The trip to the truth by Archangel Michael

  • 2019

The Journey to the Truth It is an amazing and authentic anecdotal teaching that the Archangel Michael wants to express to us through a message Channeled through Natalie Glasson, you will love it!

The trip to the truth by Archangel Michael

Such a beautiful, powerful and radiant soul manifests itself in a physical body on Earth. (The trip to the truth)

It is my desire to share with you a story to express my guidance and wisdom in this moment of your growth.

Such a beautiful, powerful and radiant soul manifests itself in a physical body on Earth .

We will label the soul Joseph, allowing the soul to take a male physical form. Joseph is now an adult adult and has spent a lot of time discovering and learning about the world that exists on Earth.

The light that was so bright at his birth still remains, but Joseph is no longer aware of this aspect of his being; Your mind and aura have been filled with other ideas, distractions and desires.

Joseph feels that something is missing from his reality, he longs for something but cannot identify what is lost so much. He feels sadness inside him, even when he is happy and things feel good.

Joseph decides that he should allow himself to escape and embark on a journey, he does not know where he will go or what he will do, but freedom gives him a feeling of euphoria and enthusiasm. Decide that, although you want to travel, you will walk everywhere to be able to trust only yourself .

Joseph starts packing some bags, not realizing how long he will be outside or where he will go, packs many clothes, tools to help him survive and even books to have fun on his trip.

Leave your home loaded with bags, but can not feel the weight they have, their enthusiasm is carrying it forward and knowing that you will need all these items allows the bags to feel extremely light.

Start walking with a spring in its path; He is not sure where he is going, but he decides to be creative in his decisions.

Gradually, the bags begin to become a burden, his enthusiasm has faded and he begins to curse the bags and himself for bringing them.

He no longer feels free but tied, as he had felt before leaving. He sits down and begins to rummage through his bags, throwing unnecessary things until he has a small bag that contains the basics of what he will need to survive.

Leave your unnecessary items at the foot of someone's door with a note that tells them to take what they want and share the rest . Again his enthusiasm has increased.

After a long day of creative decisions, he is next to a river and decides to rest against a tree.

He takes out his book and starts reading, entering completely into the fantasy world of the book. The wind begins to weave through the trees on the riverbank, blowing its book through the ground.

Remember that nothing on Earth can create an identity for you; Your true identity is your soul and the Creator.

Joseph has very few belongings and the day is getting dark, he begins to wonder why he wanted to escape from his reality, why he thought that the reality he created for himself would be better than his previous reality.

She still felt like she was carrying so many bags, so many loads and wondered if there was any beauty, freedom and emotion in the reality of the Earth for him to experience .

The wind continued to move roughly through the trees while Joseph clung tightly to his body and his clothes for warmth and comfort. He felt as if the wind was speaking to him even if he didn't hear any voice .

The wind was showing him that he had to let all his loads fly. Joseph began to think about all the things he had done of which he felt ashamed, he just let the wind carry them . Emotions and energetic wounds to be dragged on the wind wave.

He wondered what else was there to let him go and realized that he should send his forgiveness in the wind wave to the people he blamed for hurting him or doing evil in the past, he had let himself be hurt.

He already felt that his body was much lighter and could feel the sadness that had been with him always relieved and yet the wind was still blowing vigorously around him.

He challenged himself as to what was left to let go. He realized that he had already turned away from the people around him when embarking on this trip, he still loved them deeply, but now he knew that if he had to be alone, he would be perfectly happy and could take care of himself .

Still holding his body tightly, he realized something that needed his attention. He had to let go.

He had to let the wind take away all his perceptions of himself, the ideas he had formed about himself, good or bad, the way he spoke to himself, the things he loved and hated about himself, as well as his dreams and desires for the future that he had built in his mind from the influences of his personality and other people.

Slowly he began to release himself physically and with energy. He was glad that large pieces of himself took him and waited anxiously to see what was left. He broke into a torrent of tears, it hurt him so much to release certain ideas of himself, but he was also full of so many things, Joy and freedom .

As he fell asleep, he plunged into the dream of a tree shot from the ground of the Earth.

He watched as the tree grew and grew in strength and character. The tree was tied to a place for his life and yet he kept that freedom within his reality.

Then he felt himself like a tree that shot from the ground of the Earth right next to the first tree.

He could feel concern in his body about growing too close to the other tree. He grew taller and taller and his anxiety grew.

Then the wind blew once more and reminded him to put aside his anxiety and just watch .

Joseph allowed the wind to carry his anxiety and worry, to his astonishment as a tree, he began to merge with the first tallest tree.

As he slipped into the energy and consciousness of the tree, he realized that he had accepted tremendous freedom within his being .

Although he could not move from his location, he felt strong and free of burdens, he felt clear within his mind, heart and emotions.

Nothing bothered him anymore, he understood that he didn't have to be like other people, he didn't need to have what others created, he could be himself and be happy in the reality he creates for himself .

He knew that if some energy, thought or emotion rose within him to defy the freedom and peace he had created, he could only ask the wind to take them away as long as he was ready to give them to them .

He appreciated being able to live happily with many things around him or could basically live, Joseph also understood that if it started to rain, hail or snow, then he would remain happy and that external experiences could not destroy peace, strength and The freedom he had manifested inside .

A bright sun shone on him while he existed as a tree, he had acquired all the consciousness of the first tree and now he felt a tremendous unity and connection with everything . The sun seemed to keep shining brighter; It was as if thousands of lights were dancing around him.

He imagined himself opening his chest to the light and allowing the light to flood his being. He suddenly woke up from his sleep, it was morning and he had been asleep all night with his back against the base of the tree.

His body felt electrified, full of light. He wondered if it had all been a dream, but remembered the pain as he explored his energy.

A knowledge came from within. You have freed yourself from the influence of the general consciousness of humanity, you have given yourself the freedom to think and feel as you wish, not of your personality or the influence of others, but of your soul . I am your soul and I am here to guide you forward.

Let's start now on the real journey together. In your dream you merged with a bigger tree, that was me, we are only one Joseph. I observed that his body is full of light, I observed his heart and his mind, they are open and clear.

My energy is always here as a friend to guide you. Remember that nothing on Earth can create an identity for you; Your true identity is your soul and the Creator .

Joseph stood up and stretched his body, he felt different. What will we do, he asked himself and the answer came instantly.

I hope you enjoyed my story, there are many messages within the words and ideas for you to contemplate and integrate into your reality, it is for you to allow your own soul to show you the messages, since each person can see something different.

You may find it beneficial to read the message once more and write all the messages or wisdom that comes your way.

I think this message is appropriate for the times we are experiencing on Earth and within the universe of the Creator now.

With angelic love, protection and support,

Arc Miguel Angel

Thinking of all the things he had done that he felt ashamed of, he just let the wind carry them. (The trip to the truth)

Author : William Hern n Estrada P rez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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