Message from the Arcturian Master: Method to raise awareness and enter other dimensions

  • 2018

This is a very old technique taught by the Arcturians and since our chakra system is very similar to humans , this method will also work for you . This method will allow you to go up and down on the dimensional scale. Once you have mastered this technique, your consciousness will enter into all dimensions . Your physical body will remain in your three-dimensional continuum, but your consciousness will be free to go to the other dimensions.

This method has mysterious effects on breathing. When consciousness focuses on one point, as is the case during mediation, brain activity changes. After such a period of mental focus your breathing will become more shallow and there will be times when it will stop completely.

These “ruptures” of the breathing cycle will indicate that you have entered a deep state of consciousness and then you will be able to penetrate other dimensions.

In this meditation technique we could compare the breath with a pony. If you try to control it, it will not obey, but if you let it evolve at will, it will be attracted by your concentration, relaxes and becomes more superficial.

Finally when you master the technique, it will stop. Do not worry about it. This will not be a sign that he will die, but that he has entered a state of deep passivity . Your conscience will be released from the chains of the physical world and you can move at will in various dimensions.

One last consideration before disclosing the method. It is a simple matter of protection. Specifically, it will protect you when you enter other dimensions of consciousness, it is your vibrational state that determines your other dimensions, that is, the total vibration of your being, including its high aspects and its unresolved negative aspects.

It will be easier for most people to imagine themselves within a pure diamond. The most advanced individuals who have already made contact with themselves and with their inner Light, only have to perceive it around them when they enter into meditation .

Now find a comfortable position to sit for a certain period of time. The more often you practice this practice, the longer your meditation period will last . Make sure you are sitting comfortably. In general it is better that your spine is relatively straight. If you lie down, you are very likely to fall asleep.

Although it is possible to enter other dimensions during sleep, you will be less likely to remember the experience

Then and after adopting the desired position, it allows the chosen protection, either diamond or clear light. Then direct your attention to a point in a width of your hand above your head. Focus on the highest point reached by the fingers (otherwise, place your hands in the prayer position above the head to determine the correct location).

Then, take your hands to a position where you are more comfortable and without the least tension.

Simply place your consciousness there, that resides there like a feather in the hollow of your hand. In the early stages of this meditation and as you learn the method, I suggest you limit yourself to doing it for five minutes and when you feel comfortable with this period of mental attention directed on the crown chakra.

We call this point KURA, which means "door in eternity." The word Na means "meditation, " so the word Nakura means "meditation at the door of eternity."

It is a pleasure and an honor for me to present to the human community this method of entry other dimensions of consciousness.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Message from the ESU (Arcturian Master)

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