The Alignment Period by María Magdalena Channeled via Natalie Glasson

  • 2014
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The Alignment Period by María Magdalena Channeled

via Natalie Glasson

The Alignment Period by Mar ía Magdalena

Channeled via Natalie Glasson

- September 17, 2014-

You are now experiencing your Divine Essence on a sacred path that is revealing your purpose as Being on Earth and within the Creator Universe. The trajectory that you are experiencing and on which you embark continuously is a special trajectory that brings together all your skills, talents, wisdom and knowledge of your past, of your current and simultaneous lives manifested within your present moment. Everything you require is present within your Being, ready to be activated, available to be experienced, present to be honored as a sacred manifestation of Divinity. Your purpose on Earth is unfolding now for you; You are walking in your sacred purpose at every moment of your life, whether you are happy with it or not, if you are experiencing a life that flows easily or one with challenges, feel confused or inspired. At this moment and at every moment of your reality you are at the right time and in the right place at the right time, and everything flows according to your Being, your Almic Group, and the Divine Will of the Creator. This is true, you are exactly where you need to be in your life and your experiences, and you are walking in your divine purpose on Earth to experience more fully with each expression of yours the Age of Love and all its abundance.

I ask you to understand your life right now, do you feel the truth of my words? In all likelihood if you have recently had what you perceive as good experiences, then resonate with my words; If it is the opposite and they feel they are struggling or suffering in their life, then they may not resonate with my words. Whatever their circumstances, it is appropriate to resonate with my words, cultivate and align with them and my suggestions about their walk on Earth as their divine purpose because this is their truth. The more they align with this existence, the more fully they will experience it in their reality. There is no other way to walk your divine purpose on Earth and experience the abundant Love of the Age of Love rather than consciously aligning with it, as if you were sending a request to yourself and the Age of Love, including all your experiences so that merge, link and be one. You are already in the Age of Love. The Age of Love is little by little on Earth, where each person aligns with the love of their Being, bringing it to their own reality, to others and to Earth as a supreme gift of love, the gift of love manifesting itself physically and in experiences. You, my dear ones, are on this path. You are the Age of Love, you are the creator of the Age of Love. Through your alignment and expression of love is how you will achieve your divine purpose and how you will manifest a period of eternal love on Earth.

Your time is here; The only way to really be a creator of the Age of Love is to align yourself and be content with the understanding that you are already walking your sacred reality of Divinity and your true purpose on Earth. His understanding and content comes from his perspective that everything in his reality is appropriate and applicable, where there are no good or bad experiences, and everything is part of his path. With this perspective activated in you, you will discover that you no longer feel tied to your reality, you don't even feel the need to judge the circumstances. They simply know that everything fits into place for a divine purpose and purpose. With this understanding you are more able to surrender more fully to the presence of the beauty of the Creator within your being and your reality. Their choices also come into play and have an important impact on that reality. When they choose to align with the Age of Love and their purpose of being a creator of the Age of Love, they begin to choose in a different way that expresses and manifests that era in their reality; consequently, abundant diverse experiences of love manifest in your life, attracting all you need to encourage and support you to express more of the Creator's love and see more of the Creator's beauty in your reality. .

'I ALIGN ME, ' is all that you require at this time, choosing what to align with. Will they choose to align with fear or love? This simply means that instead of encouraging yourself to walk the path alone on Earth, without support, you constantly access your support, access the support of the inner planes, of the Angels, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, the Beings Luminous, as well as the flow of abundance, of truth, love and your own Sacred Being. You open up to be part of the Creator Universe to which you belong automatically and naturally so that you can receive the support, inspiration and energy that you require, and therefore be able to support others to achieve and access the same. What energies do you want to support in this magical time on Earth? It is important to contemplate this without restrictions or limits. You are an amazing Light Being connected with Everything That is the Creator; when they align with this, they live beyond the limits in freedom and with the multitude of abundance of the Creator.

'I fully align with the Age of Love so that it can be an expression of the abundant and blissful love of the Creator on Earth. I line up to be a creator of the Age of Love in my reality, the realities of others and the world. I align myself with the experience of my reality as love, thus attracting everything I need in my life to exist harmoniously with the truth of my heart and my divine purpose. I align myself with the divine purpose of my being; Whatever happens in my reality, I know that I am creating, walking and experiencing my divine purpose in every moment. As I align with love my choices are aligned with him, and therefore, I AM LOVE in all his sacred expressions. That is why I rejoice, letting go of fear and I am happy in my reality and existence on Earth. I Am That I Am. ' '

That which is negative, harmful or painful is only a product of illusion, designed to bring greater understanding and the truth of being, and that which is determined positive is a recognition of the truth of your being and the manifested Creator. That with which you align becomes your truth, your reality becomes and the consciousness held within your physical being. Let Love be the alignment of your being.

It is necessary to personify, express and experience the love of the Creator because he is healer, elevator and liberator; and above all due to the fact that the love of the Creator is so abundant that there is so much to experience. Even a life dedicated to the personification, expression and experience of the Creator's love is not enough to fully explore the abundant manifestations and experiences of the Creator's love, there is so much to experience. Now it is time to unleash these beautiful energies and experiences so that new understandings and truths are developed and recognized within your being; there is a magical world waiting for them, born from within their being.

Where there is love, there is only love. Within his being there is love; which means that there is only love within your being. If you align with this understanding and with the love within your being simply by declaring, affirming and committing to this alignment, then that will be your experience eternally, magnificently developed throughout your entire reality. and experiences

It is time to free yourself and to know that you are your divine purpose, this knowledge is all that is required. With your alignment with love and your divine purpose, even if you don't know what it is, you will purify and cleanse your reality as everything you create and experience aligns as well. That is why many on Earth are experiencing people, energies, objects, experiences, situations, beliefs, perspectives that are collapsing, and it is due to the conscious and unconscious alignment that is happening within All beings Each being consciously chooses, and sometimes unconsciously, an alignment and an experience on Earth. This alignment is paving the way for generations to come and also for the continuous ascension of everyone on Earth and the inner planes. What you choose at every moment impacts your reality and the rise of All That Is; That is why in this time of transition, forgiveness is the best way to support a loving reality of freedom, of love.

I am with you always, supporting you, loving you and inspiring you.

Let Light and Love be done in everything you do as you walk the path of your divine purpose in the same way that I and Master Jesus and many more have done.

We are One eternally, connected by truth and love, I honor and respect you, I am your sister and companion of your Being, here to serve as love and with love.

The Age of Love is the Time of Alignment,

Mary Magdalene

The Alignment Period by María Magdalena Channeled

via Natalie Glasson

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