Existential enthusiasm - Part 2 - By Roberto Pérez - Comments by Gisela

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 The first central point of this is, I'm going to take it from the Judeo-Christian tradition because I love the idea of ​​starting it from a mythological realm, right? 2 Happiness is a compromised choice 3 So happiness is not a destination, it is a challenge. 4 Then let's see what happiness is not. 5 First: Destiny is not happiness. Luck has nothing to do with happiness. 6 The second thing, which has nothing to do with it, that is, it is not happiness, is the satisfaction you have when you achieve success. 7 Third, neither is Pleasure happy.

And here if we enter the great dilemma, to discuss what is happiness ?.

I want to start by saying what happiness is not, because if I understood what happiness is not, what is the most common thing that happens, confuse what I am going to say now with happiness, we will never be, then we have to be clear about what It is not. To later be able to say it clearly and I ask you, what I always ask you, write it down, take it to keep it in other places, because although it seems easy, it is not spoken.

The first central point of this is, I will take it from the Judeo-Christian tradition because I love the idea of ​​starting it from a mythological realm, right?

In paradise, according to mysticism and the Hebrew and Christian tradition, Adam and Eve, were there in a state of fullness, happiness, and literally says that they were naked, and their nakedness, that in the iconography, in to paint etc. It was without clothes, and in the cabal, which is a mystical study of the Hebrew tradition, says no, they were not without clothes, the nakedness that means there is that they were without knots, not without clothes . They were naked, that is to say they were free internally, there were no knots between them, therefore they were transparent . And that transparency between them, is what they mean it was paradise . Paradise is an area of freedom and transparency . And of course when they began to misuse freedom, they began to knot . And the first thing they did, according to the biblical account, is that they put on clothes, covered themselves, not with clothes, with sheets and all that. They began to cover, to dress because they began to cover their knots . And that is what the human condition does, we cover what we do not like and we finish covering it up so much that there comes a time that we do not recognize that we have these defects or those negative things . The important thing is that man dresses "internally" to cover his fears, his weaknesses, his meanness. And that is part of the human condition and when God appears in the paradise landscape, they hide, because he is ashamed. What I just said has nothing to do with the past, what the Bible wants to show is the reality of the human being today, today. Well, we are in paradise or we lose it . If I live knotting, covering up, and moving away from that sacred source, I lose paradise . On the other hand, when I see my innermost and weakest realities, my weaknesses, my difficulties, my shadows, recognizing them, I begin to change them, I return to paradise. And instead of hiding from the source or covering myself before the other, I recognize it, I apologize, I repair, I am returning to paradise .

Then paradise is not before or after, it is here, that is what it means. And among those knots we made in that imaginary state, and what we do now, one of the most serious knots for me is to believe that happiness comes from outside . That is a very serious knot . Believing that happiness comes from things that happen to me outside, that inevitably leads to a number of cataracts of confusion while life goes away and that knot of thinking that happiness is something that comes from a reality external to me is going to Take what I'm going to say now. And the nakedness I really propose is to think that:

Happiness is a compromised choice

Happiness is not a state that comes as an effect of something that happens to me outside, and is a compromised choice . We are so far from thinking like that regularly and in our personal training nobody told us much about this, and that we hear many times when for example we give the microphone to a friend and he says: happiness It's a moment Roberto, there are moments of happiness! Oh! Who is happy all the time? There are moments of clear happiness, because in the everyday common of living happiness is understood, as I am going to say now, so yes there are moments, existentially it is so.

If I understand happiness as I will say, happiness is moments . But the question is, is that happiness? Is that the happiness of the human condition ? What I'm going to tell you there, No! To those of us who are about to undress, is to understand that happiness is not the result of an external situation but of a compromised decision . And in this comes something very simple, notice I'm not very knowledgeable in English but let's see if I say it well. In the Anglo-Saxon tradition the term felicity was replaced by happiness and the hap root means to happen, event. So happiness has to do with a state that you have, being happy. It is a state that you have after you have achieved something . Or rather having put much effort, today I am happy. Why? because I set out to be like that . The word happiness in Anglo-Saxon is something that is achieved when one accepts the challenge of life and struggles to achieve that.

So happiness is not a destination, it is a challenge.

One decides . So if you are not happy, do not blame the outside, people, do not accuse everything around you. I left that place because as long as you continue to think that you are unhappy on the outside, you will continue to believe that you are happy on the outside . Nerd! Happiness then changes the meaning, this your "happy" is something that you achieve by your committed decision, not because it happened to you, because "there is my turn to be happy to me" no! So this Anglo-Saxon idea of ​​happiness transformed into happinness has to do with that, it has to do with understanding that a person is happy, they say so, when it is the result of a personal decision and a personal achievement from a brave attitude, an attitude Search, right? Of achievement .

Then let's see what happiness is not.

And in this, they will realize that there are many people who think so, that is, the idea is not so rare, it is everyday .

First: Destiny is not happiness. Luck has nothing to do with happiness.

There are many people who say "and I was lucky, I was lucky to be a happy person", or "I had no luck because in life there are people who were born with a star and others who were born crashed, I was born crashed because of that no I can be happy, and yes, I had this mother, this father, this story, this grandmother, this house. And yes, when I was a kid, do you know how I suffered? I mean you didn't have all that past, therefore you can be happy, I can't be happy . It seems that happiness was the fate that some had, for certain external reasons and other poor people are condemned not to be happy because with the past they had, because of the history they made, by the parents who touched him .

If happiness were a matter of luck and destiny, we would already be condemning many people to not be happy. But there are many people who believe that it is so and see happiness as something that "comes to you in life or does not reach you, it is like that." It is something that comes to you . "And you were lucky to meet a girlfriend like the one you have, instead of me, I got in, I lost everything . " It's like it doesn't depend on me, do you understand me? “ And you had that luck to meet that person, I didn't have the luck. Or they let me down, do you understand me? I married .. ” we always think that happiness or unhappiness is given by a factor of luck or almost impersonal external destiny that determines life. there are many people who think like that huh! And they tell you, in more than a thousand ways.

But even when you tell something, you are ashamed to tell it because immediately the other says “you were lucky in life, eh! you were born with parents who had money instead I didn't ” . So unfortunately this gets into the popular saying and there are some who are condemned not to be happy . This is a first way to find out that happiness has nothing to do with luck or destiny. It does not have to do with a blind destiny, to which I have to resign myself, it is as if I touch you and I do not, it is as if from the top of life I reward you or God rewards you and I do not.

Imagine so many testimonies we have of people with severe physical limitations, and they are living testimonies that such severe physical limitation is not enough for them not to be happy but quite the opposite. I have everything right, I find it hard to live the happiness that this human being has with so much limitation. Well I have examples like you for sure. So one says, it is not a matter of luck or destiny that I touch this more than the other, it has nothing to do with it.

The second thing, which has nothing to do with it is to say, that it is not happiness, it is the satisfaction that one has when one achieves success.

When you achieve some success in the external, professional, sports. Do not! The successes or achievements that are achieved in goals that I set for all kinds, always give me satisfaction but has nothing to do with happiness. Happiness is something deeper. Satisfaction is the state you have because you achieved something after much effort but something concrete in time . But you can achieve something or not achieve it, you can have a lot of satisfaction or not have the satisfaction for not having achieved it, but it has nothing to do with happiness, because only people who do not achieve something are unhappy.

Is that happiness? Do not! Happiness has nothing to do with success or satisfaction is something else, happiness is much more internal . More than one of those present, and I include myself, many times I did not achieve what I wanted, however I do not take away the happiness of having tried. Sometimes I did not achieve what I wanted, but the circumstance during the journey of life that I lived at that time while searching for that, I do not forget them anymore. Sometimes there are people who climb mountains and have such particular experiences, and they say "I didn't arrive but the trip was impossible to forget, I changed my life" . It is not the arrival that gives us happiness, it gives us satisfaction but not happiness . Happiness is much deeper has to do with our spiritual part, satisfaction has to do with the material part or with the qualitative achievements in life. So if it has to do with the emotions that happens. But don't confuse that . Because many people and tell me if they have not put much intention to achieve something very good and it was not achieved. So if I think like that, I condemn some people to be unhappy because they didn't achieve something in particular.

All the achievements of life, all the projects that I carry out successfully or all the frustrated projects give me satisfaction that is always momentary, a time. I uncork a champagne, celebration. That is satisfaction. But that is not happiness. Sometimes people associate those moments with happiness. No, no happiness is deeper. That is very good moments of satisfaction, and plausible things, I just got married, I'm happy, no! no!. You are not happy because you got married, you are happy for something else . Getting married is a great satisfaction, if you managed to find the right partner. Or have a child . It is a project that you did and it gives you a giant satisfaction but, it is not having it that makes you happy, it is something else. Happiness is something deeper. Then I repeat not confuse happiness with the satisfaction of a project, a goal, a success achieved. It is something else. Happiness is deeper.

Third, pleasure is not happiness either.

You could tell me "but Roberto, is satisfaction wrong?" No! It’s great, “ is it bad that I’m lucky? take me out to the lottery ” No, it's great, is it wrong to have pleasure? No, it's great. Don't confuse that with happiness, that's the problem . But this great hope that we have many pleasures, many satisfactions and hopefully fate throws us the best waves. But that is not happiness, these are experiences of enjoying, of joy, that have nothing to do with happiness. Nor does pleasure, because pleasure has to do with concrete facts, with situations that are ephemeral, pass quickly.

And worst of all, if I believe that happiness is pleasure, I rang . Why? Because if pleasure gives me happiness, I obviously become addicted to pleasure, if I think that is happiness I end up creating addictions and yes. Addictions are the search in external things for happiness, it is the search of all kinds believing that they make me happy .

You could tell me " And not Roberto when I stay at home watching telivision, it's happiness for me." No, you are a television addict . "No, no, when I get to the gym I am so happy . " Do not! If you think that is happiness, you are a gym addict. We do not talk about negative, negative things, there are other types of pleasures that if I confuse you with happiness, be careful! because I end up getting addicted to that .

There are mothers addicted to children, chan! Chan! You could tell me " No, my children are my happiness Roberto" . Watch out! "Being with my partner, my boyfriend, makes me happy . " No no no no! . It gives you enormous pleasure, but don't associate that with happiness. Not because the day he leaves, you die. He left, I rang. If I associate happiness with pleasure, unfortunately I end up becoming addicted . Be careful ! Pleasures are great, and they give us joy, they give us that pleasant feeling. But let's not associate that, with happiness, it 's much more happiness than that. Again, if I see that happiness is that, I will believe that life is full of moments of happiness, that is, moments of pleasure . Then I live life between pleasant moments and unpleasant moments . So I am happy when I do that, and I am not happy when I do not.

Then my life goes through moments of happiness and unhappiness. Is that? If I associate happiness with pleasure only, I am, when I am living that pleasantly. And when my children are I am happy, when they are not I am worried, sad, bitter.


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