The Discipleship, by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

Description of a Disciple.

Disciple is one who, above all, undertakes to do three things:

  • Serve humanity.
  • Collaborate in the plan of the Great Beings, as you see it, and in the best possible way.
  • Develop the powers of the ego, expand your consciousness until you can act in the causal body, in the three planes of the three worlds, and follow the guidance of the higher self and not the dictates of its triple lower manifestation.

Disciple is the one who begins to understand group work, and to move his center of activity, from himself (as an axis around which everything revolves) to the center of the group.

Disciple is one who simultaneously understands the relative insignificance of each unit of consciousness as well as its vast importance. He adjusts his sense of proportion and sees things as they are, to people as they are, to himself as he is inherently, so he tries to become what he is.

The disciple understands life or the force aspect of nature and is not attracted to form. Work with force and through force; It is recognized as a center of force within another major center of force, and has the responsibility of directing the energy that can flow through it into the channels through which the group can benefit.

The disciple recognizes that he is, to a greater or lesser degree, an advanced consciousness of the Master, considering the Master in a dual sense:

  1. As your own egoic consciousness.
  1. As the center of your group; force that animates the units of the group, uniting them in a homogeneous whole.

Disciple is one who transfers his consciousness from the personal to the impersonal, and who during the transition stage necessarily bears many difficulties and sufferings, coming from several causes:

  1. From his lower self, who rebels against transmutation.
  1. From his immediate group, from his friends and family who rebel against his growing impersonality. They do not like to be considered one with him, in the aspect of life, and yet independent of him, in regard to desires and interests. However, the law governs, and there is only true unity in the essential life of the soul. Discovering what the form is, causes a lot of suffering to the disciple, but the path eventually leads to perfect union.

Disciple is one who knows his responsibility to all the units that are under his influence - responsibility to collaborate with the plan of evolution, as it is for them, and thus expand the consciences and teach them the difference between the real and the unreal, Life and form You can do this very easily by demonstrating in your own life what your goal, objective and center of consciousness is.

The work to be done.

Consequently, the disciple has different objectives:

  • Sensitive response to the vibration of the Master.
  • Purity of life, in a practical way, not theoretical.

Release of worry. It should be remembered that the concern is based on the personal, and is the result of a passion and an excessively rapid response to the vibrations of the lower worlds.

Fulfillment of duty. This point involves the dispassionate performance of all obligations, and due attention to karmic debts. The value of dispassion must be emphasized, especially in all disciples. The lack of discernment is not an obstacle for the disciple these days, due to the development of the mind; but it is often the lack of dispassion. This means obtaining that state of consciousness where balance is observed and pleasure and pain do not dominate, because they have been replaced by joy and joy. You should reflect well on this, because it is necessary to work hard to get dispassionate.

You should also study the karna? Manic body (body mind? Desire). It is of real significance, because for many reasons it is the most important body in the solar system, as regards the human being in the three worlds. In the next system, the mental vehicle of the self-conscious units will occupy an analogous place, as the physicist occupied in the previous system solar theme.

The disciple must also work scientifically, if so, in the construction of the physical body; strive to build in each incarnation a body that will serve as a better vehicle for strength. Hence it is practical to give information about the initiation. There is no time on the day when you cannot see that goal and carry out the preparation work. One of the greatest instruments for practical development, which is available to everyone, is the WORD. Who takes care of his words and only speaks altruistically, in order to spread the energy of love through language, quickly dominates the initial steps and prepares for initiation. The word is the most esoteric manifestation that exists, the means of creation and the vehicle for force. In the parity of words, understanding it esoterically, is the conservation of force. In the use of words, well chosen and spoken, lies the distribution of the force of love of the solar system, that force that preserves, strengthens and stimulates. Only those who partially know these two aspects of the word can be entrusted with their permanence before the Initiator, and from that presence certain sounds and secrets, which are imparted to him under the promise of keep silence.

The disciple must learn to remain silent in the face of evil, to silence the sufferings of the world, without wasting time in useless complaints and in demonstrations of pain, but to try to lighten the burden of the world, and work without losing energies in words. However, you should speak when the stimulus is necessary, use the word for constructive purposes; express the strength of the love of the world, as it flows through it, in order to relieve or lighten the burden, remembering that, as the race progresses, the element of love and its expression between the sexes, it will move to a higher plane. Then, by means of the spoken word, not by the expression on the physical plane, as it happens today, you will come to understand the true love that unites those who are one in service and in the aspiration. Then the love between the individuals of the human family will use the word for creation on all planes, and the energy that now manifests itself in the majority, through s of the lower or genital centers, will be transferred to the largeness center. This is still a distant ideal, but some can already glimpse it and seek, through joint service, loving collaboration, uniqueness in aspiration, thought and effort, to shape and con con This ideal figure, though inadequately.

Group relationships

The path of the disciple is rugged; difficulties and obstacles face him every corner of the way. However, treading the path and overcoming difficulties, adhering to the group for the sake of it and joining the individuals and evolutionary development in a balanced way, the fruition and the achievement of the goal will finally come. This is evidenced by the SERVER of the breed. It is a server because it does not serve its own purposes, and its lower bodies do not emit vibrations that can divert it from the chosen path. It serves because he knows what is in man, and because for many lives he has worked with individuals and groups, gradually expanding his field of effort to gather around those units of consciousness that he can energize and use, and through which he will lead Out the plans of your superiors. Such is the goal, but in the intermediate stages there are many difficulties for those who are on the verge of self-discovery and of becoming the path itself.

A practical tip can be of value here:

Carefully study the first three chapters of Baghavad Gita. Arjuna's problem is that of all the disciples, and the solution is eternally the same.

Be alert and watch the heart. The transfer of fire from the solar plexus center to the heart center is very painful. It is not easy to love as the Great Beings do, with pure love, which does not demand reward; with impersonal love, who rejoices when there is an answer, but does not wait for it, and loves constantly, silently and deeply, through the apparent divergences, with the assurance that, when everyone has found their way home, they will understand that Home is the place of unification.

Prepare for loneliness. That is the law. When man detaches himself from everything that concerns his physical, astral and mental bodies, and becomes central to the ego, a temporary separation ensues that he must endure and transcend and subsequently leads him to establish a closer bond with all who are associated with him, due to karma contracted in past lives, group work and activity displayed by the disciple (carried out almost unconsciously at the beginning), by bringing together those through whom he must work later.

Cultivate happiness, knowing that depression, the excessively morbid investigation of the mobile and the exaggerated susceptibility to the criticism of others, lead to a state in which the disciple becomes almost useless. Happiness is based on trust in the inner God, a fair appreciation of time and self-forgetfulness. Take the good and use it as truths to spread joy and not rebel against the happiness and pleasure of the service provided, believing that it indicates that something is wrong. Suffering ensues when the lower self rebels. The controlled lower self and the elimination of desire bring joy.

Have patience. Resistance is one of the characteristics of the ego. The ego persists because it knows that it is immortal. The personality is discouraged because he knows that time is short.

Nothing happens to the disciple that is not foreseen in the plan, and when the motive and the only aspiration of the heart is to carry out the Master's will and serve the race, it carries the seed of the next enterprise and also produces the weather needed for the next step. This clarifies many things, and that which the disciple can depend on when the vision is clouded will be found, and the degree of vibration is lower than it should be, the reasoning being obfuscated by the miasmas arising from the circumstances of the physical plane. Many things that appear in the astral body are based, in the majority, on ancient vibrations, and have no real foundation; the struggle consists in controlling the astral situation in such a way that, from our present anxieties and worries, trust and peace arise, and from violent action and interaction, tranquility comes.

It is possible to reach that point where nothing that happens alters the inner calm, where the peace that transcends all understanding is recognized and experienced, because consciousness is centered on the ego, which is peace itself, and constitutes the circle of life buddha; where poise is known and felt and balance reigns, because the center of life lies in the ego, which is essentially balance; where the calm and immovable calm prevails and the divine Knower holds the reins of the government and does not allow the disturbances of the lower self; where the bliss is reached, which is not based on the circumstances of the three worlds, but on the internal understanding of the existence separated from the non-self, existence that persists when time and space cease to exist and everything they contain; This is known when the illusions of the lower planes are experienced, transcended and transmuted, which endures when the small world of human effort has dissipated and disappeared and is considered non-existent, being based on the Knowledge of I AM THAT.

Such an attitude and experience can be carried out by those who persist in their high effort, and give nothing value, in order to reach the goal, persevering through circumstances, with eyes fixed on the future vision and ears attentive to the Voice of the inner God, which resonates in the silence of the heart; feet firmly seated on the path that leads to the Portal of Initiation; hands out to help the world, and all life subordinated to the call of service. So, everything that comes is for good? Illness, opportunity, success and disappointments, mockery and machinations of the enemies, misunderstanding of those we love ?, everything exists and should be used only to be transmuted. As will be seen, the most important thing is continuity of vision, aspiration and internal contact. What must be achieved is that continuity, not because of the circumstances but in spite of them.

As the aspirant progresses, he not only balances the pairs of opposites, but the secret of his brother's heart is revealed. It is recognized as a force in the world, it is appreciated as an individual and it is trusted that it can serve. Men turn to him to be helped, because he recognizes the activity he performs, then he issues his note to be heard in the human and devic ranks. He succeeds at this stage through the pen, literature, spoken word, lectures and teachings and also music, painting and art. It thus reaches the hearts of men by any of these paths, and becomes auxiliary and servant of their race. I will also mention two other characteristics of this stage:

The applicant knows the hidden value of money in the service. He does not seek anything for himself, except what can equip him to do the job, considering the money and what the money seeks, as something that must be used for others, and as a means to achieve the fruition of the Master's plans, such as he perceives them. Very little is understood the hidden significance of money, however, one of the great tests to determine the place that man occupies on the path of probation, concerns his attitude and the handling of what all men seek in order to satisfy your wishes. Who wants anything for himself can be the recipient of financial wealth and the distributor of the wealth of the universe. On the contrary, if it increases your wealth, it brings you pain and anguish, discontent and perversion.

At this stage, the life of the aspirant also becomes an instrument of destruction in the hidden sense of the term. The force that flows through it, coming from the higher planes and from its inner God, sometimes produces peculiar results about its environment and wherever it goes, because it acts as a stimulus, both for good and for evil. The lunar pitris or small lives, which constitute the bodies of their brothers and their own body, are similarly stimulated, their activity increased and their power greatly intensified. This is used by those who work internally, to achieve certain desired ends, and often causes the temporary fall of advanced souls. They cannot resist the force that flows or descends to them, and due to the temporary overstimulation of their centers and vehicles, they suffer a collapse. This happens in groups and in individuals, but, conversely, if the lunar lords or lives of the lower self have been previously submitted and controlled, then the effect of the force and energy received serves to stimulate the response of the consciousness of the physical brain and the centers of the head, to the egoic contact. Thus, the force that would otherwise be destructive becomes a beneficial factor and a useful stimulus, and can be used by the Known, in order to lead men towards greater enlightenment.

All these steps must be carried out in the three lower planes and in the three bodies, and they do this according to their particular ray and underline. In this way the disciple carries out the work and receives his test and training. Thus it is conducted - through the correct direction of the energy and the intelligent manipulation of the currents of force - to the Portal of Initiation, and passes from the Learning Classroom to the Classroom of Wisdom, where it gradually becomes “aware” of forces and powers latent in their own ego and in the egoic group; then you can use the strength of that group and you can entrust its management, only to help humanity; So after the fourth initiation? it participates in the energy of the planetary Logos, encoding a part of it, which enables it to carry out the plans of the planetary Logos for evolution.

It should be remembered that first ray disciples understand discipleship in terms of, energy, strength or activity, while second ray disciples, in terms of awareness or initiation. This is due to the divergence in common expressions and the lack of understanding among thinkers. It would be useful to express the idea of ​​discipleship based on the different rays, meaning the discipleship, manifested as a service on the physical plane:

1st. Lightning Force Energy Action The Occultist

2nd. Lightning Consciousness Expansion Initiation The true psychic

3rd. Lightning Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician

4th. Lightning Vibration Response Expression Artist

5th. Lightning Mindset Knowledge Science The Scientist

6th. Lightning Devotion Abstraction Idealism The Devotee

7th Lightning Enchantment Ritual Magic The ritualist

Remember that here we deal with the disciples. As they progress, the various lines approach and fumble. They have all been magicians, because they belonged to the third ray. The problem now refers to the mystic and the oculist, and its final synthesis. A careful study of the above, will lead to the recognition of the difficulties that arise between the thinkers and the disciples of all the groups, and consist in their identification with some form and in their inability to understand the different views of others. As time passes and they enter into a closer relationship with the two Masters that concern them (their inner God and their personal Master), their inability to cooperate and merge their interests for the good of the group will disappear, and instead of divergence there will be community of effort, similarity of objectives and mutual collaboration. You should reflect on this, as it contains the key to many enigmatic things that for most are distressing.

This text is a fragment of the book "Human and Solar Initiation", by Master Djwhal Khul or "Tibetan", From here you can download the complete book:

1. Human and Solar Initiation

An Initiation is an expansion of consciousness that leads to enlightenment and revelation. Initiation is experienced by all forms of life, large or small. The work of the Planetary Hierarchy in its many mastery stages is described in this book and fourteen Rules are given through which the neophyte can become an aspirant to the Portal of Initiation.

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