this is sealed so that they take what they have healed and move to the next state of the creative process of your life.

This takes them to the month of June and in 6 of 6 the energy of Christ penetrates the heart chakra; there are twelve rays in total that will be coming through Jupiter from Sirius, Pleiadas, Arcturus, Venus, Mars, the Moon, the Sun. They will also be receiving rays from the constellation of Cassiopeia, from the constellation of Bootes, from the constellation of Scorpio and of the constellation of Sagittarius who will also be contributing to the twelve rays.

These gather in a group of powerful light and will come to rest in the heart chakra and this will open certain doors of opportunities to serve, and these energies will have an influence on your daily life. It is a time where you will benefit immensely in your life from the ceremonial and the ritual as a ritualistic process, in other words, from the daily life, the daily routines are ritualistic processes and when you do that with knowledge, you begin to see the essence of the Spirit within of daily activities, and that becomes a meditation within itself and that is when they begin to understand that they are serving the being, serving others and serving God, when they have knowledge of the sacred ritual of daily living.

The reason I am suggesting you do this is because it brings you to the present moment and roots you into this vital time of change, which will come through all the points of the heart chakra of Mother Earth's body specifically on June 16. of 2009 - on that particular day Mary Magdalene will bring sixty-six energy pillars of glass in the form of Columns of Magdalena Roses, this will add depth to the ability to reach fluid love and express fluid love, and it is during that time that the energy of the Fluid love will wash through the Earth and through the hearts of humanity and on June 26 the process will be sealed and they will be ready to begin the next step of their journey to move to the month of July.

On July 7, Lord Merlin comes and presents himself to humanity with another opportunity to enter the inner realms of one's inner magic, the alchemist. It is the time where the inner child can open completely to the infinite meeting of creativity, imagination and freedom to express once again the energy of magic, and also miracles are manifested within your energy, within your hearts or within Your physical reality This is the time to look at your life in relation to your associates and how they contain them or impede your ability to fully reach the inner world of magic in order to experience the full essence of magic and miracles in your life.

We suggest that during the seventh month take your time to address what they want from themselves, what they want from their partners - in romance and in your career and most importantly that partner with himself and develop a kind of Contract with yourselves. The reason we have suggested these seven months is because of the vibrations of magic and miracles that exist within that particular template.

On July 17, the Great Brotherhood (masculine) and the Fraternity (feminine) of the Light, takes that contract to the sacred chambers within the Hall of Amenti and will be sustained in the spirit of love, joy and peace to honor that contract for yourself, and you can truly understand how powerful it is to formulate a relationship with yourself, seeing yourself as a partner, because this will flow to any other partner in your life and will bring rapid healing and of course the manifestation of magic and miracles, it is on July 27 that energy is sealed within the field of light.

As they move to the month of August they greet the powerful energies of the great Central sun, and on August 8, the Solar Farm opens its world and expands even more than the last time they greeted it in the celebration of 8.8, and are still directed more deeply in the light of the Sun within your heart and are brought to a deep understanding of what abundance is, and on that particular day of 8: 8 that the almighty lion known as Lord Sian connected to Lord Toth and God Horus, as well as Jupiter's energy, will find that a complete new burst of energy drives them forward to anchor the Sun in their hearts and lives. It will be another time to experience certain levels of "death" (with inverted commas) and while they die in those old ways, they find that the light of the Sun brings your power back very quickly. This is a time where you can formulate very harmonious relationships and

The golden vibrations of the Pray of Truth that come through the imprint of the Golden Lion will completely complete its anchorage on August 28. As you enter the month of September open a powerful spiritual cleansing and wake up on the 9th of 9th of 2009 and it is on this day that nine hundred and ninety-nine Archangels of light will be assigned to sustain the energy field of Mother Earth in perfect alignment and in perfect harmony with the Ninth Universe of unconditional love and the Promise of a New Life. It is on this day 9 of 9 that you will see how the Promise of the New Life has adorned your life and how the change has already been manifested for you.

By September 19 you will experience a magnificent rebirth of being or some area of ​​your life, and you will experience a spiritual awakening that is this spirit, the essence that animates you, that reveals to you the power of unconditional love and anchors the energy completely within the heart on September 29.

October 1 offers you opportunities to establish new ideas and new energy belonging to the physical world of creativity in relation to your work, your career and in everything you do with the purpose that supports your life . This is the time where they decide to make very important decisions and changes in relation to how they support themselves or, they can decide that what they are doing does not sustain them anymore, also on an emotional, spiritual, mental level of Physical and will take important steps to change this.

In 10 of 10 the Heralds of the Light of prosperity and unconditional love, open thirteen portals that allow this energy to flow to the collective body of Mother Earth so that humanity begins to feel these new energies and open its own energies It is to absorb the collective energy that will take place in the twelfth month.

The 10 of the 10 is a very important day of total rooting of oneself within another level of your power as a creator, as a provider, as a demonstrator and person who has taken responsibility for their lives, their creations and their abilities to manifest the best life possible. This particular energy will remain at a very high intensity until November 11.

On 11 of 11 open a beautiful new energy honoring the Earth presented to mankind for two hundred and twenty-six sacred Goddesses of the New Earth.

These Goddesses come from kingdoms beyond the consciousness of the Earth's sphere. As they stand in the body of Mother Earth then there will be a wave of new hope, new ideas and the preparation to move to a different kingdom in terms of living, creating and being. The energy of the Earth will specifically be very intense since November 2009 and there is a great change that comes specifically for 2010, so everything that will work until that month of November prepares you for a very important moment, prepares them for the changes that come in 2010. They will see this as an opportunity to prepare for a very important trip making sure that everything is in place in all areas of your life, and that they have worked through many aspects that could be debilitating, should no longer be there to address them.

On November 21 the light and power of what we could call the Auto Guerrero that part of you that will come out and fight the fight if needed, and When I speak of fighting the fight I speak of going out, taking action and total responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your actions, actions wherever they are needed so that your world is sustained within the sphere of peace and harmony, however strong, harmonious and firmly rooted in the light of his empowered being.

Then this moves them to the frequencies that will come and greet at the Universal Solstice on 12/12. This is the time where collective consciousness absorbs the energies that have been coming for the year 2009, accommodated and assimilated to create an exquisite pattern that then allows this, the propagation of the new tapestry of life so that it is completely woven in every aspect of your life.

On December 21, 2009 as well as December 22, 2009 will be two very important days because they start the activation of the energy that will bring the energy of what we call “The Third Wave of Ascension” that will be between 21 and 22 of December 2010. This will be the final phase for the preparation of humanity for the great wave of final ascension that will begin its cleaning process in October 2011, which will lead all the way to December 21, 2012.

So, beloved, now is the time to truly open your heart to open your eyes to yourself, to your life, and watch what you are or are not doing to make sure you are ready when these waves of ascension come. We are making sure that you have the information you need in order to look through the times ahead of you, that there are more great changes to come, beloved, there is no country that will not be affected by these changes, There is no human being on your planet who will not be touched in some way or another by these changes. Thus each year that completes its cycle the following is even more intense in the ratio that brings that which will allow them to be liberated and empowered and move beyond what has caused poverty, weakness, fear, abuse, conditional love and anything that apart from love and power.

They have experienced the intensity of the construction of the Second Wave of Ascension on December 21, 2008 and now begin the next level. Each level contains new challenges, it is the graduation to the new world, a high world and they must be prepared and willing to face these energies with maturity and responsibility, precious, it is how they empower themselves, how they become the alchemist teacher and completely manage your Christ being of light and guide them out of the prison of destiny that the government has had in many areas of their life. They have been given the opportunity to get out of the grid of destiny between now and 2011, if it is your will, if they have the true will to be a co-creator, a true alchemist, then they must have the will to "Fight the fight" taking into account my definition of these words. This is truly an auspicious time that lies before you.

By December 28, 2009 they will have recalibrated every area of ​​their life; If there is an area that they have not been able to solve, then we suggest that they focus on that before December 28 and take a look at what they have been avoiding so they do not take it to the new year of 2010 as something disturbing, so so much our suggestion is that on 12 of 12 look at the cardboard that they have now created and see how your year has developed, and on 12 of 12 they address any area of ​​their life that they feel they have not experienced the level of change they had anticipated, and on the day of the Universal Solstice establish the intention with the Heralds of Light that this particular area of ​​your life come now under the rays of the Great Central Sun and reveal to you what you have lacked, so you can solve anything in that area of Your life that needs resolution.

This is an important creative process that you can do every single year, this helps you stay in the moment, keep them in the present and guide you to what each month contains for you. That is why we suggest you do this process in the first twelve days of January. If you prefer to do everything in one day you are more than welcome to do it but then be attentive to your thoughts, your feelings and your actions during the first twelve days of January because the energy will extend to the months of the year. So be alert, alert, consciously connected to those first twelve days knowing that you are consciously creating an energy signature for each month of the year to come. Your destiny is yet to come and meet you during that time and whatever it is necessary to develop in order to handle certain lessons, but when you face those lessons firmly, with courage and willingness to handle them, I assure you my beloved ones will fully embrace the archetype of the warrior and you will see that the year 2009 will be a very powerful one for you, one where you fully embrace and make yours, the Promise of the New Life.

Use these tools wisely, use your conscious ability to prepare for what is to come. Be flexible, keep your heart, your mind and spirit, open to receive. Take time to review your life and I suggest perhaps, choose a day at the end of the month during the last week to reflect on what they have experienced during the month and extract the prizes, thanking what they have learned, acquiring and fully integrating those qualities. They will be surprised at how they gain more strength in that and will experience at a new and complete level in terms of your spiritual strength and emotional maturity, strength and emotional maturity, mental acuity and ability to recognize a pattern instantly and the ability to love themselves and encompass your world from the perspective of the Conscious Master.

Beloved, 2009 brings many gifts and powerful opportunities for you to establish the state for the next five years of your life and ensure that you have a solid foundation for these coming changes in the next three years. They have the power, we have the information and using the combination of love and wisdom, everything can happen. Believe in your power, have the courage to claim it, this is the year to truly prove to yourself how powerful and how resistant and exquisite they are.

Know that we are always present walking with you, guiding you, protecting and serving you and knowing that everything is and will be well in your world.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai


Translation: Magaly Gonzalez Vigouroux

Johannesburg, South Africa- December 13, 2008

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