Master El Morya: On the elementals, through YingY e

The knowledge and control of the Four Elements and their inhabitants is part of the student's training. The student of the Truth should know the good uses that can be given to these elements and their (elementary) inhabitants, as well as the distortion of their expressions through the incorrect qualification by humanity.

The Fire Element is the most important of the four, since it is an expression of the Sacred Fire, from which both the Violet Flame and all other Flames come. One of the constructive activities of the Sacred Fire on the physical plane is the purification of waste and human bodies through incineration, which allows the elements to return to the Sun to be repolarized. The destructive activity of this element is evident in the fires of buildings and forests, as well as in thunderstorms and in the use of firearms, bombs, etc.

The Air Element is also very important for the maintenance of life in the physical plane, since without air people cannot live. Through conscious breath control, not only can the bodies themselves be harmonized, making them better Temples of the Living God "I AM", but the environment itself can also be purified. The beneficial activity of this element is noticeable in the warm and refreshing breezes wherever they are required. It is also the means of driving boats and sailboats in the oceans and rivers, as well as airplanes. Its destructive activity can be seen in cyclones and storms.

The Water Element is related to the emotional body, and the purification of water results in the purification of this body. On the physical level, the water element is a great cleaning agent, and it is also one of the key factors in the balance of atmospheric conditions and crop production. Its destructive activity can be observed in floods, droughts and shipwrecks in the sea where men and animals perish. Master Jesus demonstrated that this element could be controlled (as well as all others), when the turbulent waters quieted in the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The Earth Element is vital for the production of food, so that humanity can build perfect bodies that will be the outposts on earth for Cosmic and Spiritual Activities. We see its beneficial action in the beautiful landscapes, in the birds, the flowers; in the beautiful minerals, and, of course, in the production of crops. Its destructive action can be seen in landslides, volcanoes and earthquakes.

The daily Purification of the Elements and the cultivation of the friendship of the Elementals is a prerequisite of the student. Hence the importance of the wise selection of the Words of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings.

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