The mysteries of the Major Arcana

  • 2018

The mysteries of the Major Arcana are many and very numerous . In fact, his study, if so desired, never ends, since there are always nuances and new interpretations to come. That is why today we want to enter fully into an extensive article about this generous world, full of symbolism and intuition.

Because, what has been said, an intuitive person, with a high spiritual level, will be able to make a very complete interpretation of the Tarot . Moreover, even his letters can be released to human beings who govern his life by the mathematical, rationality, analysis and the earthly.

A detailed interpretation depends on many factors, but if done well, fantastic results can be obtained. In addition, they handle information that deserves detailed calculation and study, since, as much as some consider it superchery, it is actually structural and organizational .

Of course, before launching into the study of tarot, it is necessary to know the cards well. You have to observe them, touch them, describe them and even enjoy them. They deserve a detailed analysis, discover how we react to them, see how they affect our emotions and feelings, what they cause in our spirit, body and mind ... What catches your attention? Intuition will be your wisest guide .

The 22 mysteries of the Major Arcana

In total, the Major Arcana are divided into 22 cards with various interpretations . So, in a detailed and careful way, we are going to observe some interpretations that we will find in the tarot, and that can be of vital importance to make the correct reading. With this useful information, it will be easier for you to study this world and know it in detail. Do you dare to enter?

0 Major Arcanum, the Fool

We start at the beginning, as it should be, focusing on the interpretation of the Major Arcana, known as the Madman, and which is represented without numbering, this is its nature. In this case, it symbolizes the lack of common sense, but its meaning goes much further. It is also synonymous with an enormous strength of will and skills to bring to fruition any project that is presented.

In addition to the aforementioned, the Fool is a spirit in search of experiences and training . However, despite demonstrating a bold and daring spirit, it can also be imbued with some extravagance, not always positive, and even come to terms such as negligence as a result of poor reflection.

It should also be added that this Arcane could be a symbol of imbalance, disorientation and immaturity. And all this, in addition, could be accompanied by superficiality, lightness and indiscretion.

The Crazy Inverted

But, if this Major Arcana has seemed dangerous to you when it appears in a roll, it is no less if it arises inverted. You will know, and if not, we explain it delighted here, that a coin has two sides, one more positive, and one less . It is like the universal balance, the Ying and the Yang.

In the case of tarot, it happens exactly the same. Letters may appear reversed, that is, backwards, so that their meaning is twisted.

In the case of the Madman, who is already a very dangerous and daring Arcane, the significance is not much less positive when he appears in an inverted roll. In this case, it can symbolize obsession and excessive passion, even reaching a mental illness.

It is undecided, irrational and even apathetic, so its appearance is synonymous with excessive complications . And, speaking of excesses, it is also a meaning of falls, dropouts and wrong decision making. It is a letter that implies madness, as its own representation is printed.

When this first inverted Arcane appears, he is involving the person in a mental war that has him at the limit of controlling his emotions and his psyche. And, if you have embarked on a trip, it is also being a clear example of obstacles along the way . It is not necessary that this trip be physical, it can also be figured, as a venture or a personal or professional adventure.

I Major Arcanum, the Magician

Now let's look at the second and wise Major Arcana that exists in every tarot deck, and in this case he is known as the Magician . In addition, he is also called the Alchemist.

When this card appears in a tarot roll, we find that we face a person with great initiative . In addition, it is an intelligent being, capable of acting spontaneously, and that can become an energy catalyst focused on acts and actions.

A person who receives the Magician in his roll, is an emancipated from any prejudice, since he is an autonomous being, with full possession of his faculties, capable of overcoming any pitfall by his own means.

We must also remember that these people are eloquent, with great skills and abilities in life, both socially, spiritually and personally. In addition, it focuses on diplomatic profiles, which can act wisely, running through the fine threads of touch and elegance.

Finally, we must remember that the Magician, this second Major Arcana of the tarot deck, is a great speaker, and usually finds good jobs related to diplomacy, law or politics.

The Inverted Magician

However, and despite the many benefits of this arcane of the tarot, we also find that, if the card appears reversed, the skills of eloquence and diplomacy become much darker .

In this case, if the Magician appears inverted, we find a person who does not have or know the scruples . He is a arribista being, lover of all kinds of intrigues, mainly palatial.

This may be the clear profile of a trickster, also known as a scammer, pillo and charlatan.

However, there are other characteristics that describe these beings, and that is that we are faced with undecided people, with hardly any will, easily corruptible due to their ineptitude. He will barely show social and personal skills, but he will be the owner of great insecurity.

Finally, it should be noted that we could face the profile of a person whose willpower, in this case, not precisely weak, is focused only on bad ends, on the h Negative debits and to your own advantage over others.

II Major Arcanum, the Priestess

We are going to know the II Major Arcana of the tarot, in this case, called the Priestess . Undoubtedly, a letter of great power and benevolence, since it symbolizes abilities, behaviors and talents of good degree, such as patience and discretion, so little abundant today in the world, and so necessary, on the other hand.

In addition, this arcane, when going out on a roll, can also be a sign of silence and recollection . That is, it could be talking about a reserved person, with a great tendency to meditate, almost self-absorption, but not from a negative point of view.

That is, this arcane can be an example that a thoughtful decision has been made . Also to be before a modest person, without great needs except their own well-being.

Finally, add that we can consider this arcane as a symbol of piety, resignation and reserve, all of them, in their right measure, excellent properties in humans.

The inverted priestess

Once again, the meaning of the Major Arcana changes radically when their card appears reversed. In this case, its meaning is usually not positive. In fact, the Priestess can represent a spiteful person, full of laziness and hidden intentions.

This letter could also be a symbol of a sneaky human being, but capable of hiding large doses of bigotry and intolerance.

In addition, we can face a heavy human being, with an always passive attitude, but in a negative sense, becoming a huge burden.

Finally, add that this arcane, once inverted, is synonymous with discomfort and tension, a clumsy being in relationships manifestly.

III Major Arcanum, the Empress

We continue to meet the Major Arcana of the tarot, and now we focus on the Empress, another card of great power and excellent symbolism. In this case, the lady represents an intelligent, educated and powerfully understanding person.

Also if this card appears in a tarot roll we find an individual who enjoys great charm, affable, elegant and distinguished. That is, it carries a series of qualities of great weight and very well seen by today's society, which speaks well of its personality.

But we do not forget that the Empress represents more human qualities, such as courtesy . And, on the other hand, it is also a symbol of abundance and wealth. That is, he could be talking about an individual with money or with fullness in life, or perhaps it represents a bright and productive future.

Finally, it is also worth remembering that this tarot card is synonymous with a well-matched marriage, where sweetness prevails above all things. In addition, it is a symbol of fertility, so you could be in a state of good hope for what is to come.

The inverted Empress

And, as we have already said, everything in life has two faces, and this powerful and charming tarot card does not escape this fact either. Therefore, every time it falls inverted in a roll, we find an affected, frivolous being, who shows his pose to others, but inside is empty, is vain and flirtatious in excess.

We also find in this letter a presumptuous person, with wide disdain for everything around him, and who has around him an excessive luxury he does not need.

Here we find a person with little refinement, but who is delighted in the compliments, although he is sterile in every way, both physical and emotional and psychological, capable of discussing at any level.

IV Major Arcanum, the Emperor

We continue to delve into the world of the mystery of the Major Arcana, and now focus on the Emperor. Again we observe a powerful letter in which there is a great will and strength to carry out any project.

In addition, this letter represents the certainty and energy to carry out all entrepreneurship. Moreover, it shows a firm profile, of great constancy and rigor . He is also always positive, and never loses his breath. In fact, he is a wise person, who shows great equity, equality and accuracy.

Usually, this letter shows a person made, or who is on the right track of its realization. In addition, it is a powerful protector that is always on the positive side of things.

The inverted Emperor

On the other hand, we find the negative part that, in the tarot, as in life itself, everything and everyone has. In this case, it could not be less, and the Emperor, falling from this side in the roll, shows a stubborn person, who has completely lost his idealism and his ability to think positive.

In addition, this profile becomes an obstinate and undesirable adversary, which also represents a fall from grace . On the other hand, and at an economic and personal level, it is a symbol of loss of goods, both human and social, and physical in the case of money and power.

V Major Arcanum, the High Priest

We continue proceeding in the unveiling of arcane mysteries, and we focus our attention at this moment on the High Priest. In this case, also known as the Pope, we find a letter that shows a person who boasts his enormous wisdom .

We find a persevering profile, capable of offering excellent teachings, but also of learning. He is an equitable person, who gives very good advice, always in a generous and forgiving way of acting.

A person with power who is under the designs of this letter, speaks of someone organized, generous, who can help others, and who has a profile worth consulting, since it is not dogmatic, is in contact with his I inside and is wise and balanced.

The High Priest invested

On the contrary, when we observe the power of this Arcanum in his inverted appearance, we are facing a person who exceeds his criticism, and who, if he has power, is too judgmental and narrow-minded, that is, a moralist.

Here we observe a dangerous profile of the authoritarian being, especially as a person with power or capacity of chair. He is a theoretician plagued by limitation, with a missing practical sense, that is, a bad advisor.

In this case, we also talk about a very limited profile, which has no spiritual support and shows a bad emotional management. In addition, it is illogical, superstitious and with little capacity to act in a coherent and rational manner.

VI Major Arcana, the Lovers

We continue our slow but firm walk through the world of tarot to focus now on the VI Major Arcana of the deck, also known as the Lovers, a beautiful card with positive connotations about love .

And, the Lovers, as we can imagine by their symbolism, show a person who is faced with a dilemma, and has the need to make a decision and make a choice.

It should be noted that this letter also symbolizes love between two people, not necessarily equal, as it can represent two opposite poles. However, it is the object of union, marriage and love.

Also add as an important detail that, beyond being a symbol of union, it is of attraction, that is, that the profile may be referring to a person who attracts or is She is attracted to another.

In addition, it is synonymous with openness and inspiration, as well as overcoming tests, as it could be symbolizing a person with great inner life in perfect harmony with the outside world, and with his own inner one as well.

The Lovers Invested

Once again, we turn to the representation of the Lovers invested, because, as we have said on numerous occasions, the tarot, like life itself, has a double face.

In this case, and just the opposite of the previous one, we find a person who has failed in love, who feels quite internal disorder because of misfortune and divorce. So, he raises setbacks of all kinds and feels that he has failed in life.

That is, we would be talking about a profile that has suffered the frustration of a marriage that has not ended as expected, and now pays the consequences.

However, it is a letter that could also refer to someone who is being dangerously tempted, and could end up seduced and falling before his lowest instincts, demonstrating an immoral, weak and pure debauchery behavior.

As you can imagine, also this card reversed in a tarot roll is a sample of fights in the couple, infidelity and pure emotional instability .

VII Major Arcanum, the Car

Our long and long walk continues as we try to unravel the mysteries of the Major Arcana, and we now focus on the VII, which is called the Car. This powerful card is the faithful representation of triumph and victory . When a person has overcome all obstacles and has conquered his final goal, it is normal to be objectified with this letter.

In addition, it can also be the symbol of a hope, sometimes even fulfilled, since it is easy to make an appearance when a pleasant news is received suddenly or unexpectedly.

Also the profiles that are governed under this Arcanum demonstrate an enormous self-control, which gives them an excellent ability to find their own destiny and weave the maps that show them what the way forward should be.

Of course, the car symbolizes a trip that can be done at an excellent speed if you have the wicker and the proper control. In fact, it usually represents people capable of showing great mental and physical strength.

The inverted car

It goes without saying that, if the inverted Car appears, its meaning is completely perverted, finding all kinds of negative adjectives, because it ends up representing the generalized disorder .

This Arcane, when falling inverted, becomes synonymous with disease and dangerous lack of control . In fact, it could be preventing the user from a possible accident with violence in the future, or be a bearer of bad news.

It should also be added that it is a source of lack of touch on the part of the person, which shows great fatigue, both physically and mentally. That is, a being who constantly shows his bad behavior.

Finally, add that it could be influencing sensitive information, such as a future activity without rest that can end our good judgment.

VIII Major Arcanum, the Force

We introduce ourselves, arriving at the equator of our trip, in the mysteries of the VIII Major Arcana of the tarot deck, known as the Force.

In this case, we refer to an Arcanum who, despite his great power, is able to sublimate and regulate his passions, as well as keeping the lowest instincts of the human being at bay. That is, he has the strength to be someone balanced due to his iron will.

However, it is also synonymous with everything that has greatness, such as well-focused power, a sublimated vital energy or the possession and care of great love . That is, it is a spirit that dominates matter with mastery.

On the other hand, it is also synonymous with someone with great courage, inspired to achieve success, a person of action who does not stay at home lamenting, but throws himself for life.

He is also someone with a very powerful will, as well as enormous physical strength. All this allows him to control and tame the beast that he has inside, so that he has a great spirit, but does not allow excesses. He is even able to demonstrate power over the animal world.

The inverted Force

Again we encounter problems when this tarot card appears reversed. Everything that used to be greatness and control of enormous forces, now becomes ruin and discord .

This reversed card is synonymous with a weak being, unable to control his passions, which leads him to abuse his power and become a stubborn, impatient and reckless person.

On the other hand, it is also usually synonymous with someone rude, who acts with great insensitivity. He is a hard being, cruel and who is driven by uncontrolled fury.

IX Major Arcanum, the Hermit

We focus next on the Hermit, a Major Arcana who, contrary to what it might seem, has very positive attributes, such as his excellent prudence . In this case, we refer to a pilgrim of great wisdom, patience, silent and able to travel his path in line with his own being.

It is also synonymous with great spiritual advancement, so it demonstrates a circumspect being and enormous divine inspiration. It could be said that he is in constant contact with the ascendants.

It can also symbolize a person who enjoys his loneliness, and has decided to embark on a path of retirement from the world on his own.

In addition, it is synonymous with some other concepts, such as pilgrimage, or the teacher who instructs students . And it is a profile of great balance and balance, that is, ideal to progress properly in the world.

The hermitage inverted

On the other hand, and as we have already seen, it is common for an inverted Major Arcanum to completely pervert his kind meaning. In the case at hand, we have a profile that shows great immaturity and ease to fall into vices .

Also here we find a stubborn, very dark and treacherous person, with an easy tendency towards deceit. He is someone mytrope, misgynor, who could have chosen an almost sickly celibacy as a life option.

He could also be someone unsociable, either because of his dark and mischievous way of being, or because of excessive shyness. Be that as it may, it is not prudent, or it is in excess, and in a negative way, and hides hidden enmity.

X Major Arcanum, the Wheel of Fortune

In life we ​​not only depend on ourselves, there are also other outside elements that we are not able to control, and that could be synonymous with that we end up acting in a way that we do not want because of the events. When this happens, the Wheel of Fortune may appear on your tarot roll .

The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of change and evolution in positive . If it appears as usual, it is an image of success and excellent luck, so fortune accompanies you and your destiny is luminous.

But this Major Arcana also represents other signs of positivity, such as abundance or happiness .

In reference to the change, the Wheel of Fortune foreshadows new conditions, whether in life, in a business or project, etc. Be that as it may, it is synonymous with growth in the right direction.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed

On the other hand, and as we have already proven long and hard throughout this entry, life also has two faces, and the Wheel of Fortune happens that if it appears inverted in the circulation, that everything good becomes negative and dark.

In this case, he is telling us that every transformation that happens in our life can come to fruition, but it will be difficult and tumultuous . However, the objective is very likely to be achieved.

It is also a sign of negative change or setback, or of very slow progress and great delay.

XI Major Arcana, Justice

Now let's see what we can expect when the mysterious tarot card of Justice appears. In this case, we speak again of an Arcanum who shows the importance of being harmonic, and of acting with integrity and fairness.

People who find this Arcanum in their circulation tend to have profiles with very clear rules of conduct, which are firm in their purposes and are governed by fair action.

This profile represents moderate people, who can make judgments with utmost equity . To do this, they demonstrate that they have an independent and fair spirit, which allows them to maintain at all times an excellent balance in all their actions. In fact, they are aware of the sacrifices they have to make for a greater good.

The appearance of this Arcanum could also be associated with trials, marriages and divorces, or other legal matters, not necessarily related to couple issues.

Inverted Justice

If there is an Arcane who suffers especially the investment in the tarot, that is Justice. And this letter, as in life itself, when perverted, loses all its positive meaning, and is synonymous with fanatic and unfair actions .

This Arcanum could also be warning of a person who is excessively severe in the trial, and whose interpretation is based on false accusations and abuse.

In addition, it shows an insecure profile, but capable of using all kinds of tricks and tricks to succeed. That is, a person who does not have an appropriate balance to make fair judgments.

XII Major Arcana, the Hung

We continue with our extensive walk through the Arcana to discern now more about the XII, known as the Hung, and that, a priori, it might seem that it does not bring great goodness, although it is not so.

And this Arcane is synonymous with strength and wisdom . Contrary to what many consider, this letter implies that a person is able to impose self-limitations for their own good.

In addition, it is also a symbol of the prophetic power, or that the individual is facing a test or in the process of initiation.

However, we find other meanings, such as the case of redemption through sacrifice . It is also a symbol of loss, and of suspended decisions, whether they are positive or not. But we do not want to forget that you can also be telling us that you have to make a choice that cannot be lightly, it needs a contemplative process.

The inverted hanger

On the other hand, and as we have seen that it is usual, this Arcanum has highly negative implications when it appears inverted in any roll of tarot cards.

In this case, it is a serious synonym of an egocentric person who gets carried away by his own arrogance. In fact, it offers fierce resistance to the positive influences of spirituality, since it is deeply materialistic.

We cannot forget its meaning in reference to wasted effort, false prophecy and failure in any activity that tries to undertake. This is because it is a figure of openness, unable to make sacrifices and that does not have or does not know how to impose its own limits.

XIII Major Arcanum, Death

Our extensive walk through the complex and exciting world of the Major Arcana continues. In this case we leave until the thirteenth, which as we see, as we commented a few paragraphs ago, the Fool is the card considered as 0 or outside the linearity of the others.

In the case at hand, we have to remember that Death is really, beyond that of the unfortunate feeling, many of us can be approached, a synonym of transformation . Which Phoenix is ​​a meaning of something that falls, dies, and resurfaces, that is, it is reborn from its ashes with more force than ever.

That is, that this Major Arcanum reminds us that the end is coming, but not necessarily our death. That is to say, that something that is important in our lives is about to end, anything ends, such as a relationship, a disease, etc.

Also this arcane is synonymous with an improvement, a change or evolution to a higher state. That is, we become something much better, leaving behind penalties and negativities.

Inverted Death

On the other hand, when this card appears inverted, it does show us the less friendly face of life, since it is warning us of a stagnation or a petrification, something that prevents us from moving forward and evolving.

I know it can mean death literally, or the suffering of an incurable disease. Be that as it may, it is a symbol that something ends or breaks, such as a marriage, a process of opportunity that is already closed or a hope that has ended completely undone.

XIV Major Arcana, Temperance

And now we go with the XIV Major Arcana that concerns us here, Temperance. In this case, this letter warns us in the good sense that the person is patient, moderate, very adaptive and always keeps his composure carefully.

A person under the auspices of this Arcane is always reflective before acting . In addition, it shows enormous patience, so it is able to negotiate even with its opposite poles.

You can combine everything carefully, so it usually symbolizes a well-matched marriage . In addition, it demonstrates a profile with capacity for team work always harmonious, and even to be a leader and manager.

However, it can also denote great talent, extensive creativity, or something good that is yet to come. It is representative of someone hardworking, alchemical, who achieves transcendence thanks to his effort, and who possesses an enormous willpower even to unite the most opposite poles.

Inverted Temperance

But, as is common in this article, it is time to know the output of this card from the inverted tarot. If this is the situation, everything becomes less flattering, since it symbolizes disorder and conflict in its purest form .

That is, this arcane warns us that we have made a bad combination or relationship, something that could be the germ for a fight. For this reason it also means that the wreck in our professional or personal project is close, or that we suffer some kind of disorder, whether emotional or physical and psychic.

XV Major Arcanum, the Devil

The road continues through the mysteries of the Major Arcana of the tarot, and we are getting closer to the end of the list of 22. In this case we focus on the Devil, despite the possible negative connotations that many can it seems, it is actually a very positive letter in many aspects.

In this case, we find that the arcane is a symbol of destiny, which does not necessarily have to be good, could also mean a bad or tragic future.

However, it includes some benefits, such as the representation of a person with a great power of seduction . In addition, it could symbolize a blind impulse, a point of temptation, and even obsession, which does not imply fatality or negativity. That is, it could mean the right point necessary to reach a goal.

On the other hand, we find more negative points when we observe that it can be interpreted as a mental state of wide confusion, a slight or dangerous deviation from sexuality, or even a total lack of control of passions.

The Devil Inverted

If this Arcane Major was negative in its natural state, it still becomes more twisted when it appears inverted in any tarot roll. In this case it is a very harmful letter that ensures that fatality is the owner of fate .

If the roll is made for a strong person, it will be misusing that force . Otherwise, it shows a weak, blind and clearly untidy personality.

A person under the influence of the Devil is malefic, with the classic human condition that is carried away by illusions rather than by reality, to which he is not able to open his eyes.

XVI Arcane Major, the Tower

And we go from a Major Arcana not quite positive, to another that does not end up being a bird of good omen. In this case we are referring to the Tower, which has a symbology related to sudden changes, not always positive, but not negative, but that offer no alternative.

Este arcano puede ser el símbolo de un colapso o accidente, pero también de una liberación o del escape de una prisión que nos provocaba dolor, nos ataba y nos impedía ser nosotros mismos.

Asimismo, más allá de ciertas connotaciones positivas, existen otras que tampoco son halagüeñas, como los planes abocados al fracaso, o las buenas o malas intenciones que no se realizan ni se materializan. Por no hablar de una posible bancarrota e incluso la cruel muerte súbita.

La Torre invertida

Ya hemos visto este Arcano Mayor en su estado natural, y este se vuelve aún más negativo cuando está en posición invertida tras la tirada de cartas del tarot, ya que simboliza la completa confusión .

Sin embargo, también deja cierto resquicio a la esperanza, ya que podría significar el triunfo de la libertad, aunque no sin antes haber pagado un enorme coste.

Por su parte, también simboliza las acusaciones falsas y la opresión . Es más, se puede interpretar como un castigo a instancias de excesos cometidos, o incluso enfermedad. También representa a los presuntuosos que cometen errores y son incapaces de rectificar a tiempo.

XVII Arcano Mayor, la Estrella

Seguimos caminando por los senderos de la personalidad de los Arcanos Mayores, y toca ahora el turno de la Estrella. En este caso, encontramos una carta que, al contrario de lo que hemos visto con las dos últimos, sí que lanza mensajes más positivos.

La Estrella es sinónimo de esperanza . Si sale en una tirada del tarot, puede significar que vas a recibir una ayuda inesperada. También es sinónimo o símbolo de una persona con perspicacia y con claridad de visión.

Además, este arcano es significado de que una persona está inspirada y es bastante flexible . Tanto es así, que también puede simbolizar el enorme amor que se tiene por alguien y que este es completa correspondido. Además, es una carta muy espiritual que quiere hablarnos de una buena salud, tanto a nivel físico, como emocional y mental.

La Estrella invertida

Por desgracia, como ya sabes que suele suceder en el mundo del tarot, y en la vida misma, si aparece invertida, su significado se pervierte totalmente. Aquí, como con los demás arcanos, es un claro símbolo de personalidad arrogante, pesimista y testaruda .

Además, también podría estar enviándonos señales de que estamos antes una persona enferma o aquejada de alguna futura afección.

En contraposición a esto último, también es sinónimo de un perfil que ha errado en su juicio, o que su psiquis es limitada o impotente. As como podr a simbolizar el abandono, la privaci no la necesidad de reestructuraci n.

XVIII Arcano Mayor, la Luna

Vamos ahora con el siguiente Arcano Mayor de la lista, conocido como la Luna. En este caso, tambi n encontramos un influjo muy positivo si aparece esta carta de tarot en la tirada, ya que est indicando pura intuici n .

Crees que est s al borde un importante cambio en tu vida? Si es el caso, este es el Arcano que tiene amplias posibilidades de aparecer. Sin embargo, tambi n simboliza que el camino puede ser oscuro, dif cil y complejo, por lo que dichos cambios no tienen por qu ser necesariamente f ciles.

Adem s, puede simbolizar a una persona capaz de desarrollar poderes ps quicos, e incluso alguien con una poderosa mente, con una gran fortaleza.

Tambi n es el arcano encargado de diagnosticar a los navegantes, ya aquellas personas atrevidas que se lanzan a la experimentaci n. Incluso podr aparecer como s mbolo de un trabajo penoso y duro, aunque no por ello con un final u objetivo infeliz.

La Luna invertida

Por el contrario, si aparece invertida, la Luna es terriblemente peligrosa. No olvidemos que es un astro asociado a la oscuridad, por lo que podr a estar simbolizando peligros acechantes que no vemos, pero que est n ah, muy cerca.

Tambi n representa a los enemigos ocultos, esperando su turno para hacernos da o. Y, adem s, es s mbolo de la alucinaci n, la desorientaci ny el autoenga o.

A adir que podr a estar definiendo a un perfil hist rico, inestable, que solo sabe moverse por el mundo en base a los embustes y las trampas.

Es m s, podr a reflejar una persona que cree saber, pero todo cuanto conoce es falso, ya que obedece a su car cter neur tico e inestable. Es decir, un chantajista en b squeda del esc ndalo haciendo p blico cualquier secreto m so menos inconfesable.

XIX Arcano Mayor, el Sol

Seguimos con nuestro largo caminar, y tras pasar por la noche, vamos a la luz del día con el siguiente Arcano Mayor, el Sol. En este caso, encontramos una carta que muestra bastante alegría y positividad, como es la felicidad y lo material bien entendido, sin excesos.

Este arcano simboliza a un matrimonio feliz, una relación que va viento en popa, una colaboración muy positiva para todas las partes. Es decir, es in sinónimo de éxito personal.

También debemos observar que este Arcano Mayor es puro placer sin excesos, pero tampoco ambages. Es decir, es pura motivación e inspiración, es la energía que nos da fuerzas para seguir adelante con nuestros proyectos y relaciones.

El Sol invertido

Por su parte, cuando el Sol aparece invertido, todo cuanto era luz, claridad y energía, se convierte en pura molestia, en disimulo, en un ser arrogante que se deja llevar por la triste vanidad excesiva.

Aquí observamos a un ser que tiene una falta de compromiso alarmante, de ahí que pierda trabajos y oportunidades a mansalva. Es una persona que se dedica a tantear en la oscuridad, por lo que el único premio que recibe es la desorientación y un deseo exacerbado de figurar y aparecer, pero sin nada de contenido o espiritualidad.

XX Arcano Mayor, el Juicio

Veamos ahora qué nos depara el Juicio, la penúltima carta de entre todos los Arcanos Mayores de la baraja del tarot. En este caso, y siempre en sentido positivo, vamos a observar un simbolismo que nos habla de los cambios radicales, casi como si de una resurrección a una nueva vida se tratase.

En este caso, estamos observando una carta que indica un trabajo bien hecho y una vida que se lleva por los cauces más positivos. Por eso las personas bajo el influjo de este arcano tienen gran voluntad para poner en funcionamiento cualquier proyecto que quieran.

Los seres que tienen la suerte de recibir la bendición de este arcano muestran un excelente juicio y un discernimiento sobresaliente . Demuestran constantemente su poder creativo, lo que les permite tener una enorme influencia en los seres que le rodean, tanto a nivel familiar como social y profesional.

Además, encontramos a personas con una gran capacidad para el perdón y la comprensión, ya que son despiertos y ofrecen dictámenes favorables sobre los demás, y sobre sí mismos.

El Juicio invertido

Veamos ahora los procelosos mares por los que discurre el Juicio invertido. En este caso, observamos que cuanto antaño fue positivo, aquí pierde todo su buen sentido, ya que muestra perfiles de elevada vacilación espiritual .

Nos encontramos ante seres débiles, cuyos juicios son siempre faltos de valor, de ahí que les lleven a tomar decisiones equivocadas. Y es que estas personas suelen poseer enfermedades físicas y psíquicas que les impiden discernir con claridad.

Son personas tendentes a la separación y el sufrimiento, y cuyos dictámenes se centran siempre en lo adverso, por lo que postergan sus decisiones y tienen visiones erróneas de sí mismos, así como de cuanto les rodea o conocen.

XXI Arcano Mayor, el Mundo

Finalmente, acabamos ya con el último de los 22 Arcanos Mayores que se conocen en la baraja del tarot, y cuyo nombre es el Mundo. En este caso, encontramos una carta que anuncia la recepción de una recompensa .

Cuando sabes que un suceso puede tener lugar, este arcano garantiza que así será. Además, es el sinónimo de un viaje no excesivamente largo, tanto continental, como propio dentro de ti.

¿Estás enfrascado en algún negocio de compra y venta? Si es así, esta es tu carta, ya que te avisa de que adquirirás algún tipo de tierra e inmueble, y hasta puede ser que estés al borde de un cambio en tu lugar de residencia.

El Mundo invertido

Por otro lado, cuando esta carta aparece invertida, todos tus negocios pueden venirse a pique . Se debe a que vas a encontrar un gran número de obstáculos y estorbos en el camino, y todos ellos te conducen al estancamiento y el ostracismo.

Por otra parte, también es símbolo de la necesidad de trabajar especialmente duro para alcanzar los éxitos soñados, así que, si no llegas todavía, no te rindas y esfuérzate hasta el límite de tus capacidades.

Ya conocemos ampliamente los 22 Arcanos Mayores que componen la baraja del tarot actual, y que se observan en la mayoría de ellas, especialmente en el de Masella, el más clásico y acertado. Descubre sus secretos y misterios y úsalos en tu propio beneficio siguiendo un camino de luz, rectitud, bondad y espiritualidad, para lo que esta herramienta puede ser muy útil y poderosa.

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