Message from the Divine Mother: I am the mother, father and the source of everything

  • 2019

Today I come to you with a message of peace, hope and tenderness, because as you are the children of the Source, you are also my children. When he walked the earth he knew me only as a humble woman whose son had a purpose that he could barely understand.

As he grew in his conscience, he listened with respect, amazement and reverence. I drank from the source of love, wisdom and being that he shared and yet guided him in his human actions as any mother would.

In my person I could not understand the cruelty of humanity in someone's life with so much love, but I trusted that there was a greater plan. When he rose again and looked into my eyes, with the power and strength of such a strong love, I remembered who he really was and who we really are all .

In a way he initiated me into this memory and for the rest of my life on earth, I knew the Presence of God within me and others as well . As a mother and as a being who now knew the true nature of the Divine, I dedicated myself to pray for humanity to know this love and continue this mission from the heavens.

This is a love that unites us all

Perhaps due to my role on earth, I predominate as the feminine aspect of the Divine. I speak to you from the perspective of that awareness . I also resemble humanity from time to time, always speaking in a way that suits the spiritual beliefs and practices of those to whom I present myself. There is a great purpose in every encounter.

As with all aspects of the Creator, I live within each of you, men or women. As the feminine aspect of the Divine, I live in her tenderness, her care, her compassion. I live in its soft strength and intuitive wisdom. I live within the parts of you that want to give birth not only the divine consciousness in the form or the children, but also most importantly, the divine consciousness that is within your being.

Ask me to bring Christ into your body and addressing the light. I speak to you from a perspective beyond any religious ideology. Call me to nurture the Divinity within in a larger expression. Ask me to take care of you and relieve you when you want to offer more love, even when you feel you can no longer.

Call me when you want to connect more deeply with the inner Divinity. Call me, my dear, when you need God to come to you in the form of a mother who loves you without conditions .

Literally, I do not ask my son to do favors and grant him mercy, but I ask the Divinity that is within you and the Christ within you, to rise to bring inherent help, mercy, grace, assistance and love, which is part of its very nature. I ask the creation to support him .

I call my earthly sons and daughters with whom I feel they would have a kind interaction, since although I played the role of Mother of Christ, I now realize that I am one with the mother / father / source of everything.

So you are dear children. I am here for each of you regardless of religion or belief, in the form of Mary and in many different ways, to help nurture the Divine light within your soul and in a glorious expansion, in your heart, in your homes and in their life.

I love.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Ann Albers

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