Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll: Let your inner divinity begin to speak with you through the spirit of your divine being

  • 2017

Every profession or job has to be paid as it should be, right? Why can't you get up and say: “ I have an occupation or profession as honorable as that of another human being . I deserve to be paid as much as the others, neither more nor less. ” Bartering means that everyone wins, doesn't it, since if work is spiritual, it must necessarily be an option, but have you ever heard this phrase? It means that if you offer your services, without imposing them, they should not violate any of the so-called spiritual laws.

Stay balanced everywhere and in all circumstances

You must handle good spiritual sense, being balanced human and spiritually, always everywhere and in all circumstances, even when you must make radical decisions . It is no longer necessary to suffer, nor to live constantly in the drama or to be poor, since there are many experienced souls who can remain “ standing with dignity ”, without bowing to anything or anyone. Now is the time to make a deep focus, an update, a spring cleaning, about all the experiences of your life and all the things you do in your day to day.

If you dare to show your state or soul, if you are able to show your real "humility, " it is possible that a light or a beautiful mirror of your life will appear in your future.

When you are able to take the hand of the Spirit of your divine Being, your inner divinity begins to speak with you. You don't have to worry about the things you do on a day-to-day basis or your actions, you just have to be at peace with the energy that emanates from you, and with the spirit that you carry inside. Simply, you must let the light flow in you and take over your whole being.

This is the message for everyone, a message that will be given in the morning, that is given in today and that has always been given in yesterday.

There are many newcomers to this trip, but that is not why we must exclude them, but repeat again and again what this fantastic journey of peace, love and wisdom consists of . You need to read this message well, as many may not accept it and this is simply because the stubbornness and intellect of the human being intervenes. This is something you should always keep in mind: "If the communication of the soul is not carried out in your present life, it may be in your next reincarnation, since the earth is a good place, so be patient ."

There will be many who will not agree with this message and will even say that humanity and the earth are going backwards. Probably, the way the earth works and the way in which human consciousness works will make you believe that the message is no longer true, but the reality is that the earth is always moving forward and that we are in a new era . This message will not be understood by people who let themselves be guided through ancient teachings and traditions. However, it will be a revelation that they must open their souls and their minds.

The truth will appear before them

Many times the human being can be skeptical and his reasoning does not allow the divine truth to enter them, this being the divine truth that brings balance to man . We must stop complaining so much and let peace and spirit take hold of us, letting our mind reach a state of balance and absolute tranquility, allowing our souls to rise.

Although not everyone wants to accept this truth, the new era of man has arrived and we are ready to accept divinity on earth and in every man.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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