The new earth: Earth begins its final Ascension

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 The Spirit is your abode of Eternity 2 The spirit is true and joy 3 You can be the one who brings the consciousness of the Spirit to the incarnation n of the Spirit 4 The hour of revelation has come a long time ago 5 The time has come to experience the self-bestowal of Light One in its entirety.

Beloved Children of Light and beloved Star Seeds, may Love and Joy be with you.

I have come by words and by Vibration, to express this precise mechanism that is currently taking place, if such is its truth, a mechanism that seeks to make the soul go to the Spirit and accept, or not, its transmigration. This is achieved by the Metatronic and Mikaelic impulse, then allowing us, if this is our Vibration, to move away from what the Spirit is not and to live the Spirit.

The Spirit is your abode of Eternity

The Spirit has no particular coloration of the soul or resonance with the life of being enclosed within the personality. What is currently being done in the development of the Light, both on Earth and in you, is the ability and possibility of living the spirit together, since the spirit is joy, the spirit is eternity.

The soul is coloration, the soul is an attraction that is found within this world, since the personality and body are expressed through the influence and impulse of the soul diverted from the Spirit, enclosed and isolated through self-knowledge, expressing itself in different facets, under different lives, under different contracts, under different interactions from soul to soul and body to body .

The spirit is truth and joy

The Vibrant Light, the KI-RIS-TI Spirit that reaches your Temple, allows the soul to turn to the Spirit, in the sacrifice of its missions, in the sacrifice of its functions, allowing you to find the Supreme Peace . When the soul turns to the Spirit, then what becomes this awareness of the spirit manifests itself to the awareness of truth, joy and above all bliss and all because the spirit cannot know the fault expressed by the personality or the soul, because the spirit cannot know the alternation.

The soul lives only in alternation . The soul lives and is impregnated in its entirety, of what exists on the surface of this world. It is a pure mechanism of life, but it is also an altered mechanism, while the Spirit cannot be altered or disturbed in any way.

To live the Spirit is to live peace. To live the spirit is not to be attracted by any impulse of the soul, by any deviation from the spirit towards the personality or in other words, the Spirit, the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth that comes to you through the Vibration of Light, it is your abode and for that, the soul must be taken out of ephemeral dwellings and ephemeral games, replacing suffering with truth and joy. Then, only the Spirit can be yours, it can be your Residence, your Truth and your manifestation.

The soul at that moment is inclined, since to surrender the soul is no longer to die, from now on to surrender the soul is to return to Life. To surrender the soul is to return to the Truth, so that this body in which we find ourselves can appear and transfigure and become the Spirit of Truth, vibrating in unison with the Source, Vibrating in unison with the Truth.

This is the Vibration that has been possible thanks to the Ascension of your consciousness and thanks to the Unity spaces, for the Earth's response to the impulse of Light One, allowing you to rise to the Vibration of your own Unit.

You can be the one who brings the consciousness of the Spirit to the incarnation of the Spirit

He who will make it possible to enlighten the soul, no longer through the personality's own polarities, no longer through the games of the blood, flesh and life bonds here on earth, but vivified in its entirety, by the Love of the Spirit that is clarity, that is transparency, that is evident and that is KI-RIS-TI, the Fiery Son of the Sun. The impulse of the spirit returns you to the spirit, the impulse of the spirit is destined to make you work and live in the joy of your eternity, then rediscover the sense of fullness and the essence of what you are.

The time of revelation has come a long time ago

Now it is coming to an end, allowing us all to take the path, the path of the spirit or the path of the soul, which can never again be ignored. The Spirit permeates the totality of the worlds and the totality of this world so that the Spirit is revealed, tearing the smallest veils, enclosing and isolating .

  • In you, this revelation comes true.
  • In you, the restoration of Truth is at stake.
  • In you the last battle is played that is not a fight, which is really an abdication of the soul and personality to who you are.
  • Beyond all illusion.
  • Beyond all the projections.
  • Beyond any contract.
  • Beyond any dogma.
  • Beyond any religion.
  • Beyond all confinement.

The spirit is freedom, something that in this world can never be personality or soul, that is why the spirit is free . Children of the One and the Sons of Unity, Children of Light, the time has come to live this, without second intentions, without regret, without projection, without need, simply welcoming Vibration. n of Being, the Vibration of your Being . Simply observing what happens there, in the temple of your body, in the temple of your heart, where the unique life of the truth of the spirit unfolds.

You are the spectacle and the spectator, you are everything that unfolds in you and for you. You are the only one, where the creation of freedom must be played, where the song of eternal life must be played. So as URIEL told you, it is time to pass through the Last Gate, that of your resurrection, resurrection in the soul or in the spirit, resurrection In the unit or in joy.

The time has come to experience the self-bestowal of Light One in its entirety.

The call of the divine Mother Mary resonates just like the call of the Earth and the call of the cosmos, which is the same as the one that resonates, of course, coming out of your soul, coming out of the Spirit. Trumpets that come to tear down the walls of the fortress of confinement, will sound more and more and more, creating the last call of Christ to establish you in Him and therefore in you and that it is time to turn, in your totality, towards you, not in what others believe, not in what they think, not in what they see, not in what they perceive, but in the total vibration of your Heart, the total vibration of Consciousness One.

Everything is being fulfilled in you. Everything is being fulfilled in your Heart.

Everything is being fulfilled under your supervision.

Everything is being fulfilled in the Spirit and again in this body.

Everything is fulfilled, in the revealed soul, in the awake soul.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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