Jesus Message: The Art of Healing Their Lives

  • 2018

Beloved children , it is time for each of you to love yourself more and it is time for you to fall in love with Life, because doing so will allow you to continue moving forward in this immense adventure that involves your lives on Earth, in a way that will make them experience greater satisfaction, joy and passion, as well as unlimited abundance.

All this will come soon in a simple, calm and perfect peace. It is time that they allow the fluidity of unlimited abundance in each of the aspects that make up their lives and to achieve it, they just have to open their hearts and allow themselves to be part of the "flow".

It is time for you to receive "evidence" of the Love I have for you

I have never felt the need to prove myself in front of you, although I have listened to your thoughts and the complaints you have about your God and / or your lives. It is time that you remember a simple but great truth : before your birth into this world, it was you who volunteered to incarnate on Earth ; In other words, you chose to be here to experience earthly life and it was you who chose the experiences you have in this life .

With this I just want to make you understand that NOTHING of what they have experienced has been by chance, that is, everything that is currently present within their lives, is there because of their frequencies, which means that everything has been generated as consequence of the sum of their thoughts, feelings, words and actions not only past, but also present.

All of you consciously or unconsciously orchestrated your current experiences, invited the people around you, designed challenges and then attracted you to your lives, all as a result of the strong vibrations that you continuously emit to the Universe, by as well as as a consequence of the Superior Plan that each one chose before incarnating on Earth. Since regardless of the period of time you have chosen, to experience the third dimension within the Earth, you will always possess your free will to choose what you would like to be, have and experience while you are in this physical adventure.

Before their birth in this world, souls go through a process in which they seem to have to choose between using a white or a black mask, with the purpose of symbolizing the paths that they will possibly travel later during their lives as adults, in the when they are old enough to differentiate what is best, by being old enough to take responsibility not only for their actions, but also for everything that exists within their lives. In other words, you have the possibility of choosing to "play or interpret" the role of a being that lives in the Darkness for a more or less short time, or the role of a being that lives in the Light for a longer time. extensive.
You have the possibility of choosing to "play or interpret" the role of a being who lives in the Dark

Each of the "dramas", both micro and macro, that take place every day on Earth (where the incarnated souls who chose the Light and also those who chose the Darkness are immersed), have occurred by a reason, none of them has come by chance . Each thing was previously planned and accepted by all the souls that are involved in such dramas or situations. That is, no being on Earth is ever a victim; None of you is ever a victim of circumstances, everything is the result of your choices.

Stated differently, only those souls who chose to wear the white mask during their incarnation on Earth, have the opportunity to stay in this world while the planet increases its vibration in order to return to its upper and brighter body; while the rest of the souls, those who chose not to rise or wake up spiritually within this world, will finally decide to leave Earth . The free will that you all possess will always be respected and supported by each of the beings that are part of the ascended masters or beings.

It is time for them to return to the Light, to return to Love; It's time for you to return to the loving hug I offer you

I am you and you are part of me, we are all one” This is not just a cliché, it consists of an energetic and literal Superior Truth that stands out as the basis of Life. Understand that there is nothing other than God, each creation is God, including each one of those souls who decided to wear the black mask at this time.

Once you begin to truly and consciously understand the beauty that is implicit in the Creation, in the Duality and the immense importance of the spiritual school represented by the Earth, you will understand who have really made great progress in their spiritual evolution.

Those of you who are within beings capable of accepting, valuing and thanking for everything that happens in your world, good or bad, may understand that you are really close to returning to your Higher Self. All this is an indication that the spiritual awakening process they came to experience on Earth is nearing completion, and that they will soon be a total incarnation of Christ Consciousness no matter where are they

I will explain it differently so that they understand better:

  • If you are able to see clearly everything that happens within your world with eyes of Love and without judging.
  • If they manage to experience earthly life without belonging to this world.
  • If they manage to see the dramas of this world with impartial eyes, recognizing that everything that has happened has been planned before.
  • If they do not allow anything to disturb the calm, peace and the way they live.
  • If every day they radiate Compassion and unconditional Love for each being around them.

Then they will know that they have undoubtedly reached their destination . They will understand that they have become Masters of Life and powerful Creators, capable of enlightening and attaining a high degree of knowledge and spiritual mastery, which allows them to recognize that everything is good and that everything always happens in the way it has been planned. .

Each of you is a great Creator, divine creators within physical bodies in which you house all your abilities to realize what you previously thought impossible .

To conclude with this message, I invite you to ask yourself some questions: Are you really ready to be an active part of the spiritual life? Are they prepared to take responsibility for their own lives without blaming someone else? Do you feel prepared to reach a higher level of spiritual knowledge? Will they really embrace their immense divine potential?

Regardless of whether your answers are positive, the Universe will accept and support you, because your free will is always respected.

Now I say goodbye reminding you that you are loved.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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