Sananda's Message: Embracing the Dark

  • 2018

Channeled by Adele Arini, March 1, 2018.

My dear friends,

Today I would like to reveal a superior dimensional concept that can be disturbing and even a bit difficult to accept, for most of you who are reading this. You are ready for the highest truth that is about to be revealed. Before starting this trip together, I would like you to do a little exercise first .

Please close your eyes and place all your focus on the center of your Higher Heart-Mind. Let the spark of God that is living within it shine brightly; imagine her wrapping them in a beautiful cocoon of golden white light.

Keep this image still for 10 seconds from now

All right. Now you are ready to move forward on this journey of truth and higher spiritual understanding.

First, let me start with a shocking statement that was very difficult to assimilate for this channel, not to mention continuing to write this message on my behalf.

God loves ALL His children equally, beyond all measure, and without exception.

They will be wondering why the above statement can be considered shocking, when it is a widely known fact that our God, our Creator, is a loving God. It is shocking for this channel because she intuitively knew the potentially controversial direction from where I am going with this message.

Let me use as an example the soul that was once embodied on Earth as a man named Adolf Hitler. (Hitler's Higher Self has granted me permission to reveal certain facts about his evolutionary journey, to help everyone understand the superior concept they are remembering today.)

What would be his first reaction, if I tell him the truth, that God also loved Hitler?

That Hitler was never punished in the fires of hell (the concept of hell was once created by men of religion to make humanity fear God) and that instead he was given the opportunity to reincarnate in many different lives after their most infamous. Most of you might have compared him as the devil embodied by the heinous actions and crimes he had committed against Humanity.

I have no doubt that many of you will be angry, angry or confused with the kind of God that could not only forgive Hitler, but also continue to love him. They may begin to wonder if all the atrocities of Hitler's war had gone unnoticed for God and for all of us here in the higher dimensional realms. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me start at the beginning. When a soul is created for the first time, it is created in the same likeness of God . I am not talking about a physical resemblance. Each soul was created, with all the powerful and wonderful attributes of God.

Each soul was created, with all the powerful and wonderful attributes of God.

This soul is then given free will to do what it wants, with the gift of life that God has given it.

In the higher dimensional realms, Everything is Love. Everything is Unity. Everything is Peace and Harmony.

Eventually, not long after each soul is born, everyone yearns to experience themselves as the Love they truly are. Now, how would they be able to experience that by staying in heaven - in the higher dimensions where there is nothing but love? How would they truly 'know' and 'experience' as Love if there is nothing but Love?

The opposite of Love has to exist first so that you can know yourself as Love, through experience.

Henceforth God created many physical planets in the lower dimension of consciousness. Each adventurous soul must first forget who he really is, before being born on such a planet (like the same Earth, previously three-dimensional). Every life on Earth you came armed with a plan to eventually return to the Light and Love of your Higher Self .

You, my dear adventurous friend, can choose any role you wish to play while incarnate on Earth.

You can choose to play the role of Darkness, or the role of someone who lives in the Light.

You can choose to be the "good boy" or the "bad boy". You can choose for yourself the lessons you should learn from each life, and how they will help you in general, to grow and evolve as a spirit.

Then you partnered with a lot of other souls and created life contracts / promises for one day to meet and help each other grow and fulfill the highest purpose they came here to do.

All your life has been intricately planned and there are no coincidences .

There are no accidental deaths. You always decide, at a Higher level, the time and circumstances of the death of your physical bodies.

At the end of each life, after you return to the spirit realm, you will all experience a “life review” process, where we (your Higher Self, your team of guides and a panel of highly evolved Light Beings) will examine each and every moment of his life and how his words, thoughts and actions affected people and the world around him. Keep in mind that there is no trial in this process.

Whatever karma you have created from the life you just completed, then we will plan to help you clear this karma in the next life in which you will be born, creating circumstances that will allow you to compensate the souls you have hurt in the previous life. .

For the physical Universe everything is about balance. What you give to others, you give to yourself. What you do to others you do to yourself. Because we are all ONE; There is no separation between you and me and All That Is.

Let us now return to Hitler's case . He had chosen pre-birth, at a Higher Level, to play the role of Darkness. Please understand that playing such a role is very challenging for the soul that chooses it, since there is a real and inherent danger that it can be lost in the Darkness forever - unable to return to the Love and Light of God and His Higher Self.

This particular soul, in the course of her life when she played Hitler, had chosen to experience herself as the opposite pole of Love . He deliberately chose (in collaboration with other souls that are in similar stages of evolution) to be the most infamous symbol of racial discrimination, hatred, prejudice and cruelty on their planet . By playing the role of leader of Nazi Germany, he also created the platform that allowed millions of other souls to play the role of Light .

One of his wisest men, Shakespeare, is really right. 'Everyone is a stage.'

You are all playing a role, in a larger scenario called Planet Earth, that best suits your own individual and spiritual growth; to its own evolution. Absolutely no one has the right to judge or condemn the actions that another person has taken, without first living the life of that person and without first fully understanding the superior purpose of that person. Especially when God himself never judges or condemns.

Remember that our God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. God is always present, he knows everything and is all powerful. God is the Supreme Creator. All that is. Nothing is beyond God's control.

It means that when events such as the First and Second World War occur, they occur because the human collective has supraconsciously decided to go through such experience. All who chose to be born during this period of war had agreed to play the role of Darkness or Light to advance their own spiritual journey .

NOBODY IS NEVER A VENTH. Nothing happens to someone without the Superior Agreement of all the souls involved in that situation.

Now, this does not mean that you should then adopt the passive view of if that is the case, in the future, if I saw a living being going through pain / suffering, I need not give any help because what They are experiencing their own choices, their own Superior Paths and it is not my problem.

To this I would say: Every action or inaction that they take (or do not take) at every moment of their incarnation on Earth, defines who they are.

You decide who you are, through the life experiences you live daily. You can decide if you are a kind, affectionate and loving person. And they also decide to be someone who is the opposite: indifferent, selfish, cruel and totally oblivious to the needs of others. The freedom to be, have and do what you want on your life journey is yours, always. We have no judgment. Everyone is free to decide their own paths.

Now let me finish this by sharing the following important message for all the lightworkers who read this.

As the higher dimensional light waves continue to bombard Planet Earth daily, more and more previously hidden atrocities will be discovered . The true history of humanity will be revealed. The time will come when everyone will find out what they have done to them the same people they have trusted and have been chosen to hold high positions in the public service.

Everything will be revealed and when that happens, there will be intense feelings of anger, rage, disappointment and betrayal released in the atmosphere.

This is an integral phase of the Ascension process . Everything that is hidden must be released openly for deep healing to finally occur at the planetary level.

At that moment, all of you, my beloved and powerful lightworkers, will be called to be the voice of reason, the voice of Love, the anchor of a way of being of a Higher Dimension: the way of LOVE. Then you must constantly tune the vibrations of Calm and Peace in your meditations and in your way of being, and project / send that to the world so that the path of Humanity to the fifth dimension is one with the least amount of chaos and disorders .

Send Light and Love to the souls that currently play the role of the Darks in this great moment in time .

Understand that they have chosen to play these roles to also assist in the great awakening; the Ascension of Gaia and humanity. These souls, like you, are all daughters of our God; equally loved and precious to Him.

Embrace them, forgive them and welcome them in the spirit of Unity and Love.

Guide them so that one day they can find their own way back to CASA.

Remembering that a long time ago, you also played these dark roles but have now chosen to return to the Love and Light of your Higher Beings.

I am walking with you, every step of the way. You're never alone.

Sending much love and light your way.

Your brother in the Light,


TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. Embracing the Dark, Sananda . To post, keep the message in its entirety and provide the following link. Much love and gratitude. Namaste

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