The Eye of the Storm Message from the Hathors

  • 2017
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A Hathor World Meditation through Tom Kenyon

We use the metaphor of a hurricane or a cyclone to describe the situation your world is facing now. In the middle of the destructive power of these metaphorical "storms", there is a central place of silence. It is called the Eye of the Storm . As the current Cadetic Node increases its intensity, the chaotic and destructive forces of multiple origins will swirl around you, similar to a hurricane or a cycle n. Discovering that center with the `` point of stillness '' within you is a spiritual need to survive intact in these times. In our previous message Restoration we share a unique ally that can help you reach that central point of stillness inside you and restore yourself to a physical, mental, emotional and physical level. spiritual. We are now calling for a Global Meditation, using Restoration as a means to impart these nutrient and healing energies to those who are receptive to this type of elevation. Before discussing the details of this Global Meditation, we wish to comment on who will send these energies and the nature of such emanations. In some Buddhist traditions, the term sangha is used to describe a meeting, a community of those who share a similar intention. This union of individuals around a common intention creates a Third Force, speaking alchemically. When two or more people meet by sharing the same intention, a Third Force is created that is more powerful than the individual forces. In this World Meditation we will be directing healing and restorative energies to everyone, in what amounts to a world sangha, but this world sangha has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with Physics the Physics of consciousness.
Meditation balances the universal energy that is found in everything around us.

The meditation

On May 27, 2017 we will try to create a point of union, of connection, a “point of stillness” of restoration and healing. The emanations of this "point of stillness" will be directed to the whole world, and will create a harmonic energy field. It will be possible to resort to this energy field who wishes to receive it or is living in that dimension of consciousness. This energy is like a gentle breeze and, like all sensory phenomena in this world, there will be those who notice it and those who do not. Those who perceive this gentle wave of restoration will be touched deeply and raised spontaneously. Whoever it is, wherever it may be, can attract restoration energies to itself. If you wish to join us in this World Meditation, you will enter a dimension of consciousness that is beyond time and space. Through the interconnection network, we will meet with others around the world. Not everyone you contact during this meditation will be human. Some of them will be animals, because some animals, like humans, are more aware than others. Some animals are highly evolved spiritually, and have incarnated in an animal form for reasons that only know the deepest aspects of their beings. Some of the beings you will connect with will be the spirits of nature, because many are very tired as mankind aggravates nature more and more. It is important to understand that you will not be imposing anything on anyone. Rather, you will be introducing healing and restorative energy into the biosphere and the interconnection of all beings. Beings are free according to their own sovereign will to attract this to themselves, or not to do so. If you choose to join us during meditation, you will be giving the Earth and all the beings that reside on it and within it one of the greatest gifts you can give. The energy of this meditation will last for 24 hours. The World Meditation will take place during a meeting in Manhattan, New York, at the end of a workshop called Sound Immersions (Sound Immersions) It will last thirty minutes. Twenty-seven minutes will be used to listen to the Restoration, and at the end, another three minutes will remain silent. The World Meditation will begin on Saturday, May 27 at 5:30 pm (East Coast Summer Time), which corresponds to Saturday, May 27 at 9:30 pm Greenwich Time. The creation of the meditation connection point will end at 6 pm on the East Coast summer time or 10 p.m. from Greenwich. During that thirty-minute period, those who are physically in the Sound Immersions workshop, Sound Immersions, will join us to generate that connection point. It will be a very powerful and powerful experience for those present in the room, as well as for those who connect with us from far away places. Note: to determine when the connection point will occur in your time zone, you can go to the Time Zone Converter that is part of the World Clock. Or you can click on this link, which will take you directly to the time converter. Once World Meditation begins, it will last like the sound of a gong for twenty-four hours. You can join and enter this vibratory field of healing and restoration at any time during that twenty-four hour period. Again we wish to emphasize that this dimension of consciousness is not limited by time or space. In other words, you can fully enter the vibratory planetary restoration field from where you are physically located. Meditation consists of two phases. The first phase is to meditate on sound meditation Restoration. It would help you a lot to read the message Restoration and also work with sound meditation before the World Meditation takes place. Ideally, use the advanced form described in that message. Your attention will be on your physical body, imagining your body as a galaxy of stars. This will allow the Shakti, or spiritual energy, of the sound codes to reach deeper into your body. You listen to the sound meditation 1 time during this phase. In the second phase of meditation, change your attention to your Third Eye or Ajna center. During this phase you will hear the Restoration twice. With your concentration on the Third Eye, imagine that you float in space with Earth in front of you. When you have the impression of floating in space along with the Earth, direct the focus of your attention to the Earth while still listening to the Restoration. By holding the focus of your attention on Earth, you will be directing the energies of restoration towards the planet and the beings that live on and within it. For some, the planet will be close. For others the planet will seem to be far away, or any distance between them. Your proximity to the Earth in this meditation will be determined by your interdimensional relationship with the planet.

If you feel summoned to join us in this World Meditation, we thank you.

In the past we have offered various sound gifts, as well as intellectual concepts, to help you access higher dimensions of your own consciousness. For us, Restoration sound meditation is the greatest gift we have offered so far. We say this because the origins of this sound meditation are in the 10th dimensions. 11th and 12th of our collective consciousness. The Hathors who reside in these higher dimensions are our spiritual teachers. They reside in a dimension of non-duality, and continually emanate the vibratory field of peace, nutrition and restoration. We call that field of energy and intelligence the Aitos, and from our perspective the beings that reside there are like rainbows. May the peace of restoration, which surpasses all understanding, be with you and your relationships, as your world enters an extremely precarious passage. The Hathors
March 29, 2017

Tom's thoughts and observations

At the end of this comment a link for the restoration of sound meditation appears. It is an mp3 audio file that you can download at no cost for your personal use. The instructions of the Hathors for World Meditation are quite clear, so I do not think it necessary to abound. But there were some interesting moments when they gave me this broadcast, which I thought might interest some readers.

When they said:

For some, the planet will be close. For others, the planet seems to be far away, or any distance between them. Your proximity to the Earth in this meditation will be determined by your interdimensional relationship with the planet. When the Hathors gave me those words, I had the impression of being catapulted into space, as I looked back at the Earth with the eye of my mind, and asked them what they meant by that enigmatic statement. They said that for those who have a deep karmic history with the Earth, the planet will appear nearby in the second phase of meditation. But those who were not on Earth for a great karmic fixation, but because of a spiritual mission, would perceive the Earth at a great distance. They also said that in some cases, those who had completed their karma with the Earth in this life could also perceive the planet at a great distance. My body shook with an entrance of energy when the Hathors said: It will be a very powerful and powerful experience for those who are present in the hall, as well as for who connect with us from faraway places. I have experienced such energies from the Hathors before and it has always been the announcement of something powerful and meaningful. My own personal impression is that this whole workshop, Sound Immersions, at the Symphony Space in Manhattan on May 27 will generate powerful transformations for all of us in the room. The last Sound Immersion of this event will be the World Meditation, as described by the Hathors. The only difference is that it will be bringing a group of Hathors residing in Dimensions 10, 11 and 12, to channel sound codes over the previously recorded sound meditation (that is, Restoration). This should be interesting, since the previously recorded sound meditation already contains sound codes of the dimensions 10, 11 and 12 . My experience of the Hathors of 10, 11 and 12 dimens n that I have found, is that they appear as geometric shapes they are usually spheres. And while many emanate white light, a good number of them emanate light that is like the colors of the rainbow. After the Hathors gave this message, I asked them about their comment that the beings residing in Aitos (10, 11 and 12 dimensi n) seem rainbow. They explained to me that while many of the Hathors of higher dimensions appear as luminous white spheres, they embody all frequencies of light. And when they emanate beneficial energies they become like rainbows and emanate multiple colors at the same time.

The Audio File

The sound meditation, Restoration, lasts 9.01 minutes and is in the Listening Section of the website as an mp3 audio to download. Please note that you will have to download the audio to your computer before transferring it to other devices. Please also avoid listening to it from our website during the World Meditation, as it would be too much for our server to attend. When they click on the link below, they will go to the Listening Section. After agreeing to the listening agreement, Listening Agreement, you will have full access to all audio files, free of charge, for your personal use. Scroll through the list of titles until you see Restoration Click here to listen and / or download Restoration Translation: M. Cristina Cáffaro

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