Jesus message. The Triad: Prayer, Meditation, Sacred Ritual

  • 2018

Channeled by Linda Dillon, July 22, 2018

The triad gift takes you on the road that takes you home.

The Triad: Prayer, Meditation, Sacred Ritual

Jesus Sananda


So, let's start by breathing the magenta - the beautiful color of the wine. That red with a little blue, the color of a good port, garnet. It is the color of the Sacred Heart. Breathe the richness of the magenta. Inspire the blue of Mother and Michael, and the red of your root and of Gaia and the rubies. Inspire and focus on the third eye, and focus on the tri-flame, at the base of your heart, the rose of your divine being, and the Blue Diamond of the Mother, and the Golden Diamond of the Father and feel that radiance, and Feel that love

Now, what we are going to do right now, just for the sheer joy of it, is that we are going to illuminate our sacred tri-flame with the magenta tri-flame. So, in the center choose if you want Jesus, our beloved Yeshua, Jesus Sananda our Master of Love, or if you want the Buddha to be ... and when I say the Buddha I mean the huge collective, infinite, eternal energy of Buddha . Or maybe they want Lord Maitreya to be, yes, one of our future Buddhas, a bearer of wisdom and compassion. Or maybe they want Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, with the ability to manifest and serve humanity in ways of practicality, service and compassion.

Let's light our beautiful tri-flame with the magenta.

Bring and build your tri-flame magenta and feel it merge with your Pink Diamond, with the Blue Diamond of the Mother, with the Gold of the Father, and see yourselves bright and shining ... the magenta chrysanthemums, the stained glass windows of an ancient, ancient church or cathedral, the old garnet colors of the old Masters of the Dutch School.

Breathe the magenta.

This is not a light energy, it is thick, it is full of love, compassion and wisdom . This is the energy of the masters, so claim, claim your mastery, not in the sense, never, of the ego but in that solid sense of determination, of government, of prudence, as we proceed together, truly being the anchors, the pillars and transmitters of the seventh dimension .

Breathe that grape color and send it deeply to your bones, let it nourish your flesh and your skin, your hair, your face, your eyes. They feel that they become that magenta pillar that can be seen and pointed from far, far away.

And in the next moment, let yourself smell and taste and see and be magenta.

Channeling: The Triad: Prayer, Meditation, Sacred Ritual

Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, I AM your beloved brother Yeshi. And welcome, welcome to all of you, dear friends, sweet allies. Have you forgotten me because I haven't talked to you recently? Forget that I am present and with you and that I extend my heart, my hands and my love, to walk by your side every moment of every day, to sit with you, to meditate, to contemplate, to talk, to laugh, to cry? I am the brother of your trip and the brother of your soul, in and out of time, in and out of the dimension, in and out of space, we are one, we have always been and always we will be.

We are one.

And yes, this channel has spent the day thinking and praying about prayer . And I wish to bring them back, also to what we have told them so long ago because it is worth repeating and it is worth repeating it over and over again ... Your way home, yes, of course, is love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connection and balance, but how is this achieved?

It is achieved through the triad of prayer, meditation and ritual . This is a three-legged bank and each leg of the bank is necessary in its support process and necessary in its process of becoming, growing, ascending and living the ascent. Each one is a sacred gift, not only for you, but for everyone, and when I say everything I mean above and below.

Your way home is love.

The creation of sacred rituals and rituals can change and turn and grow and transform, but it is part of your daily existence. Many of you have rituals that follow religiously, if I may say so, whether to get up and go for a run, or walk the dog, or drink coffee or water, or eat. This is a ritual. They have many . You may not be labeled as such, but I am calling your attention to this because the sacred ritual is the beginning of prayer and the end of prayer, the beginning of meditation and the end. of meditation. It is you who declare yourselves that you are entering into communion with us and with your sacred self.

Prayer is not just talking with the heart. It is? Yes, of course, it is the expression of the desires of the heart . It is you indicating to yourself and your guides, to us, to the universe, to the planet, what your heart desires, where you are focusing your attention, what you are choosing to give birth and be born during this period of time that you think that It is life, or a week, or a day, or a moment.

Prayer is the expression of the desires of the heart.

But prayer is also communion ... and I use it in the true sense of joining ... are you who come to join your beloved and sacred circle - in which I always hope you will include me! - and always includes our Mother, the Divine Mother, the Divine Father. It is where we exchange and flow in energy . In many ways, beloved, it is how you reach the point of stillness, that place of union, a fertilization of implosion and explosion and creation.

Meditation is part of this triad because in the stillness, in the calm, in the certainty that you have divine authority, that you listen to us, that is when you begin to understand and receive more clearly our guidance, our direction, our contribution . Our relationship, our communication, is not intended to be simply one way, we are in sacred association, we are in sacred union, we are in compliance with the Plan of our beloved Mother.

And how is the development of Your Plan carried out ? Through the fulfillment of your plan !

We are aligned, that is what sacred union is all about. It is not about trying, it is not a Herculean effort, it is about allowing the soft waters of a pristine lake, an ocean or a stream to simply touch your feet and touch your heart and mind.

When you are in prayer, when you are in a sacred ritual, when you are in meditation, you are anchored in your heart, in your heart-knowing, in your heart-listening, speaking, feeling. When you leave this process, this beautiful form of communion, then your mind, your core, knows how to proceed. That is the gift of prayer, meditation and ritual.

So, once again, my beloved ones, I invite you, I encourage you, I can ask you flat, come and join me, come and join me in the Magenta Ray and let's walk together once more, because I love you so much.


Jesus Sananda

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2018) The Triad: Prayer, Meditation, Sacred Ritual.

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