Lady Nothing ~ A Calm Heart Advances

  • 2014

Weekly Message from Ascended Master The Lady Nothing ~ 30 / Oct. as of Nov 6, 2014
Received by Julie Miller

The achievement of peace of mind can only be achieved when you are able to ignore the things that promote the stagnation of your growth and development, regardless of whether you are in your spiritual or personal search. Peace thrives on happiness, never when surrounded by discord and unhappiness.

To bring more peace to your lives, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, try to remember that you cannot be in control of what is happening around you. However, they do have control over how they feel, react and respond. The things that didn't work in the past or the turbulence they had to go through doesn't have to be what defines them as the person they are today. We encourage you to let go of the need to allow remorse to control any of the possibilities in order to make positive decisions today that would help you attract more favorable and peaceful solutions and results. Of course you can learn from the past. Perhaps something has happened that they wish they had done differently; They cannot undo anything they have done. but what they can do is learn from it for the next time a similar experience is presented. The past forges wisdom, it is not meant to hinder or block you, only you can do it if you allow certain memories of certain events to catch you in what sometimes feels like an endless cycle of disharmony, helplessness and defamation.

Take a firm position, my dear ones, and terminate the old regrets and the "how about ..." and then let them go. Do not let what you regret become your excuse not to move forward or to think negatively about yourself. There is no renunciation, only a step forward, a learning from what the situation came to teach them, and a being grateful for the experience taking a step forward with a confident smile that they are ready for the following, knowing that every day is a beautiful day, no matter what the weather. . . It is beautiful and sunny in your wonderful heart.

If you are stuck in your failures and your negative speech prevents you from moving forward, then try to think that you do not fail from the things you do but from the things you do not do or the things you let go unnoticed or that you do not implement by any reason. If there is something unfinished, or you have not achieved all the steps to reach the final result, then the result will be the effort you invest in it. When they give themselves wholeheartedly and with their self of being to their goal or search, there is nothing they cannot achieve. Within each of you there is a strong, beautiful and brave giant of being love that gives and being love that receives. Liberation can be found when they let go of any past regret in favor of living a full life with all the pleasure and exuberance they can muster.

There are some dear beings among you, and perhaps you are among them, who must always be right and who must always know exactly where they are going to go at each step and interval of their trajectory. When they undertake a spiritual search there are some doors that will open and that will challenge their limits and their comfort with the unknown. There will be times when being happy and peaceful will be more important than being right. . . It is learning to know at the heart level what is right for that moment.

You will achieve more when you are less rigid with what is right and what is expected, and allow yourself to be fully open to what you have gone and where your path and trajectory are bringing you closer. It is not always important to know exactly where they are going, as long as they are open and ready for the unexpected and are able to receive all the things with love and peace that are always present in their loving heart. By giving yourself permission to be attracted to your loving heart, even if you take them to unknown areas and uncertainties, you will grow and develop exponentially. This growth that originates from having an open heart and an equally open mind is what matters most.

Life itself is a paradox. For you to know pleasure and happiness, you must understand what it feels like to feel pain and despair, know the difference between night and day, and any other phenomena that have opposites. The pains of life come under many disguises. They might encounter a pain in their fingers on a cold autumn morning, or feel the pain of uncertainty by accepting their graduation diploma and contemplating what is next. There are pains that come from fear of failure, and when they are physically hit, or even because of someone's scathing tongue.

Pain is not meant to be bad or to prevent them from achieving their goals and dreams. Any kind of pain you experience is a memory that you are very alive, beautiful and bright hearts. And yes, sometimes your life will not go as planned or imagined, but it will continue and you will have the opportunity and the potential to correct what went wrong by choosing different, which will produce different results. His path in life is not carved in stone. Mistakes will happen, pains and sorrows will come and go, and you will grow from each experience and each discomfort. They have the ability and the ability to be happy and be at peace in each instance, to see in each and every day the beauty in which to delight, and the Light of God and the Love that surrounds them.

You will meet from time to time with people who are insensitive, critical and judging, who respond quickly with egoic responses to anything that contradicts their way of being. And the need to seek the approval of another person, especially those who are known because they judge or belittle them. Make space in your life and your heart for those who appreciate you as you are, just as God does. As for those who do not appreciate them, do not hate them, but implement love them for who they are. All people have the ability to change, but change can only occur when the desire to change is stronger than not wanting to change. Change cannot be forced, nor can your point of view or opinion be forced. Rejoice in each experience you are given to interact, to respect each other justly because it is a part of your career, to persevere in your journey, and for being who you are and who they are. His career is for them to travel. They do not need the approval of anyone else. The only person they have to give an answer to is themselves. At the end of the day, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, if you can tell yourself honestly and faithfully that you have done the best you could at the level of your heart and your being, then feel comforted by that. Do not always seek to elaborate, simply allow what is to be just that. If you ever worry about what God is thinking, simply know that God already knows all the infinite possibilities where your path could lead you and what you are destined to discover and learn. Only you can be the bearers of peace in your life, and you do this by letting go of matters that are not beneficial to your life and your heart, and you do this by ignoring the hatred you feel towards another and letting go of the old and debilitating ways of being. When you love, you bring peace, and when you bring peace you also bring compassion; and everything they do is full of love, peace and compassion and is full of the Presence and Loving Energy of God.

There is always a feeling of self-satisfaction when you successfully achieve a goal or company, but the real satisfaction is not the result, but the steps that you needed to take and that you enjoyed honestly. Satisfaction is recognized when they are able to focus on how life flows to their environment and truly hold intentions that give way to their ideas and actions that clearly demonstrate their purpose. When your actions are consistently meaningful and clear, and you do not depart from them, then the achievement of satisfaction is inevitable, and when satisfaction is achieved then joy is known and peace is settled again in every particle of your be.

Its modern era is full of technology, from cars to games, to devices held in the hand and much more, which requires a certain financial slack in order to be able to face the constant roller coaster ride of the offer and the demand. In order to live comfortably in today's society it is necessary to have a certain level of income or wealth, but your wealth does not necessarily determine your success in life.

Being happy and at peace has little to do with money or what you can buy. It is true that what they buy can relieve boredom for a short time and get their attention, but for how long? Being happy and being at peace is something that comes from within, never from something external. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, which will help you increase peace and happiness as you try to maneuver through these times of great change is smiling and laughing more often; being less stubborn and more open; being sincere and genuine; letting go of false friends in favor of those who truly respect and appreciate them; and loving themselves, those around them and life itself with all its crazy twists and turns.

Learn to see and appreciate that there is a beauty in every situation and every day. You are constantly surrounded by beauty, but you don't always take the time to notice it. There is something good in each person, and therefore there is no need to always look for the bad. Take a courageous leap and try to do something new, something you have wanted to do but have not had the courage to do, fill your heart and lungs with euphoric joy whenever you do something kind for another dear being, knowing that your help has facilitated your day thanks to your altruism.

You cannot prevent things from changing. They could slow down the change, but eventually all things must change, it is an essential part of nature. . . Let things change. Life does not stop for anyone; This is where you clearly see another paradox of life; If a life is over for someone, she is still somewhere for someone else or is just starting as a baby that is being born. Life goes on, change is inevitable.

We are sure that you have experienced how fast or how slowly a minute seems to pass, but it will be the same amount of time anyway. Every second of every minute of every day there is something happening around the world, changes are happening due to predictable or unpredictable events, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, but in every situation knowledge is acquired, a understanding that whatever happened, could have been worse; and you are here, alive and continuing every day, persevering every new day that dawns as the strong and capable person that you are.

We know that you have not asked for many of the changes happening in your own life right now, but they have happened. None of you is a puppet controlled by a puppeteer. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, changes will come, whether you are waiting for them or not. The way they maneuver every change that is presented to them is what will make all the difference. He is there, you can change or block. . . At this crossroads it is where you will discover what you are capable of and who you really are.

The next time you are aware that you are about to enter a new chapter in your life and it is necessary to make changes, do not fight against them; rejoice in them, accept them, even those you have not yet faced. Start the next chapter in your life with enthusiasm, with a calm mind and a loving heart. Your life is about making choices. To be more peaceful, this starts with you. . . Knowing what you want and what you don't want in life and trusting that your heart will lead you to what is best for you at all times.

And so it is

I AM the Ascended Master The Lady Nothing via Julie Miller channeling / 206541 / peaceful- heart-moves

Translated by Gloria Mühlebach

Lady Nothing ~ A Calm Heart Advances

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