Jeshua: The seeds of the whole within you want to sprout

  • 2018

Channeled by Pamela Kribbe, January 16, 2018

Dear friends, I am Jeshua . I am here today to celebrate with you. I honor your souls and see greatness in all of you. They have come to Egypt to meet with the deepest part of their soul . It is their higher self, their higher consciousness, that they are looking to express and channel to Earth.

It is not a coincidence that you are here exactly at this moment, because there is a longing, a longing in your heart to connect with what you really are . They often feel broken or incomplete. It is as if they did not have full access to their inner knowledge and their creative power. They still remember, somewhere at the bottom of their being, what it was like to have this creative power and this inner knowledge and therefore they are always looking for it .

In today's world, with the upbringing and education they receive, they don't pay attention to their inner being .

They develop a personality that focuses primarily on the outside world and on society .

But you are awake souls and you are not able to completely forget who you really are . Therefore, you feel torn inside and most of you have felt it since your childhood.

To fully access who they really are, they need to free themselves or distance themselves from many of the ideas they have been taught .

They need to step back or separate from the way they were raised. It often happens to them that they don't feel at home with the type of education they receive or the jobs they are doing . The part of their soul that is calling them is moving them away from ordinary ways of thinking, from human society.

And so it seems that the call of the soul leads them to a space of solitude and separation.

They want to feed on a type of energy and vibration that seems not to be available in this world . If you enter this space of loneliness, which is inevitable in the course of life, you will feel deeply challenged. However, this space of loneliness, of feeling different from conventional consciousness, is a gateway to another level of consciousness.

I ask you now to connect with the part of you that does not feel at home, that does not resonate with the reality in which you are. Feel how you have been misunderstood, how you have felt a lack of recognition in other people throughout your life. Feel your own loneliness.

Feel your own loneliness.

They have often tried to fight against this loneliness and seek answers within the world. I ask you now to be fully present and aware of this loneliness in you . Go inside with your conscience and feel your body from within. Feel the sadness in your heart for being disconnected from the All, from the Unity . There is a part of you, which you can call your inner child, who feels incredibly lost and confused within this reality . It is very important that they meet this child and connect with him. Connect with him now and feel inside your body where the child is.

This child inside is very sensitive . He is affectionate and compassionate and sees and knows many things. He is a child of the universe who has traveled many, many lives . And for this child to truly experience life, he had to let go deeper sources of knowledge .

When you begin the journey as a soul, when you begin to have incarnate lives, you let go of a part of yourself .

You, in a way, separate yourself . This is the original separation wound. It is the division within yourself . The child part of you is very brave . She is curious and adventurous and has a passionate love for life. But it is also ignorant and naive at times . He needs your guide.

Connect with your inner child now, this precious part of you - it is life itself. The child in you represents duality: the emotions within you that rise and fall, doubts, fears, joys and struggles ... it is like an ocean of feelings within you. Honor this part of you.

At this time, in this time of transition, your purpose is to bring your attention to this child . You have witnessed in the temples you have visited here on Earth, how at the end of each temple heaven and earth come together . In the most sacred place of each temple, the ceiling and the floor merge symbolically and that means that it is the place where consciousness merges with life, where unity meets duality. And this is where the original separation wound heals.

Meditation to unite heaven and earth

Sky energy

Imagine that you are inside a temple - whatever comes to mind - and you are in this sacred place where heaven and earth meet. Now feel the energy of heaven or paradise or consciousness in the upper half of your body. This is the energy they have missed so much. It is the energy of clarity and knowledge .

Feel how it enters your head and shoulders and in your heart. This is the energy that holds everything together, all the lives you lived . Allow the cells in your body to open, simply ask them to receive this energy from your home . Inspire it and absorb it inside of you, within the cells of your body.

It is very present here. You don't need to be inside a temple to connect with him, but going there and being touched by the energy in the temples can help you remember and in that way connect with it .

This cosmic energy is not something that is outside of you; As I said before, it is really an essential part of yourself . Now you are truly allowed to embrace and embody this energy. It is time to go beyond duality. It has been necessary that a number of lives really immerse themselves in the duality and all the emotions that it brings. You had to truly experience life without knowledge and without knowing .

But now you are ready to move on . And that does not mean that you reject duality, it does not mean that you send your inner child away. Embrace it instead and then ... the most beautiful dance of creation emerges.

Earth energy

Feel the energy of the earth, of the inner child in the lower half of your body, especially in your abdomen . This child is seeking guidance and wants to be embraced by the conscious part of you. He has reached the end of a cycle of lives in which he immersed himself in earthly life. It wants to be lifted. So imagine now that the cosmic consciousness that is inside the upper half of your body descends from the heart to your stomach, to your abdomen .

There is a kind of momentum and synchronicity in your path of growth: the secret is that the child will only be open to the guidance of his elder being when he has finished a cycle of experiences. In your daily life you experience this end of a cycle when you truly surrender (finally) to what it is .


In this moment of delivery, which is often a moment of not knowing but accepting, you open yourself to a superior knowledge that does not come from the mind . And many of you are ready to give up. In fact, it is often the case that when the separation wound becomes very intense, like a burning pain, precisely this relentless pain opens the possibility of surrendering .

When you reach the extremes of duality, you are almost beyond it . Please remember this when you are experiencing deep internal pain. It is not the end of the road . It is a transition, but your human eyes cannot see beyond the darkness. You cannot find true realization within the world of duality.

Energy union

Now imagine that the conscious and cosmic part of you merges with your inner child, the emotional and feelings part . Just playfully imagine what this would be like, and what would happen to your child if the two energies joined together in perfect harmony . Maybe you start to see a magnificent angel dancing on the ground. See what energies will evolve within you when you are completely connected to both heaven and earth . You are one with yourself in this state and you love being on Earth . Feel the energies flow up and down from below and from above. This is your destiny, bring these two energies together. This is a pure act of creation.

For now this may seem like an image of the future, but I ask you to feel this promise within you, the promise of totality and creativity.

Ask yourself

Observe well who you are in this state of creative equilibrium and now ask this being, this future you, for some guidance or advice. What is important that you know right now?

Feel the deep wisdom within this larger tea and look into their eyes. Receive your blessings.

You carry beauty and wisdom that you cannot imagine. You are really creating something new in the universe. You will not return home simply when you finish this cycle of lives. Instead you will continue to be an adventurer and create a Home, you will create Unity in very different places in the universe. You are truly admired for your courage and your boldness.

Respect yourself and have confidence and faith in the future.

The home is always within you .

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Pamela Kribbe (2018) Jeshua The Seeds of Wholeness Inside You Wish to Sprout. 01/18/2018. Love has won.

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