Divine Mother Message: What do you want in your life?

  • 2019

Dear children of the beautiful planet Earth, we are glad to greet you again to convey a message about life . As you know, life is infinite just as your sky is infinite in its depth. While you are looking to see the sky, you begin to ask many questions: What is beyond all these planets that you see in the celestial vault? How can you live in other worlds different from yours, from your Milky Way?

Its galaxy is huge, but we tell you that other universes are still unknown by their scientists and that they will remain so for a long time, they are approximately ten times larger than their galaxy. This leads you to understand that vastness, infinity is and will be forever . You are currently asking questions about the survival of your life on Earth despite all these domestic shocks that are occurring in many countries like France.

Many of you are wondering what will happen to all these disorders , all this violence. We have already spoken in previous messages. Violence has centuries and is born from the separation that human beings have from their true life. The violence was part of an era that has already passed. At that time, human consciousness did not develop as much as it did today. It was a time when humans were not taught in schools, women were often not respected.

But all this has been largely completed. The human being has evolved not only by receiving a school education, but also through his Internet system. This technology allows any being on planet Earth to learn about any subject. It also has relevance to be able to communicate with all humanity. This communication system allows humans, wherever they are, to connect and "talk" to each other. However, it is important not to attribute everything that is said to be irrevocable because sometimes there is manipulation. That is why it is important to be vigilant, very vigilant.

So, what is happening in the land of France and is spreading throughout Europe, is the manifestation of the "rebellion" of human beings who can no longer with all lies, all political harassment or others. The human being has reached a level of consciousness in which he wishes to manage his own life . But this also represents the lives of others around him. The human being, even if he has a developed Ego, cannot ignore all the humanity that surrounds him and must take it into account. Dear children of the Earth, it is good to express your desires for peace and freedom, but you must do it with your heart. Understand that violence and harm done here and there is suffering for others .

What do you want in your life? You want to live the peace and not suffer

The day you have really understood what you have come to everything will be much more serene for you and for others. There is, of course, a difficult transition between what was experienced in the past and this renewal, this rebirth of a new consciousness, but we ask you, dear children of the Earth, to live this change in meekness. A large number of humans want to change the way of life in their countries and even throughout the Earth, but they must do so in divine consciousness, which brings sweetness, peace and serenity.

Your life will be much more harmonious and you will get more success in your demands.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Marie-Josée Andichou

Original URL : https://messagescelestes.ca/que-souhaitez-vous-dans-votre-vie/

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