The energy of Buddha, Jesus Christ and Mary covers them in order to bring them in tune with an energy of grace and superior love

  • 2017

Dear brothers,

The image of the Buddha develops in a multiplied way as if it were a powerful energy, which is as powerful as a sun shining. However, today the energy of the Buddha turns out to be predominant due to the grace that it transmits and offers to each of you and it is that the energy of the Buddha's love envelops and covers you in order to put you in tuned to an energy of Grace and superior Love.

As the days pass, this energy becomes stronger and stronger on your forehead, as if it were a seal which represents the energy of the Buddha, as it emanates from the third eye of each of you. This is a transformative energy, which has the power to raise its vibrations while aligning its fields to discover that seal that symbolizes Buddha and allows the crown chakra, to rise from the eighth to the ninth and even more there.

However and as always, they are invited to appreciate the star of David, which symbolizes the Light of Merkabah that is around them, which comes from the upper pyramid and goes directly to their heart, giving them energy that emanates from a superior light source where everything is love.

This energy is generated in the heart of the Cosmic Christ and passes through each of its fields, until it reaches the central chakra, which is in their hearts

This particularity of the energy coming from the Cosmic Christ, allows us to understand that the central chakra has a force and a bright light which consists of the energy of the Buddha and that light is expanding, which is because the grace of Buddha is transmitted not only to each one of you, but also to every part of the planet Earth and every being that inhabits it.
Currently, that energy is generated in your pineal gland, since this gland inside your brain is directly connected to your third eye, which constantly receives that energy of wisdom and superior knowledge .

This activity manages to be carried out due to the love and the light that Buddha projects in all of you, mainly, through the pyramid of superior light of the star of David, which represents your heads. Buddha also symbolizes the acceptance of the light that emanates from the Cosmic Christ, of the love that radiates from his great brother Jesus Christ and that it is a peculiarity, since it is a fusion of both Buddhist energy and Christic energy, since Both fill your being.

It all consists of a vibrational sequence

These energies have a reality of understanding within the path of dimensional ascension of their spiritual being through realizations and / or transformations of different vibrations in the DNA and that is that their DNA is the light through which they access all the energies that the universe has for you, since you are like small crystals of love that are in your blood and inside your whole body, in order to give you greater knowledge and awareness about the wisdom not only that Buddha teaches, but also the of Christ and Mary, so that they can understand and integrate with her.

The energies have a vision in which they appreciate that the love that emanates from the Creative Source is not only unlimited, but also immeasurable. It is that energy which is now inside the physical body of each of you, being your physical body who welcomes and allows access to that higher energy, which fills every corner of your being with love. There is a vision, which stands as Light around all of you, it is the image of Christ, Christ Jesus, the Cosmic Christ, etc., and it is that you, beings of light, know the image in which he he has one of his hands placed in his heart while with the other he captures the energies that come from the Creative Source, so that he can transmit them to the hearts of each one of the beings on this planet.

All this is a trinitization of the energies of love in all beings of light and it is that the energy of Christ, the great brother of human beings in love, manages to awaken and fill the chakra of their hearts with their light and his love, an energy that completely fills his physical bodies and also his superior spiritual being.

The Energy of Mary and the Holy Spirit

The purity of the Holy Spirit is shown by the energy that comes from Mary, the Mother of all, the Queen of the angels and all life in this world, is what activates in each of you not only a reality, but also an understanding that also turns out to be an essential part of your awakening and integration with Mother Earth, so that Mary's apparitions, which have taken place in different places of the Earth, they can be understood as acupuncture on the physical body of Gaia, which is full of the feminine love that radiates Mary.

However, and on this occasion, it is the energy of the Holy Spirit that is responsible for providing the opportunity to access a higher level of consciousness not only to people who are in all those places where Mary has appeared, but also to the physical body of all beings that are in the different places where Mother Earth allows them to inhabit, since the powerful energy The divine of Mary is present in each of the vertices of light located around the Earth.

The energy that is around them, consists of an energy of Light that comes from Buddha, Jesus Christ and Mary, which gives them the opportunity to extend their understanding and access to a level of superior wisdom, which can only be accessed by leaving completely behind any type of relationship with the ego, hate or resentment and choose to make themselves available to the light through A great feeling of love . That is what all the teaching that Christ transmits to you is about, with which Buddha gives you the possibility of integrating after having understood it and with which Mary and the Holy Spirit, represented in a Dove, illuminates the way for you to see more clearly the Divine Plan that the Creative Source has developed for each of you.

That Divine Plan consists in the transformation of your physical body into a body of Light, of your material Being into a uniquely spiritual Being . All of you are receiving the energies of Buddha, Jesus Christ and Mary, within yourself, so you have the ability to share them with any of the people around you.

We say goodbye filling them with blessings and inviting them to open their hearts.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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