Mother Earth via Pamela Kribbe: Receiving the New Earth in You, Part 2

  • 2019

So there are two currents in you: the oppressive thoughts created by the fear of what will happen in the future, by the fear of those around you and by the unknown danger; and at the same time, there is that wonderful flow from their hearts and the desire to be in the present and surrender to life. They are here now, with all their conscience, and feel the silence.

I am going to change and I feel that what you want is to come with me, because the time has come to change. There has been much pain, much suffering on Earth ; a deep struggle for humanity, especially with herself. Fear and judging herself have deeply affected her. It is as if they no longer knew how to live; The naturalness is gone. You must look deep within yourself to find your most spontaneous impulses, your deepest inspiration, because you have learned to live on the periphery, the outer limits of who you are.

My mission is to shine your light

This is something really sad, and I notice it as one of the greatest pains in people : they have become accustomed to ignoring their unique, unlearned impulses. They are no more true to what lives within them, in their original being, which has a unique brightness for each one, because each one is different.

It belongs to my internal mission to combine many life forms on this planet in a harmonious way. My highest ideal is that each being, in its own way, can let its light shine, and then that all those unique forms of lights come together in a beautiful totality, a gem of many colors. The promise of a new Earth is that everyone elevates their own potential and that everyone is exactly perfect, precisely in their own way. This is the necessary step to make the unit more complete .

It is my greatest inspiration to shape that promise, which is why I call you to believe in what you are, to return to your own centers. You want this from your hearts and you don't want more than this. However, there are also voices of the old, of the fear that causes them to resist. Those voices that tell them that it should not be this way, that it is not the intention, that they should fit, that they should adapt, that they should not be different.

Observe your own fear

Feel that voice of fear for a moment, the energy you want to retain and keep away from your radiant self. Do not analyze that impulse from your head, but feel it from the silent space of your hearts. Do not try to analyze where that voice comes from, instead feel for a moment inside the tone of that energy and what it does with you.

Fear is often the origin of many emotions, such as the need for control or power, to defend oneself, to be unhappy or tense so they can never really relax. Fear is almost always the root emotion of the other emotions. Try to look at it with kindness as a flow that exists and that has determined this Earth with all its life forms .

Look at fear and you can see a color around you, or feel the vibration that emanates from that flow of fear . Watching him consciously, they detach themselves from him, rise above him. They can even feel the fear itself in their bodies while he retains them, in their muscles, in their hearts, in their stomachs, inside. However, when you observe it consciously, something transforms into it. You say, " I see you, fear, but I don't go to your side ." Fear can only become permanent if it feeds, for example, on its thoughts . ”

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

SOURCE: Channeled by Pamela Kribbe


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