The Goddess Creed

  • 2013

"Have the faith to know the truth, pronounce it without hesitation and allow yourself to be seen for what you are, the chalice of Creation." Maria Magdalena.

The Goddess Creed represents living principles dedicated to maintaining the highest frequency of love. There are guidelines that can be used to discover and understand your Goddess Light energy, and to know that you are creators of the consciousness of love.

We suggest you start selecting one of the creeds. For many of them it is helpful to start with the words, "I Am" and choose a word or phrase. For example, "I am ... Humble."

With each creed of the Goddess project a path through your senses. Say it in your mind and listen. Meditate on it. How do you feel? What does it represent for you? Go deeper inside. You will experience an amazing awakening!

Humility - Healing - Balance - Integrity - Love Towards Himself - Gratitude - Ceremony - Sure Sky - It's About Me - Creator of the Edge - Cheerful and Fun - Confidentiality - I Love What I Am - Clarity of Intention - Peace Begins With Me - Listen : I Am Present - Honor, Love and Respect - Prosperity is my Birthright - Joining and Interweaving Colors - Orientation: Honoring My Feelings - I Honor the Rhythms of Cycles - I Am the Full Expression of My Goddess Color - Perception Collective, Unity, I Am Each.

"I wish you this, on your journey of awakening, to feel the love of the Creator's Force within you and let your dreams be the light of love." Master Kirael


The Silver Wings of Light are humbly blessed to receive the guidance of Master Kirael and Kahu Sterling on the journey of the Light of the Goddess. We want to share with you our own experience of awakening. As we ask the questions, we discover that the answers are found in the Goddess particles that awaken within each of us - with love.

1. What is the Light of the Goddess?

KIRAEL: It's basically a trinity. In the center of the trinity there is something called Love. At the top of the trinity you could see the Creative Force. On the left side one could see the conscious perception, the Christ Consciousness, the thought of Creation. And on the other side is the energy of the Light of the Goddess, which is the emotion of Creation. With this, you have a creative force in your fullness, which is balanced - not in opposition to, but balanced - in the totality of thought and emotion. And this is what even your society today is based on. It is based on thought connecting with emotion to bring you to the fullness of your journey.

2. Is the energy of the Light of the Goddess found only in women?

KIRAEL: The truest form of the Light of the Goddess is present only on the X chromosome of all women. They are born with this active energy on a level of choice. A mu

Jer can increase that energy by participating in a social activity of the Goddesses. Men are carriers of the X chromosome, but never in their full energy because of the presence of their Y chromosome.

For all my male friends, don't sit back in your chairs and think, “Oh, that's good. Everything has to do with female energy. ” I did not say feminine; I said of the Goddesses. And each and every human being has at least one tiny particle of the Goddess Light energy inside. Women, of course, existing in their fullness, can reach higher and higher heights through the love of the Goddess, while man will strive and bring forth his own balance, his own light, and in this we will see this great unfolding Energy.

3. Is there a correlation between the Sacred Feminine and the Light of the Goddess?

KIRAEL: There is a universal light; There is a universal energy. It is often referred to as the sacred feminine light, the Light of the Goddess. But in fact it is an energy code that allows them to overcome everything they feel they do not want to have in this life.

Sacred feminine energy does not necessarily mean that they are feminine or non-masculine. It simply means that there is something that has been closed in the average human being for a long time now. This closed in the Dark Ages. It has been closed in a very brutal and forced way, and that meant that the sacred feminine light, the Light of the Goddess, should not prevail and her presence arise.

Remember, it is not about male or female. It is the sacred feminine. That's love.

4. How is the Transit of Venus related to the Light of the Goddess?

KIRAEL: It is said that at one time, time advanced so slowly on this beautiful planet (Venus) that the greatest of the great spirits lined up there. And it is said that the greatest Goddesses gathered and went there for their great meeting. And there they lived for a very long time, secluded, if you like, under the cloud banks of this beautiful planet. And that planet, as you see it today, has changed so dramatically since then. But it has been a planet that lived within itself and the energies of these large banks of clouds that surrounded it fed everything that was needed to the planetary system. And this is where the Goddesses were. And that is why today they will frequently find the name of Venus connected to the great Light of the Goddess, because it is here where the Goddesses began their journey.

Thus, when the planet Vino came into alignment with the plane of the Earth on June 8, 2004, we see that the energies of the Light of the Goddesses now impregnate the plane of the earth. The Light of the Goddess has been silent for so long here on Earth for centuries, and perhaps even for millennia but no longer, my friends, the Light of The Goddess in suspense. Now, you are about to get up and have it taken into account among those who are in the powerful position of allowing the Great Change to unfold.

5. Why is the Light of the Goddess of great significance now on the Earth plane?

KIRAEL: First of all I would like to remind you that the energy of the Goddess Light is always made known at the beginning of a great period of learning and also when the same period is ready to evolve to the next level. In fact, every time there is a movement towards great times of change, the Light of the Goddess advances towards the plane of consciousness where such change is going to take place.

It is not as if the energy of the Light of the Goddess did not exist through all ages. It is of greater interest when it begins to focus the power of the Goddess towards groups. So it will be my journey to share some of the most common ways in which they introduce their energy particles to the plot, although equally important, it is vital to understand that they live to change . They are the omnipresence of the feminine energy, and with this they frequently establish the rules as they perceive it as necessary. The fact that they are committed to creating through the ceremony, some aspects of their order seem to be interwoven. In the fullness of my knowledge, the Goddess never duplicates something already done. What they will do is strive to elevate each trip to a new level of perception.

As a Goddess, finding the balance of sacred energy within her, the sacred feminine light, the full X chromosome, is there when you bring that light to the world and shine it in each slit, and you pronounce your truth of the light of the heart to the world. You do not notice and say: But I am only a carpenter, I am simply this, I am simply that. You say: I AM the divine light of the Creator and I have a correct language, and I speak from love. And when I do, love is the answer that will bring full illumination to everything in your society.

Reality simply states that the feminine energy contains within it the key to peace. The key to peace is the key to harmony. The key to harmony is a world that lives without wars. The world that lives without wars is a world that can then be defined through evolution.

6. Why do I often hear the words humilde and equilibrio when talking about the Light of the Goddess?

KIRAEL: The really first law of the Goddess Light is to humbly decide for one's own being, within the being, to know that you are connected with the Creator and that you have means of communicating with the Creator, and that you always They will know the truth of the Creator.

The Light of the Goddess is the humblest expression that exists because the Goddess does not choose between good or evil. The Goddess does not choose good or bad, up or down, or anything else. The Goddess is already the balancing approach; therefore it does not worry about being balanced. So do not strive for - she is humble. It is loving. It is the word "A", love. It is the love of conscience. It can't be anything else.

Because it is the world of healing when they learn the humility of being a Creator; when you learn that it is not you who believe but everything of you that is Creation; when they learn that being humiliated by their own knowledge is when they feel the feeling of peace and the balance of harmonic light. When they recognize the Goddess inside, the inner Christ, the love of the inner Creator, then they know that they are a humble force that can only send love out again.

Love is the only thing that will take you to balance where you will know what is right for you. And it is a world that no longer needs to be right through the masses, but it is a right for the world to know that there is a feminine light of the Goddess within her that will say that they will know the truth when they see it. And when they see it, it is theirs because the truth belongs to them.

7. I have heard that there is a language of love. How can I express this in the Light of the Goddess?

KIRAEL: The language of the soul is the language of love, a universal language. This will in fact is the language of the soul. It is the language of the soul that begins all in the most beautiful way. The language of the soul is the communication that no longer requires words; it is a communication with which they were born; a communication that they will receive once they have left this dimension; a communication that is a form of language that they will learn, when they truly learn to travel through the different dimensions, as my medium does. Fill everything in your world with enough love and it will take you where you want to be, and you don't have to come with a lot of words to do it. This is not a great gift that will come to you as time unfolds. This is something that already belongs to them. You own it, that thing we call the language of the soul. It is the way they communicate with all forces. What we call universal language is the language of the soul.

The sacred feminine, the Light of the Goddess, is the love of all light in its fullness. It is the fullness of every being. It is the central essence of their expression that allows them to speak for the soul, because soon the day will come, my friends, when this will be the way in which they communicate.

The first thing they have to learn to speak for the soul is to speak the language of love, which means they simply have to feel love and express love without saying a word. You just have to want love to come out of you. Once you have learned how to let love go out at will, simply send it out. This is the energy of the Light of the Goddess, isn't it? The sacred feminine light, the masculine balance, everything, let it out. Once they begin to manifest the will, then they will receive from the person or energy to which they send it, they will receive it back.

Variations, variables, all the different possibilities of this great soul language is the depth of your wildest dreams and thoughts, because soul language comes on so many different levels. It is that which is interwoven in all the different frames of the light itself. You in the human world can talk to trees, trees can talk to animals, animals can talk to insects and everyone can talk to minerals. There is not a single plot that cannot be touched by the language of the soul.

8. How can we, in our Light of the Goddess, create loving relationships with our partners in life?

KIRAEL: Do nothing for anyone outside of yourself. Find the truth of your Goddess Light within you. To be humble in the presence of the Creator is to be in love, and to be in love is to recognize the inner Goddess. So do not persuade or coax man to give them space to breathe. Instead, focus on your own love. Don't say a word to the masculine energy, which is questioning what you are doing as Goddesses. Sit calmly. Restrain your consciousness of thoughts which conjures one thought after another, pranic breathing, and fill with the golden particles until you feel the presence of the light. Then look again at your male counterpart and he will melt before your eyes.

You see, that's the Change. Out there in the womb some men and women think that you in the World of the Goddesses are quite strange, but if they think about it in the presence of the “I”, they will never care again what someone thinks about the world of the Goddesses. Don't keep measuring the thoughts of others. You are responsible only for your own thoughts, and, as Goddess, your thoughts will be of love. In that light, you will understand that the masculine who cannot see the Light of the Goddess is not willing to see it; instead, he has suppressed the light inside. If you continue to enlighten yourself, if you continue to be the presence of the Light of the Goddess, then that man will change and you can rest in the chair saying, "Oh, my God, see that change."

Don't say a single word; Simply manifest love. Others will wake up in the presence of love, in the presence of "I, " and when they do, they will ask, "What is love?" The answer is "I."

9. How does the energy of the Goddess Light work in healing?

KIRAEL: It's fascinating how it works. If you understand that you are made of a cellular consciousness, and that cellular energy is guided by a consciousness, then that consciousness of which you speak is the conscious framework of what you believe to be separated from your Creator or Goddess Light energy . Because they are considered separate, therefore they are separated, in fact. However, in reality, they cannot be because they are of the breath of life. Because they are the breath of life, they are designated to this, what we call the energy of the Goddess Light.

And once you recognize your own ability to nurture your own cellular consciousness towards a healed formation, you will have to realize that each formation of a molecular structure around you has the same intensity and the same ability to pronounce the word to create the Healing If you want to say, “I AM from the energy of the Goddess. I AM the breath of life. I AM of the Creative Force ”, no matter how they say it, they know that they can express the will towards the cellular consciousness in their body, because I AM.

10. What is the Goddess Light screen?

KIRAEL: When the Goddesses get together, they interweave love. Using their individual colors and the naturally creative nutrient essence of their Goddess Light, they come together in a plot with the purpose of awakening, healing, connecting and strengthening. The strength of their collective unity increases with the strength of their perception of their energy from the Light of the Goddess.

11. Is it important to have a name of Goddess?

KIRAEL: Knowing her Goddess name allows her to connect with her Goddess essence.

12. How do we discover our color of Goddess and how do we interweave it in our lives?

KIRAEL: There is never a doubt about her Goddess color. The colors of the Goddess change in the incarnations from time to time. You could wake up one day and find yourself resonating with the most beautiful green and you will be so in love with being a green Goddess; another day they will resonate with the violet and think, "Wait a minute, I am a green Goddess, blessed be." I would say that perhaps they were a green Goddess, but if you look at the Plot of the Goddesses, you will see that they are vibrating with whatever the need is at that moment. You will know its true color. You will see a number of greens (love) and blues (truth) waking up everywhere on the planet to pronounce the truth of the heart, to see the "I" of the I.

Close your mind in front of all the distractions of the third dimension that surround you. Remain seated enough, meditate and the color of the Goddess will appear. Entertain him with the energy of his heart.

13. What is the programming of the mastermind? How does it work as energy?

KIRAEL: The programming of the mastermind is a process by which two or more come together with the purpose of using collective consciousness to consciously create each person's wishes. In the process of the mastermind, each person brings their thoughts to the beginning in clear and focused manifestations of intent. Then the group collectively brings its manifestations of intent into a circumscribed space. In turn, the manifestations are experienced as vibrations of electrical impulses that are transmitted from the physical body. The electrical impulses then connect with the magnetic waves, looking for impulses that are congruent with their own.

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