The power of the Angry over you

  • 2019

On this occasion Uriel talks about the ENFADO . I share the channeling received to help a person understand the emotions of anger that were being repeated over several days.

I am Cristina Acebrón channeling and Transpersonal Coach, and I am dedicated to helping people develop their intuition and connect with their Spiritual Guide. The Angry is one of the emotions that demotivate us the most since they shake our inner strength, awakening many additional emotions. I hope it helps you understand and heal your interior .

Channeling over anger

QUESTION: It's been a while since I 've noticed that a constant anger goes up very easily and I need help . I don't like losing control. I also repeatedly enter a cycle of rage, to repeat the same things to myself and then to feel bad. What I can do?


Greetings my dear Uriel speaks to you. We notice the growing change inside you where you develop rancor roots. You feel a passion that fills your whole being and shows you nothing but hate, anger, disappointment, and you wonder why I feel this way?

Deep down there is a feeling of not being worth enough, of not being able to with the pressure that you are imposing on yourself. In addition there is an internal struggle and a search for love that make you even more angry.

That attitude makes you wake up alerts and you realize that you are not like that, and yet you cannot connect with peace.

There are connections that have to do with your diet, which are developing bonds of hate and resentment. Like the tics you suffer in your eyes, they tell you about lack of acceptance.

The feeding should begin to be lighter, so that there are no eternal digestions of days. You know well that dairy products do not help you, but they slow you down and generate pus inside you. Heavy digestions with many of the foods you love, simply by habit, it is important that they come to an end. That feeling of emptiness is propitiated by looking for something that always makes you feel full, not full.

That is the feeling you are looking for internally in your life, to be able to talk about something, to have something in mind, something to do all the time. And when there is nothing to do, then you feel lost, there is no speed, there is no longer a feeling of not arriving

And what about the calm? Isn't it time to lower the demand? You have prepared different schedules that allow you to develop your ability, study and work at an adequate pace, but you always find something else to do and add to your endless list of necessary and urgent things.

When you forget to live, to go outside and share with others. When you feel that others enter your life, you feel that they are going to judge you and your fear comes to light. Fear of not being accepted, to be compared ... not to be loved.

You feel that people move away from you, and that makes you put kilometers away yourself. You even feel that by naming you we are judging you. You are at a point where everything hurts you.

My dear girl, we are here for you, you just have to connect with that illusion of a little girl when everything was fine and anything served you for fun.

The moment of being alone must pass, to allow you to evolve. Don't be so demanding of yourself, allow yourself to learn, flow, laugh, even make mistakes and accept it and recognize it, which is something that makes you panic

The process of internal anger that you have is nothing more than an easy shell that you wear, which protects you from being aware that the opinions of others hurt you. That you compare yourself to others and that you are the first one that you don't love and accept yourself as such. That you feel you would be better miles away from the world, when deep down what you would love is to feel the warmth of others.

Anger is healed when you accept that you are afraid of relating to others. When you accept that the opinion of others is not more important than yours, and that it does not change as you are, someone else thinks something about you

It will end when you accept yourself and stop running looking for external solutions that do not involve going inside.

My dear child, we are entering your heart right now, placing pieces of energy that make spiritual strips that heal your wounds.

Every day decide that it is a suitable time to be yourself, choose a facet of yourself and study it. What you see that you don't like, write it down and for a couple of weeks observe when that attitude comes out, to tame it by saying to yourself “ LOVE ”.

Think of us, we will be with you during this process of self-acceptance, and over time, anger will disappear.

With love your friend Uriel says goodbye.

Channeled by Cristina Acebrón Guirau

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