Mark The 9 Dimension Is The Kingdom of Multiple Manifest Realities

  • 2016

The opportunities of the 9th Dimension1 consist in being able to enter the point of stillness where there is nothing but probable realities; and leave all our linearity behind, including our Karma, our predispositions, our programs; and get out of that point of stillness in any direction, with new skills, new insights, new from everything; Heaven is really the limit .

We limit it because we cannot imagine having such creative freedom . One of the other opportunities of the 9th Dimension is to really be able to balance several realities that have nothing to do with each other, so that we can experience them manifest at the same time. If we can juggle several manifest potentials without falling apart, then we have a skill that will allow us to choose the creation, choose to be at the creative point at any time and choose anything.

A small example might be to choose life instead of death. Perhaps you are on your deathbed and you create a different reality in which you do not die. Or maybe a truck is rushing towards you on the road; and you create a reality where no accident happens. Incredibly, you are on the other side of the truck. Another example is that you need to know something; and suddenly everything is there. Or you have never been an artist; and suddenly you are inspired. Or without having been a writer, or a musician, you suddenly become a brilliant spiritual guide for people; You say things you didn't know you knew. We are really removing the yoke of linearity.

On Earth there seems to be a lot of negativity, but if we can get enough people to take a quantum leap, we can create different realities of our choice.

Recently Mark channeled that we are the bridges between the now of our known reality and what we will call the New Earth. Now, the New Earth does not consist of extraterrestrials coming to take us to some new Earth somewhere else. In my inner vision the New Earth appears as a Vesica Pisces. This Earth and the New Earth are intersected; and we are in this common central part. The hope is that we are part of a turning point where we are the bridges and can be fully and normally in this World and in the New World (without going crazy). When we are enough to make that bridge, the common part of the Vesica Pisces becomes much larger; and people simply enter this New Earth. That is what I am being shown.

Mark channeled over the New Earth as being a Temple; and suggested that each of us believe in that Temple an enclosure that is its place. You can go there and be in this New Earth; It is your sanctuary. If you need them, there may be guides. There may be inspiration if you need it, but that is already your place on the New Earth. Just imagine a space for yourself, it doesn't have to be a Temple, it can be any space that is yours. The more you visit and reside in it and radiate from it, the more it becomes you; and more we become inhabitants of this New Earth. Our current teaching series is called the 'New World' . The next series will have more practical applications of this quantum leap, we can use multiple realities to work with our personality, our problems, our World.

one-. According to Mark, the 9th Dimension is the realm of multiple manifest realities. It is beyond the 8th Dimension or Quantum Void / Quiet Point.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Jonette Crowley


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